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How To Take Care Of Cotton Sarees And Suits?

Feeling fussy while taking care of cotton apparels? Here are the quick hacks.

by : Paromita. On 29/04/16. 0 Comments.

Cotton sarees and suits are the pristine symbol of ethnicity and being simple. Do you remember these classic pieces are the favourite picks of your mom and grandmas? And the most excellent thing is that; whether you’re too lean or curvy, cotton sarees or suits will never make you look bad. It perfectly mixes up with your complexion, body profile or age. But when it comes to provide the much-needed care to your cotton clothes; do you feel you are pampering it the right way? Well, we have some quick tips to give the optimum care to your favourite cotton sarees and suits.


1. After buying any cotton saree or suit, dip them in a bucket of water with 2 Tbsp salt. It will remove extra starch and colour.
2. Don’ts – Avoid washing two or more cotton clothes together. They can bleed and get mix!
3. Sprinkle drops of water before getting them ironed. It will be easier and look smooth.
4. Harsh detergents are great foes of these tender pieces. Give them a gentle hand wash.
5. Use starch after detergent washing and soak your clothe into the starch solution for few minutes. (You can use starch water which people used to drain it off after the preparation of rice.)


1. Avoid rude wringing and hung it under subtle sunlight.
2. After wash, be prepared to witness for some shrinkage. It happens!
3. Remove stubborn stains from cotton sarees and suits with white petrol and then give them for dry cleaning.
4. Hang them inside airy cupboards.

More Helpful Tips:
1 Prefer steam ironing over the clothes, if you want to retain the softness regardless of starchy.
2 Always use exact setting needed by the fabric you have. Generally cotton fabrics need hot to too-hot setting while ironing.
3 What to do with stubborn paper textured sarees? Well, add half a cup of white vinegar in normal water and soak your dear saree or suit into it for 30 minutes. Rinse it, dry it and you will get that supple and soft touch.

How To Pack & Store?
1 Fold your saree or cotton kurtis and suits with proper measurements and care; otherwise the consequential crease can be unmanageable at hard times.
2 Don’t fold them in plastic bags; the golden embroidery will turn out to blackish.
3 Avoid direct spraying of perfumes or alkali sprays on it. Cotton apparels are good to catch them.
4 They are easy to stitch or experiment with patch works, dying and embroidery. Start your DIY.

These mentioned tips are hectic-free and can be applied even during wee hours. Keep your cotton apparels healthy and young forever.

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