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How to turn a Scarf into a Vest

Covert a scarf into a vest skillfully in minutes

by : Akansha. On 15/01/16. 0 Comments.


Girls, this is how you can get creative with a scarf while sitting at home. Turn any random scarf into a vest in just a few minutes. Follow on these quick and easy steps and you are just seconds away from a cool vest that you can wear casually.


Step 1

Pull out a Rectangular scarf from your closet that you wish to convert into a vest.


Step 2

Stretch it out length wise and fold it into half, keep it in the same direction.


Step 3

Now tie the two corners that you are holding into a small knot.


Step 4

Now you have armholes because of knotting. Wear in through the armoles and you will be surprised to see a scarf become a cool casual vest.

Layer it up with any casual outfit to make it look more interesting. 

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