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How To Wear Double Dupattas With Stylish Bridal Lehengas

Thanks to Indian designers that Indian women are forever filled with a myriad of designer lehengas and new ideations. This time we will explore a platter full of ways to wear double dupattas with lehenga and sarees. Read the blog to know the reasons of them being in hot trend.

by : Paromita. On 15/03/17. 0 Comments.

Be it a bride or a girl from next door, double dupatta hangover is just everyone’s story. Have you seen Bollywood actress Kirron Kher in a double dupatta patola saree during Gaurang Shah’s ramp walk? Well, it looks like from Bollywood to every fashionista is falling for double dupattas style. During weddings and special occasion, this style garners as much attention as the lehenga itself. Instead of just one, why not pulling on double dupattas and flaunt your élan in the most outstanding way?

Here, we have brought you this upbeat trend and most candid shots which will tell you how to wear double dupattas with stylish bridal lehengas to gallop all the green fumes around.
Let’s break the stereotypes of styles:

Mughal Style

Thanks to designer new age designers like Suneet Varma, Gaurang Shah, Anju Modi and many more who do not get tired of ideating every time new from the old closet. And we just love it! This time at the The 11th edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, Deepika Padukone walked the ramp with Mughal’s aesthetic élan, designed by Anju Modi. The ace designer vehemently jotted the theme into her dress and appeal to make her look like a Mughal princess. The theme was inspired from the recent blockbuster, Bajirao Mastani and gave our Indian bride a picturesque dream of weaves.

Draping a double dupatta is not that challenging as it looks and you can steal Deepika’s draping at the next gala you’re planning. Pull on the sheer or lightest dupatta on your head and pin up with side maang tikka and one that is comparatively heavy around your arms. The colour selection of the dupattas and suit lehenga with modern days’ silhouettes are vehemently describing Mughal inspiration.

Bridal Style

Getting married? Everyone’s dream bride look is to be Sabyasachi bridal loo. And, why not!? The young designer has achieved the pinnacle at this age by flattering every curve of woman beautifully. The raw and grand style quotient is something that worth stealing. No offence to other designers!

Get the bridal double dupatta style with different shades of colours and use the lighter to cover up your head. The darker one will dazzle up your side curves when you let it loose or tuck the corners behind the waist side. We love the combination of both contrast and vivacious shades because the similarity is not a trend to follow these days. Have you noticed that the dupatta you have used to veil your head is longer than the simpler one? The head veil chunnari should be extra long with zardosi or broad and heavy border work to twinkle up your pretty looks. If the chunnari is heavy with border works, you can use plain matha patti or head chain and if it is the lighter, get the glances from everywhere with bold and heavy side maang tikka.

Ghoonghat Style

This is the most talking way of dupatta draping and you must ask me why! Well, some think that this might be little suffocating and fussy during the D-day but who thinks of these things when you need a lot to do with your fashion!

So keep up your tradition in vogue and stand out of the crowd by taking the larger and sheer dupatta over your head and covering your face as shown. Pull it down to make sure it is not sliding backwards and complement this pretty number with a heavy and worked front drape dupatta. It is recommended to take on a lightweight maang tikka so that it won’t interfere with your veil. Wear it simply and look like a diva in every special occasion. Make sure the stones of earrings or maang tikka or nose ring are not poking your dupatta.

Game Of Contrasts

How much we have loved the permutation combination chapter in class XII! Really!?
Well, this is a joke and you know that but here it fits right with the trend of dupatta. If you are suffering from utter confusion, it is better to play safe with contrasts. Why? Because they will keep their stares busy in thinking which one is better, moreover, the style will lend you an instant mysterious appeal. Are you thinking this easy? Well, not so! You need understand the complexity of matching the contrasts just like black and white, red and black or yellow and green or blue and red and etc. Each of these colours hypes its counterpart in the best way.

Make sure they are equally designed and no one (dupatta) is heavier or lighter than the other. Highlight the drama with simple jewels, nude makeup and a big chubby smile.

Chunni & Palla – The Front Drape

You think it simple and I think it’s voguish – a much-adopted trend by Indian brides and women during wedding times. Take your first sheer and light pallu in front and drape it like your normal chunni and then pull on your magical and heavily worked dupatta to veil upon your head. If you wish to play it all sheer and sound then you can but avoid choosing contrasting double dupattas’ draping. You can also drape the front dupatta like a shawl and then can cover up your head. Do not forget to pin up your veil dupatta by maang tikka pins and do not strangle your complete neck with front chunni; keep it low to make your lavish chik necklace visible.

Just Like Shawl

Mesmerising and worth trying occasions after occasions! The best part of adopting this style is that no one will understand that you have worn the same lehenga as you have drape at the last party. And the trick behind this style is to pulling on two different lehengas that are complete out of the lehenga set.

Drape the heavier dupatta all around from the back and don’t close the endings; keep the ends of it on your arms. Pull on the contrasting shaded dupatta and tuck the end of it like side around the waist and let the other end fall loose at the back like pallu. Wear long stranded necklaces, layered necklace or Sita haar to elevate your divine look. A pair of big lavish jhumkas will look awesome with them and don’t forget to try bold and broad kadas.

Time Of Saree

And here comes your favourite saree in lehenga style!
You can trick your peers’ eyes by taking a dupatta with saree and call it just like double saree draping. It’s hard and lovely to notice how Sonam Kapoor managed to get a look of an enchanter. She has done it perfectly and whether you are taking her back side photo or front appeal, you can’t even imagine that she has been carrying a dupatta along the neck which is further well tucked in as well. It is your entire wish to take the same shaded dupatta (with your lehenga) on your head or wrap it around the neck. Complement your pretty look with layering a choker necklace and sita haar, if you are going to a lavish Indian wedding and if the party consists of sophisticated pehnawa then you can carry your long pearl necklace with pearl earrings with this amazing Indian dress.

Like A Princess Veil

Do you want to have an outstanding appearance at the gala, especially when it is your wedding day? Well, opt for double dupatta princess veil which showcases long fall at the back from the top of the head and at the front, this same dupatta will be covering your face as well. So, it would be better if the fabric is sheer and smooth. The difference between ghoonghat wearing of double dupatta and princess veil double dupatta draping is that the on-head dupatta must be extra long and almost sweeping the floor. Wear this style with light in weight jewellery, especially which are covering your face otherwise, it may interfere with your front veil.

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