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How To Take Care Of Your Silk, Cotton and Designer Sarees & Suits

We stack our designer sarees and suits for precious heart warming occasions but do we really spend a moment to think on their caring tips and do’s? Stop the chaos and follow these simple ways to take care of your fave ethnic wears and get an everlasting shine.

by : Paromita. On 28/11/16. 0 Comments.

We all love our fashion clothes, footwear, designer jewellery and nitty-gritties which may not otherwise count in our ‘important list’. It may be because although a little but we have spent time on purchasing them and for special purpose. They are not just products but mementos from our best or bitter memories. Isn’t it? Fashion conscious women are so possessive of their pretty trinkets that we take the privilege to suggest some best tips to take care of their designer sarees, wedding lehengas, salwar suits, and kurtis. Yes, we are talking about almost 90% of women of planet Earth, who are really conscious.

Let’s check out some really precious tips and tricks to take care of your designer sarees, and delicate fabric clothes.

Tips To Take Care Of Designer Sarees

Designer sarees are the cynosure of every party and occasion. May be the heaviness or too much working on these designer sarees make you little bit conscious to wear on during fun filling moments. Then you’re in love with your sarees girl!

But do you know taking care of these Indian ethnic sarees for women is so easy when you have a list of ‘what to do’. You just need a checklist, go through that and you’re done! But before making a purchase, just check out if that fave designer saree goes with your figure, complexion and not too much delicate. After your full satisfaction of your purchase, keep follow these quick and easy tips to take care of your designer sarees and they will get a healthy and prolong life they deserve ;)
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Importance of Designer Sarees

With awesome variety and whopping price ranges, designer sarees have become the favourite of every woman. Due to their intricate work patterns and amazing experimentation of colours and fabric is worth to splurge some money. But what if it doesn’t cost like stars? Yes, that’s the startling thing you will receive at

Not only in Bollywood, but Hollywood loved to drape this Indian ethnic cloth at special occasions. The reason is the vast variety of styles. From dhoti style sarees to cape style blouse, nowadays one can explore 100s of ways and styles to drape a saree.

Washing Tips

Each and every type of saree requires a gentle washing for long lasting beauty. Avoid these following things to avoid stubborn crinkling and tripping off embellished studs out of your saree:

1. Drip it in washing detergent (mild) solution.
2. Do not wring them so hard.
3. Let them dry in shades.
4. Avoid using too much clips while drying your cloth.

Position of Hanging Clothes

If you do not want to lose the attractive shape and form of women ethnic wear, avoid the following things;
1. They must be folded in layers.
2. Change the layers between few days.
3. Don’t mix them with other fabrics or clothes.
4. Don’t over-stuff the same place with dozens of designer sarees. The works and patterns may get affected.

Fabric of Saree

Designer sarees available in various fabrics and works and thus requires proper attention throughout. You need to know about the fabric of your precious Indian ethnic saree and then take steps accordingly.

Conditioning The Sarees

Conditioning is an important stuff to designer sarees as starching is to cotton sarees. Essential conditioners are available in the market as ‘fabric conditioner’ which needs to be used after washing clothes. Just dip your clothes into the solution of conditioner and after 10 minutes, take it out to dry.

Stay tuned with us for more important clothe tips and suggestions. Visit Indiarush to explore more Indian ethnic designer sarees.

‘Designer sarees’ is a possession of beyond any cost or bucks and so we made our advice extra-special and feasible so that they all can remain in your heart for years.

But there is another typical women’s wear which calls for a tough job. And those are – Cotton Sarees, suits, kurtis and same fabricated clothes. Now not difficult to maintain at all! Go through now!

How To Take Care Of Cotton Sarees And Suits?

Cotton sarees and suits are the pristine symbol of ethnicity and being simple. Do you remember these classic pieces are the favourite picks of your mom and grandmas? And the most excellent thing is that; whether you’re too lean or curvy, cotton sarees or suits will never make you look bad. It perfectly mixes up with your complexion, body profile or age. But when it comes to provide the much-needed care to your cotton clothes; do you feel you are pampering it the right way? Well, we have some quick tips to give the optimum care to your favourite cotton sarees and suits.


1. After buying any cotton saree or suit, dip them in a bucket of water with 2 Tbsp salt. It will remove extra starch and colour.
2. Don’ts – Avoid washing two or more cotton clothes together. They can bleed and get mix!
3. Sprinkle drops of water before getting them ironed. It will be easier and look smooth.
4. Harsh detergents are great foes of these tender pieces. Give them a gentle hand wash.
5. Use starch after detergent washing and soak your clothe into the starch solution for few minutes. (You can use starch water which people used to drain it off after the preparation of rice.)


1. Avoid rude wringing and hung it under subtle sunlight.
2. After wash, be prepared to witness for some shrinkage. It happens!
3. Remove stubborn stains from cotton sarees and suits with white petrol and then give them for dry cleaning.
4. Hang them inside airy cupboards.

More Helpful Tips:
1 Prefer steam ironing over the clothes, if you want to retain the softness regardless of starchy.
2 Always use exact setting needed by the fabric you have. Generally cotton fabrics need hot to too-hot setting while ironing.
3 What to do with stubborn paper textured sarees? Well, add half a cup of white vinegar in normal water and soak your dear saree or suit into it for 30 minutes. Rinse it, dry it and you will get that supple and soft touch.

