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How To Wear Designer Lehengas To Look Slim

Though having a myriad range of Indian and western wears, when it comes to any traditional occasion, Indian women tend to go with designer lehengas as their fave classic choice. And what is the most highlighted dilemma that every woman faces here? Not so slim trim figure and showcasing your naval part like you have to! Not anymore now!

by : Paromita. On 16/02/17. 0 Comments.

Do you love crop tops, lehenga cholis or in short wish to flaunt your pretty naval area? If no, then this article will surely provoke you to try it at once and if it is a straight yes, then you need to know few tricks to brag it like a diva.

It is not only about the Bollywood divas who done it quite magnificently but there is no rocket science behind it to create an illusion (if you’re a little bit lazy of doing yogas and all) of flat tummy inside those lavish lehengas. Wearing it on the high waist or long shirt cholis, there are a lot of options women can try for their first venture with lehengas and when they can’t afford to experiment with new ideas. Have you noticed that most of the Indian dresses force a lot to showcase best of women features? Be it any traditional saree or lehenga choli, they all amazingly carve out females’ best of narrowest curves. And when it comes to Indian traditional wear, women do have a lot of choices to opt from their fashionable wardrobe. Trust me the list is really long, than you can think of the capacity of your wardrobe.

While we adore a lot of that woman inside a traditional saree or Anarkali suit, lehenga choli has been the classic favourite of the fashionistas. What are the possible reasons behind this biased choice?

1. The royal swirl

2. You can go as bolder as you wish

3. Colours and designs really fascinate you

4. You can always experiment with the style of blouse designs and patterns

So if you are looking for some quick adaptable tips to look slim and trim in these ravishing lehengas for some special occasions like weddings, then here comes the end of your search.

Scroll on curious peeps...

Type of Fabrics Matters

If you are little plump, avoid clingy fabrics such as lycra and satin or georgette which showcase every bit of your curves. In general, lehengas showcase a little bit of your naval area but now it all depends upon the choli or blouse design you’re choosing. If you’re extra lean, then get cotton silk, crepe, cotton, Banarasi silk, tussar, brocade or some sturdy starchy fabrics instead.

If the occasion is held on the month of January or December or when you can hope to spot some snowflakes out of the window sill, go ahead with long pattern velvet lehengas. Velvet skirts are made to create an hourglass figure when the choli is made of some different fabric with minimal embroidery or zari work. In summers, opt for floral patterns or golden long symbolistic diagrams with catchy contrasting base shade.

Deep Colour Combinations & Facts About Complexion

Now, there are many tricks you can criss-cross and can easily adopt while wearing your lehenga in style, but some tips to wear lehengas can really make you look stand apart in crowd. Follow these:

1. Plus size women should avoid broad or width wise patterns on dresses. For example avoid whites or related shades and put on deeper or darker shades. ‘Black is your BFF’; yes, it’s true!

2. Solid colour palettes are more successful to give a slimmer illusion.

3. Focus on darker shades especially on abdomen and belly area or on the regions which you think are lagging behind from being perfect.

4. Avoid horizontal stripes because they make your frame much wider.

Light Embellishment & Work Patterns

Now here is a quick task to adorn a slim and trimmed figure-line. Border works, embellishments such as the amount of sequin works, beads, pom poms around, mirror work, stone work and etc. affect a lot of the image of your lehenga. It becomes really an imperative task to keep a tab on borders, and amount of embellishments over the skirt and choli (where is more important). Heavy embroidery and embellishments will add volume on the fabric and make you look more voluminous. It is better to choose delicate and minimal embroidery and embellished works with sleek border work. Also mind the base colour because it can also distort your appeal.

Tying It On High Waist

Call it the ‘superlative’ of clever trick – wearing high waist jeans or bottom wears when complementing it with crop tops or shorter blouses. Do you know why? 

You never know how much bulge your belly bottom is showing and you can’t take chances when heading out for a special occasion. Due to the same reason, empire waist lehengas style is the ideal way to camouflage in a minute. Dupattas, crop tops and accessories like kamarband play a quintessential role to provide perfect camouflage to the plump area around the stomach. This is why it is also really important to know about the different ways to drape lehenga dupattas to catch the mysterious glances from the corners.

Quarter or Full Sleeves

Trend alert for women with athletic or plum shoulders!!!

Go through with these following mantras and keep the clever illusion tightly hugged at every situation:

1. You should own full sleeves, quarter sleeves and cut out full sleeves which will partially or fully cover up your arms’ and shoulders’ plump.

