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How to Wear Evergreen White Kurtis in 12 Different Ways

I wouldn't believe if you say that there is no white kurti in your closet. How a girl can't own a plain white kurti which is all-time saviour and can rescue any bloated day!? Also when there are multiple ways to wear a simple, crisp white kurti, missing it would be a bad fashion choice. Catch with me and discover 12 fabulous ways to wear white kurti for any occasion and get ready to dissolve all your everyday dressing plights. It's never late than never.

by : Manisha. On 11/04/18. 2 Comments.

What is that one outfit which never take a backseat in your wardrobe??? What is that one staple which never goes out of fashion no matter what the season or occasion is??? Think hard!!! If anything pops in your mind other than exquisite plain white kurti, then you are not living your life to the fullest. An ethereal white kurti is what an every young soul wants on her bad or good day. If you are that one chic, then get ready to uncover 12 amazingly different ways to wear your fave white kurti and make heads turn around. Let’s do it, girls.

Be it hectic week day or bloated weekend vibe, there is no time in the year when you can’t trust your evergreen white kurti. The staple is forever refreshing, soothing and pleasing to eyes. Also the fact that women of every age, skin tone, body shape, size and work ethics can rely on this silhouette, make it the most preferred choice of every fashion loving damsel. Why I am specifically hooting for white coloured kurti when there are so many hues available in the colour wheel??? This is because the shade is exceptionally vibrant, appealing and magnificent. A white kurti is must-have for every woman of this generation as it can save your any day and help you in discovering your inner beauty and distinct charm. Let’s style this beautiful staple in different ways this time and call it a statement. Hurry up, ladies!!!

Topped with Sheer Trend

How about blending the best of both the worlds to create something new and refreshing??? If white kurti is what you love and want to adore in your peaceful hours, then add a layer of sheer garment over it to enhance your overall personality and fashion statement. A simple kurti when adorned with sassy sheer can turn heads around and is enough to bring you under the spotlight of the event.

You can try this look with or without bottom wear depending on your personal taste and mood. Also, the style is friendly for both casual and party events; just work on the accessories and you are done.

With Printed Flared Pants

Indian fashion has undergone various changes in a recent while and seems to be attracting everyone with its undying allure and elegance. This is why fashion experts keep inventing new styles and trends in this segment to take it to world map and make it forever enduring. It’s time to wear a chic white kurti with stunning flared pants in contrasting prints and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion sense.

The style can be worn for any kind of occasion, be it casual, formal, semi formal or party. Make sure to pick the right kind of accessories to enhance the overall look and turn heads around.

With Bodysuit - for Beach Love

How about putting white kurti on use when you are chilling at a sea backdrop!? If you are wearing a bodysuit and want to add a layer to it, then white kurti can be a best rescuer. Pick kurti in sheer or net material to flaunt your slinky bodysuit and get ready to groove like a water baby. This is one of the trendiest and stylish ways of wearing a white kurti on any day.

So next time when you are planning a trip to Goa or any other place with exotic beaches, don’t forget to carry your evergreen white kurti to don this look and grab eyeballs. It’s best to wear bodysuit in pop or neon hues to achieve the desired appeal.

With Ethnic Bottoms - for Formal Look

If ever you are not sure of the bottom wear to pair with white kurti, ethnic clothes can save your day. Be it casual outing or regular office day, the pairing can never let you down and is the ultimate saviour to stay pristine with your individual style and fashion statement. There is an array of ravishing traditional bottom wears like churidar salwar, Patiala salwar, palazzo pants and many more which can go well with crisp white kurti without negotiating with your valuable comfort.

Slip on your fave danglers and become the ethnic fashion icon of your workplace. This is how a simple white kurti can turn any normal day into a fashion parade.

With Hot Pants – for Street Fashion

How about being bold and beautiful this season??? This is how a modern woman wishes to stay every hour no matter where she is heading to. A beautiful kurti dipped in divine white when paired with sassy hot pants can do wonders to any woman’s personality and is the ideal way to beat the heat and blossom like rose.

