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How to Transform Summer Wardrobe into Winter Perfect

Does the idea of dark, freezing nights and dreary, biting cold in the day sound like a glum fest to you!? Winters can suck the life out of everything —thanks to the persistent quivering and shivering due to the nip in the air. The onset of winter does not need a total revamp of your wardrobe. You don't need to bid goodbye to the summer vibes and those pretty dresses. The happy-go-lucky summer energy needs to go nowhere as long as you easily incorporate the summers ’feel' in your winter wardrobe. We are here to save your style this winter with some magical tricks. It’s time to nail winter fashion by using your summer staples without breaking your bank account.

by : Mohini. On 12/12/17. 0 Comments.

A little creativity and some magical tricks of mix-matching is all you need to transition your summer staples into a perfect winter wardrobe!

Ladies, winter is here knocking at your door to kill your style statement with cold winds and I can totally understand the pain of rejuvenating your whole wardrobe again. No matter how much you are in love with that cute little floral dress, there’s no way you can see them again before next summers. It seems like your life will be boring without these stylish summer staples and all you are left with is these thick clothes in dark colours. But wait?! What if you can use the same summer wardrobe and twist them for having a chic winter look. Well, nothing is impossible if you are ready to give your best! All you have to do is finding out some super style tricks to maintain the summer style even in the dread cold winters. Just a few things here and there, layer a bit and have the stylish winter life like a fashion diva.

Here's how you can rock winter fashion with your summer wardrobe and sway like a hot chic by turning up the temperature:

1. Max the Snug effect of a Maxi Dress

Can you recall summer time when these maxi dresses became the quintessential item in every girl’s wardrobe!? Maxi dresses are super stylish and extremely comfortable, and that’s the reason why they took over the entire fashion market. But these dresses take a backseat when winter sets in completely. Now you wouldn't have to put them away as you know how to team them with the right things and make them winter-friendly. Floral print dresses or flowy solid colour ones—mix and match right with denim or leather jackets or coats and nail the boho-chic look with ease.

2. White Shirt can come Handy with a Sweater

Gone are the days when shirts only used to come handy for formal meetings. We all have a white shirt lying in our closet mainly for boring meetings. Just look around to some fashion magazines, the boring shirts are not so boring anymore. You can simply wear these buttons-up under sweater. The collars will look great and you can fold the sleeves to show off the cuff of your shirt in order to have a complete chic look. Match a solid colour knitted sweater and you are good to go out in cold winds with utmost style.

3. Get those Summer Shorts Out

When in doubt, wear shorts! That’s always been the best formula of having a super cool style statement. Believe it or not, we all love summer shorts. They are rescuer in the time of doubts, in confusion between jeans and dresses; they are the best option to go with. Well, the same rule applies in winters as well. You just need a pair of opaque leggings and wear it cut-offs. You can pair them up with ankle boots and have a complete winter look. Else keep it simple with a pair of high knee boots. Match them up with crop tops, plain tees or with slit tops and enjoy the winters in style outside your door.

4. Slip Dress over a Turtle-Neck Sweater

’90s slip dresses have always been in trend. They are having something of a moment this season, from street style to catwalk these dresses are everywhere. Especially, if you are looking for a classy winter look, nothing better than layering a slip dress over a turtle neck sweater. You can use your summer slip dress with this way when it’s cold. The turtle neck under dress will add an air of sophistication to the slinky slip dress. This look will take you from daytime office wear right through to an after work dinner or event.

5. Crop Top and High Waist Jeans is the best Combination

Is there any girl out there who isn’t in love with these crop tops!? They are the quintessential women clothing piece in every girl’s collection. These super cute crop tops go along well with skirts, shorts and jeans pretty easily. But they make the best pair with your favourite high waist jeans in winters. They will help you in flaunting your sexy curves in style with a pinch of elegance. Available in different styles, fabrics and colours, these crop tops can work under a long coat in winters. Match them up with high-waist denims and a pair of ankle boots for slaying like a fashionista.

6. Short Skirts can be Fun in Winters

Skirts are fun but are you wondering how to wear these short skirts in winters!? When it’s cold people generally lock these skirts in the closet and take out their pants and jeans for the season. But no cold winds can snatch your style statement and stop you from wearing these pretty skirts in the season. By wearing a pair of tights or opaque leggings under the skirt you can cover your legs and hide yourself up from the cold. You can also go for high knee boots and a leather jacket for a stylish look. Wearing an anorak jacket with a pair of boat shoes is also a great idea for spending winters in style.

7. Try pairing a Tulle skirt with Leather Jacket

Who else out there love wearing these cute tulle skirts in pretty colours!? Before you start assuming that tulle skirts are only for summers, let me tell you that with the right styling, you can still wear these beautiful skirts, no matter how cold it is! If you want you can wear a pair of warm tights under it. By keeping the colours of these skirts pastel can make them look girly but matching a black leather or motto jacket will give it an edgy, sporty and even semi-casual look. Inject a style flair for something out of the box and enjoy winters being a classy chic!

8. Layer on Dresses over Pants

A dress over your favourite denims sounds gauche but if you match them right it can give you the best street style chic look. In the cold weather your favourite jeans or pants will keep your legs warmer than tights. If you want a modern tomboyish while keeping yourself warm and cosy, nothing can go better than this dress-over-jeans trend. Especially if you are having a long denim dress with a denim jacket, is indeed a great combination as you know denim over denim is something that look always cool and grab all the attention.

9. Rompers to Sizzle this Winter

Romper outfits in the cold days of winter? Doesn't this combination sound a bit odd? Well, just sit back and match the beautiful romper dresses with a pair of thigh high boots (ankle ones will do as well), throw over a jacket or a shrug and your romper outfit for winters is ready. They’re so easy to carry, stylish yet totally unique and interesting compared to other dresses. With the summer romper you can have a winter style which will save you from wearing those jeans and sweaters every day. Match it with a pair of knee boots to keep your legs covered and warm and threw on a huge furry coat for a touch of chic.

10. Summer Shrugs to the Rescue

Sick of squeezing yourself into skinny jeans!? For that you can go for mom jeans but what about the boring plain colour sweaters and warmers in winters!? Wearing the solid colour sweaters or warmers can bring the negative vibe to your wardrobe. And hence, same summer shrugs are here to rescue you. You can wear the plain warmer in winters and layer a printed shrug over it for the stylish look. Especially, the kaftans style shrugs go along well and blend with outfit of yours. Use these summer shrugs to bring life to your winter style statement.

11. Summer Scarves needn’t be Banned

Attention, fashion girls: Check out the use of summer’s most versatile piece in winters. We’re talking about the scarf, fashion’s equivalent to a transformer doll. This humble item can switch between a neck warmer, beanie, cape, and makeshift rain jacket when the weather channel gets it wrong, but best of all it’s an accessory with the power to instantly give any old outfit a fresh new look. They never fail to bring the freshness in your summer style but this winter, try tying a silk scarf loosely around your neck and let it help you in getting a classy chic look.

As you know, boots and coats are the best things about winters. Pair them up right and enjoy the beautiful weather in style. Don’t let the snow kill your style statements and cold breeze dry your skin. With these styling tips, you just know how easily you can turn up your whole summer wardrobe in a stylish winter one. Keep changing the style statement with time so that it adds life to your wardrobe!

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