2. Do not hesitate to wear semi sheer sleeves which mean net or sheer fabricated sleeves which may either have some light embellishments or light patch works.

3. Try to adorn vertical striped patterns on the sleeves to make them look slimmer.

4. Avoid cholis or blouses with starchy fabrics as they can make your body look bulkier. Make sure the sleeves are tight fitted with georgette or some light in weight fabric and showing minimal amount of embroidery or any type of work patterns there. 

A) Long Or Vertical Panelling

Well, you know some really minute fundas also affect your trimmed shape illusion. Want to know more? Opt for long panelling or vertical panel work when wearing lehenga to look slim. These lehenga styles will suit you best to show off a taller stature. For this design, the cut of the lehenga is very important. You can also go with kali wala or kalidar lehenga.

B) Straight Long Patterns & Designs

Long patterns mean avoiding too much broad or big figures. I’m not saying to go for booti works only but a considerable 2-5 inch work or design will look handsome on your pretty lehenga to look slim. Try straight designs or prints and avoid horizontal or diagonally drawn figures. Ready for some experiments!?

C) Elongated Motifs Will Work (Broad Or Short?)

Motifs and well worked designs look beautiful over full flared lehengas or lehengas with showy can-cans. But this may create problems as well. Using too much motifs or even broad and big motifs can make you look plumper and broad. So, it is advised to go with small motifs like an endless palette.  

Dupattas Plays A Special Role

Really? Yes, this is not a myth but a truth that a draping of your dupatta can actually do wonders. It not only focuses to cover up your bosom but also it makes your complete appeal look interestingly taller and slimmer. Few types of draping dupatta code are – drape it like a princess veil, half veil over head, side shoulder fall, cape style draping and etc. 

Some tricks that you can follow while draping dupattas:

1. Make sure the pleats are in right width; neither too wide nor too long.

2. Smaller pleats will give you a longer and taller appeal.

3. If the dupatta is semi sheer or sheer, drape it diagonally to keep the mystery tab on.

Choli Or Blouse Wisely Chosen

Accessorize It Rightly

Be it jewellery or your footwear, everything matters a lot when it is about your special lehenga and that perfect glimpse of your Desi avatar.

1. Wear nude pumps to look taller and in shape every time.

2. If it is totally traditional without a tint of contemporary, then golden heels are the most demanded one.

3. High heels, stilettos and heaven heels add length to your complete stature and help you to portray a perfect pose.

4. Kamarband is an essential charm if you wish to reign over a slimmer-look category.

5. Avoid over accessorising!!!

Wonders Of Can-Can

The mesh lining inside the lehengas is generally known as can-cans. The main roles of these can-cans is to hold up the flare of the lehenga and to make sure the wearer’s figure is looking just perfect. But it all depends on the stature and shape of the wearer. You need to make sure of these followings and don’t worry, tips are also there:

1. The voluminous usage of can-can can make your body look wider than before. So a wise usage of can-can is advised.

2. Buckram is a also a great option, if you are not sure of can-cans and have a little bit leaner structure.

3. Avoid double can-cans and try triangular structure of it with smaller base length, if you are a plus size woman.

4. Raw silk, cotton and any other type of starchy clothes showcase natural flare, so avoid it if you are petite or broad. The material is good but a considerable amount is always advised.

Chokers or Not?

Tricks for every fashionista:

1. If your choli is digging little deeper, then go for choker necklaces or layered necklaces.

2. For off shoulder or tube top style blouses, chokers can be the best companions.

3. Diamond chokers are great when you are opting for deeper and darker shades.

4. Long necklaces sit comfortably on the neck and simply look ravishing. So, opt for them when the choli is a little bit plain and need some dazzle right from your closet.

5. Extra short blouses can be contrasted with raani haars or extra long and wide necklaces.

6. Avoid broad and big-fatty designs (out of lavishness), they will make you look broader. 

Dig On Right Makeups

Bust the myth – lots of makeup means thumbs up look.

No, not at all, if you follow this type of myth! Do not go over the top if you wish to adhere a raw and natural feel. It is very important to understand the core behind the practice of makeup – to become flawless but not to become someone else when looking at the mirror after makeup. Lehenga choli is itself a ravishing Indian traditional dress which is made for royal élan and occasions; keep up the makeup accordingly.

Do not go too loud with your makeup; it will make you look bulky and too much flashy. Highlight your best features to draw attention and attract them only at one place at single time. Either you go with smoky eye makeup or bold lip shade as we use to wear either designer choli or lehenga. 

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