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How to Tie a Bow with your Scarf

4 easy steps to a Cute Bow that you can make with your scarf.

by : Akansha. On 20/01/16. 0 Comments.


Wearing a scarf like normal is so regular and creating something unusual with the regular stuff make you outshine and praiseworthy. Follow on these quick steps to create a cute knotted bow with your scarf and get noticed. 


Step 1

Throw a scarf around your neck with both the ends hanging in front. Make sure you keep one end much longer than the other, preferably left (the side where you want to make a bow)


Step 2

Hold up the longer end of your scarf in your hand and make a circle loop of the hanging fabric of about a diametre of 8-10 inches (this may vary as per your requirement of bow size)


Step 3

Hold the circular loop of fabric from the mid point and using the other side of hanging scarf tie up from the centre of the loop. This will create a Bow structure towards your left.


Step 4

Neatly tighten the knot and adjust the bow around your left side of neck. 




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