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How To Wear Dhoti Style Saree Step By Step

Get to know the simplest & quick steps to wear a dhoti style saree within no time. Being the most trending & fascination among fashion lovers, this drape has caused sensation in fashion world. Make it work for your own style with easiest guideline possible!!!

by : Manisha. On 07/12/16. 0 Comments.

Highly popular & trending draping style among fashion lovers!!! Here are the steps to dhoti saree, your most loved & appealing style –

Dhoti style saree is very easy and quick to adorn. Make sure that you use the fabric like chiffon to clearly display the drape of this style. Plus, don’t go for printed sarees because this will blur the clear vision of dhoti like drape. You just need an attractive blouse & a pair of Lycra tights to hold the drape. All these points are very important to keep the look of the draping style uptight & next to perfection. Always remember to put on your shoes before draping any style to make sure the correct length of the saree. Let’s sneak into various steps to achieve this trendy & sassy draping style of saree.

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STEP 1 - Drape the sari around the lower waist leaving around 1-2 m to the non-pallu end. Now overlap both ends keeping right section over the left. Now, secure it with a pin at the centre.

STEP 2 - Drape the pallu with pleats of around 2-3 inches and wrap it around your back. Bring it to the front and toss the pallu over the shoulder. Fix it to the blouse with a safety pin & make sure that the pallu pleats are in line & neatly done.

STEP 3 - Take the lower part of the pallu following to the lower waist and hold the pallu maintaining the neatness & clear vision of the pleats. Wrap it around the hips and bring it to the front. Secure this in the front with a safety pin at the centre. Don’t forget to check the neat lining of pleats before & after fixing; they should rest nicely around the hip & should be visible clearly.

STEP 4 - Now take the leftover part from left and drape the pleats from end to form an exquisite dhoti-like drape. Secure the pleats with a pin.

STEP 5 - Bring these pleats to the back between the legs and tuck it there. Make sure to maintain the neatness & line of pleats carefully.

STEP 6 - Now pleat the last falling section in the front starting from the centre outwards. Tuck it at the centre. Manage the pleats again & secure it with a pin.

STEP 7 – Secure the front drape with the pleats covering the hip & brought to the front. This will prevent the drape from opening while walking & will keep the neatness & clear visibility of dhoti like drape. Follow these steps to dhoti saree in the same format to achieve the exact look.

Now, when you know the way to wear dhoti saree, make the most of your stunning personality with this trendy style & bring out the fashionable fad in you. Touch up your look with right choice of sassy blouse & trendy accessories to add glamour & bold appeal to your complete personality. Put on a pair of high heels underneath to match the glare of saree. Make sure that the border is clearly visible to display the graphic appeal of the saree!!!

A complete guide for dhoti style sarees to show the world how stunner you are!!! Make it count.

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