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How to Wear Denim Over Denim in Quirky Ways

Wearing denim is fine, but wearing denim over denim is class. Here are 10 incredible ways to wear denim on denim which can actually do wonders to any woman's style statement. There is no woman in the world who doesn't have a denim outfit in her wardrobe. Be it jeans, shirt, top or jacket, the material rocks in everything. Let's find out how to own the art of double denim outfit in the best possible ways.

by : Manisha. On 23/01/18. 0 Comments.

Denim love is not easy to put in words but I tried really hard to succumb the best over here. Be honest & tell me – Have you tried denim over denim ever in life??? I am not talking about the basic style but something straight out of your own mind and creative head. This is what you actually need to do this season to come under the amazing league of fashion experts and get your name permanently registered there. Denim over Denim – this is how you can grab comfort and class at the same time. How to wear denim over denim is not something you don’t know or never heard of but the fact that you have covered basics yet and need to go beyond the bars in this season. So, are you ready to take a ride with me???

Denim dresses have always been the dearest and most favoured choice of every age woman. Not because these staples look stunning always, but the fact that they are extremely occasion and season-friendly makes them the most preferred choice of every fashion loving woman. The fabric is durable cotton which is created from tightly woven twill through which the weft passes under multiple warp threads. Since so many different clothes are manufactured by using this fabric but its extensive use for making jeans has got it tremendous fame. There was a time when people used to get confused between blue jeans and denim jeans while the latter is just the name of the fabric used for the manufacturing of garments. Since everyone is well aware of the fabric now, it’s important to know the latest fashion trend associated with it. I am talking to a league of gorgeous women out there who just can’t imagine a life in which fashion is not there. Can you??? Denim & women are predominant to each other. A woman’s wardrobe is incomplete without a denim dress whereas denim has no major scope in clothing without the help of women. So, let’s catch with 10 awesome ways to wear denim over denim without making it a fuss and being totally trendy. There you go...

Basics Never Go Wrong

A basic faded denim shirt and cropped jeans is a combination which can never go wrong. Whether you are going for a party, family function, date night, dinner, shopping or casual outing, this denim due looks forever chic and is undoubtedly the best option for any casual occasion. That’s why it is always said that basics never go wrong in terms of clothing. This style is actually the saviour when you are not able to pick anything and are in a hurry.

Remember that get-together with friends when you have nothing new to wear and can’t decide on old clothes!? Where’s your denims, girl???

Combo of Bright & Light

Denim on denim may sound weird to you but it’s actually the hottest trend of the fashion season. And let me tell you that all your fave celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood are sporting this trend with complete sass and style. If you are really up for slaying the world with your version of denim dressing, get ready to play with the radiant colours.

Wearing same coloured denim duo is outdated, go for attractive combos and contrasting hues to keep the look refreshing and captivating. For example, sporting chic denim jacket with white denim jeans is what you need to become the fashion icon of the season. Vice-versa is also not a bad option at all.

A Perfect Sandwich with Tank Top

Who takes the risk of going wrong any way???
That’s why a tank top comes in to elude the undesired and keep you beautifully chic and gorgeous. Just like Sonakshi Sinha did here. She picked light-blue cropped denim jeans and paired it with plain white tank top. Her look was completed with matching floor-length denim shirt and not to forget, the classic choker around her neck. This is another cool way to wear denim over denim with the help of a simple tank top.

Fashion Tip – Don’t forget to slip into your lovely white sneakers to complete the look and make heads turn around.

Bold Blouse & Classic Pants

A reigning queen of glamour world and fashion industry never follows anyone but sets her own trend by going out of the box. Speaking about Sonam Kapoor, her style statement and fashion sense is impeccable and unparalleled. Decking a high-neck cropped blouse with classic pants, she has taken an art of denim dressing to another level. Kudos to the girl and of course, to the designer who crafted such masterpiece!!!

If indo-western is your style, then this denim duo is must have for your wardrobe and fashion statement as well. Own it with poise and sass and get ready to strut like a chic. Fashion comes in small bundles and packets; and if denim is inside, the deal is done.

Play with the Length

By length, I mean you don’t have to be restricted to one length when it comes to denim outfit. Wearing denim in unique style is okay but making it delightful to eyes is an art to learn. If you are a bold and unabashed fashion lover, then nothing is impossible for you. Wear a slinky, short denim skirt which ends just at the upper-thigh and pair it with long denim shirt or jacket. For insides, a simple stripe printed tee or tank top can serve the purpose. What say!?

Own this combination with right pair of boots and accessories and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. It’s a known fact that length always works for the fashion experts.

Alia’s Style – Top Notch

The youngest fashionista of tinsel world is winning hearts with her revitalizing and soothing fashion sense. The best thing about Alia’s dressing is the comfort which she never loses and keeps it on priority. Another fun fact that her style is always new and refreshing helps her in grabbing the attention of onlookers and everyone else.

A bold tie-up crop top paired with classic flared pants is a perfect summer style. Get ready to beat the heat and slay the world with this innovative denim combination and grab eyeballs. These denim separates can do wonders to any woman’s personality and put her into the spotlight instantly. What are you still thinking??? In case you don’t want to show enough skin, a shrug or jacket can help.

Shorts with Baggy jacket

If oversized clothes have a soft corner in your heart, then you have come to the right place. To be honest, wearing ill-fitted or baggy silhouettes have become a trend and is actually great way to stay comfortable and stylish forever. To make you summer ready, I have got this cute denim duo which can truly make your day and season as well. Slip into lovely denim shorts having some fun element with off-shoulder top or spaghetti and layer the outfit with evergreen denim jacket. Isn’t it what you always wanted???

The style is simple, sassy and stunning. It’s time to nail the art of denim dressing by taking a step ahead in this genre.

A Denim Jumpsuit is Love

If you want to be dressed in complete denim fabric from top to bottom but wearing separates is not your style, you have got rescued with stylish denim jumpsuits. A denim jumpsuit is for those who want to keep it sophisticated and stylish altogether. Also, these women clothes are extremely comfortable and season-friendly. Wear them for any occasion at any point of time and become a source of fashion inspiration for budding enthusiasts.

Style the whole look with comfy sneakers or heels and opt for minimal accessories. You go, girl!

Forever Tying Trend

There is one thing a woman never misses out while travelling – tying a casual denim tee around her waist. Am I not right???

This is simply the best way to slay in casual dressing without making much effort and call it a vogue. Dress casually in a sporty denim wear and wrap around your fave denim tee to enhance the overall intensity of the outfit and look as well. This is one of the best styling ideas in a double denim look and is totally occasion-friendly. Whether you are going on a trip or catching up with friends after a long time, this cool dressing style will never let you down. Mark my words!

Denim Dress with Denim Shirt

You may not encounter at it first but once you will check out the image shown here, the style will speak to you automatically. Wearing a chic denim dress and then layering it with a simple, casual denim shirt – I mean what can be cooler than that!? Do not forget to slip into your fave pair of sneakers to ace up the overall look and make heads turn around.

What are you waiting for, girl??? It’s time to own denim like never before and use the right worth of this impressive fabric. You have all the tips and tricks now.

Denim over denim – I think you will love to give this one a shot. After all, fashion lovers just can’t stay away from this coolest, bravest & chicest fabric.

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