To ace up the overall look, slip into golden gladiators or knee-high boots and some pieces of chunky oxidised jewellery and make your wish come true. Are you going to try this look in 2018 fashion???

With Printed Waist Coat

If you want to come out of ordinary white kurti look, then there is always a way to add plenty of charm to your drab looking outfit. Pick an embellished waist coat or short jacket to enhance the overall appeal of your subtle yet beautiful kurti and create a never dying impression on everyone. You can choose anything for bottom wear, ranging from ethnic to western depending on your personal style and mood.

Also, the style is perfect for family functions like get together or small parties. Put your white kurti on use and make the best of it by trying these versatile trends.

Boho Love

Are you a bohemian fashion lover??? If yes, then you don’t have to be sad as the apparel has something to offer you too. A simple white kurti can easily turn into a chic bohemian style without making much effort. Pick a bold, printed floor-length skirt, some antique pieces of tribal coin jewellery and you are done. Do not forget to work on your hairstyle and makeup to get the desired appeal and call it vogue.

Whenever you feel out of life or are looking for a new start, fashion is the best way to take first step. And what can be better than a neat, untouched white kurti!?

With Evergreen Skinny Denims

If you are in hurry or have no time to work on your clothes, a pair of white kurti and regular jeans is enough to bring you in best shape. The style doesn’t need any extra add-ons or embellishments to enhance your appearance as it is enough to speak of your fabulous fashion sense and style statement. A pair of sneakers or golden flats can do wonders to your ensemble and is the best way to make your peers envy of your classic look and fashion quotient. What are you waiting for then??? Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Skip Bottom Wear for Western Touch

Wearing white kurti is always fun but you can add more quirk to this fun by ditching bottom wear this time and letting white kurti alone lead the battle. Whenever you feel lazy enough to say goodbye to pant or trouser, shake hand with soothing white kurti and make your wish come true. This is how you can create bold western look with crisp white kurti without making much effort. Make use of belt and boots to ace up your overall look and style statement and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion sense. Do not forget to get a perfect hairdo to come under the spotlight of the event.

Layered with Long Printed Jackets

Are you a genuine ethnic lover??? If yes, then you definitely are aware of this styling which is quite popular in modern women. Wear a plain white kurti and transform it into a party look by slipping into an attractive long printed jacket. The style is the best way to get ready for any kind of occasion, be it casual or formal. Wear matching jewellery and accessories to get the desired appeal and call it vogue. Any kind of colour looks pleasing with white kurti but go for bright, radiant hued jackets to make the best combination and grab eyeballs.

Embraced with Silk Dupattas

If you are in extreme hurry and have no time to shop an outfit for wedding function, your beautiful white kurti comes to rescue. Just go and pick the bright coloured silk dupatta in lavish embroidery and team it up with white kurti and get ready to embrace the desired occasion. This is what Bollywood celebrities and other fashion experts are doing nowadays and painting the B-town with luxurious ethnic fashion.

Colours like pink, green, red, purple and golden are some of the best options to choose in rich silk dupattas. Isn’t it one of the best ways to slay in simple white kurti???

Swing into Spring Style

No season is more awaited than a lovely spring. Apart from birds chirping, flowers blooming and nature smiling at us, there are various small things in our lives which beautifies in this soothing season. When there are already so many colours around, it’s best to go subtle yet stunning. Wearing a white kurti in asymmetrical pattern or kaftan style is the best way to welcome spring and make the most of the pleasing weather. This is how you should swing in spring and look like million bucks.

Don’t you think that wearing white kurti now in so many different ways would be hell lot of fun than just keeping it simple forever!? Plus if I missed any, fill me in through below comment box.

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White Kurtis,,,, Looks COOL in Summers.. Really happy to see these Smart and Cool Stylish Kurtis.

Apr 12, 2018 01:35 PM



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