How To Pack & Store?
1 Fold your saree or cotton kurtis and suits with proper measurements and care; otherwise the consequential crease can be unmanageable at hard times.
2 Don’t fold them in plastic bags; the golden embroidery will turn out to blackish.
3 Avoid direct spraying of perfumes or alkali sprays on it. Cotton apparels are good to catch them.
4 They are easy to stitch or experiment with patch works, dying and embroidery. Start your DIY.

These mentioned tips are hectic-free and can be applied even during wee hours. Keep your cotton apparels healthy and young forever.

What is the most valuable possession of women in wearing and while shopping for weddings? Any guess!?
Royal & ethereal – Silk array!
They are so delicate that over caressing may make them look shabby and so King-like that if you are ignorant of caring then they may appear as any local market second-hand product. Worry not! Here are some quick and easy caring tips for your highly-dear silk sarees and suits.

How To Take Care Of Evergreen Silk Sarees

What is the first thing that comes on our mind when we say wedding or royalty? Of course silk!

No other outfit can really replace the gorgeousness of Indian silk sarees. They suit well to the Indian women tone and complexion, and personality. Not only in weddings but other occasions such as formal, dinner dos, kitty parties or social gatherings, silk saree is treated as the epitome of elegance in women. And you know very well, how much Indian bellas love to showcase their tender beauty covered with élan!

The extra additions on these designer sarees such as embroidery, sequins, lace work, stone work, zari work, etc make them look all the more exquisite. How dearly all ladies out there just wish to keep their favourite and precious saree intact for long years! IndiaRush takes the privilege to suggest best tips to maintain your evergreen silk sarees. Don’t worry, this isn’t time consuming or require any bankruptcy.

Check out the detailed list on caring designer silk sarees that will prove to be beneficial for you and your wardrobe.
Hurry Peeps!!!


1. Just remember, these are the delicate pieces and thus to be handled very carefully. Wash them with cold water (room temperature). Avoid using any hard detergent or soap on them. Always dilute the detergent then wash it.
2. Preserve the natural sheen of silk clothes (be it saree, lehenga or kurti or salwar suits) by washing them with protein or moisture shampoo.
3. Again; they are very tender to through with wringing or twisting. Avoid them at most to retain ultimate shine and prevent permanent wrinkles.

4. After washing, hang them under sun-shaded place. Otherwise, it may affect its natural lustre.
5. Don’t fold them tightly under other type of sarees for women. Lay them down separately in your wardrobe!
6. Although dry cleaning is the safest way to go on.


Taking care of every type of saree is not the same throughout. Designer sarees made of cotton, polycot, and georgette or silk, they all do have separate care tips due to the speciality of yarns and features they offer. Here is the check-list for your precious silk saree:

1. Wrap your silk staple in a soft cloth bag or in between cotton sarees or clothes to maintain their longevity.
2. The main factors which make these sarees really famous are colour combination, lustre and smooth touch. But do you know that colour fading is the major problem which really hampers their good looks? This is why it is strongly advised to keep them away from direct light or sunlight.
3. Either hang them on a space free area over a hanger or fold them peacefully in a separate section. This will help you to avoid the creases on them. Hanging position is more sophisticated one because it is the easiest way to take out the garm without harming its silhouettes. It also prevents 1% chances of having wrinkles.
4. Never use a brush or lash the silk saree. It might end up tearing the zari.
5. In between few months or weeks, change the position of their folding. Also put some naphthalene balls or cloves inside their folds. This will keep them fresh and intact and prevent insects to hover on them.
6. Never remove extra water or moisture content from the saree and thus it is highly recommended to avoid wringing.
7. If your saree has zari work pattern then add ‘faal’ to enhance its shelf life.


Iron is a big issue which doesn’t seem that big at all. Remember cotton clothes and bundle of hours it takes to plain its silhouettes.

1. Unlike cotton sarees, silk sarees are extremely soft and delicate than you can imagine. Moreover, over ironing the material can lose the natural sheen as well. So, it is advised to keep your iron machine at low temperature while ironing. Otherwise, put it under a cotton cloth to avoid any kind of harshness.
2. Even it is better to adopt steam iron technique. There are 0% chances of any harm in this technique.


Blotting is the most irritating thing happen to every silk sarees. It is a famous saying that if you are afraid of anything then there are 50% chances of happening it with you - A dark universal law.

1. Well now, there is a horrible surprise for you! Petrol can clean all your mess on that precious silk cloth. Indeed the truth!
If the stain is really stubborn then soak the stained portion of the saree with petrol for 5 minutes then rub softly with a soft brush or sponge or cloth or cotton pad. It will work like magic. Alcohol, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide is another option.
2. If you have accidently dropped your nail-paint on your online silk saree, use acetone to remove it. This versatile chemical liquid is widely available in the local market.
3. Stains such as sweat, blood or cuisine gravy, chocolate, tea, milk, etc. use liquid soap with moisture retaining formula. You will get desired results in a snap.
4. Oil related products such as ghee, cooking oil, butter make it a tough job when it falls over expensive silk saree. And this thing happens in every party (especially wedding). Sprinkle some talcum powder over the stain and then rub with your finger tips. You can also use cotton buds or light density sponge. Then wash your wedding saree with a mild detergent in lukewarm water.

Before applying them on the whole body of silk clothe, first try them on a smaller portion to get an idea.

So fashionistas take care of your designer silk sarees with the help of these simplified caring tips and pull out your fave Kanjeevaram, Mysore silk or Banarasi silk saree for various occasions. Don’t forget to share your experience after trying these new ideas...

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