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How to Style Right Necklace With Different Necklines

Ever paid attention to your neckline while slipping into a beautiful necklace!? That's what you need to do this time to come under the limelight of the festive celebration. Find out which necklace goes best with different necklines of women garments and apply it to your next ensemble to get your wish. Do not forget to share these trendy fashion tips with your peers and make a difference this time. Peep in...

by : Manisha. On 06/10/17. 0 Comments.

Did you ever give a thought to this??? I don’t think so. Well, who cares about the neckline and such small tit-bits!? Let me tell you – fashion experts do care about these minor things and can’t let them go to avoid any chance of losing the limelight and fashion fad. Are you the one??? If yes, sneak in here to find out the right necklace for different necklines. Just like Deepika does!

Women exhibit a deep love and sensitive corner for fancy trinkets and jewellery. They just can’t let them go out of their hands even if the budget gets affected. So, when you just can’t head out without these trendy necklace designs, make the best use of them. Don’t know how!? Let me teach you. Whenever you are going to some important occasion or grand ceremony, pick your attire before anything else. After all, you dress is what falls first in the eyes and responsible for your overall style statement. And once your outfit is finalized, pick jewellery and other accessories accordingly to bring the best out of you and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Well, it looks quite simple but it is not. What am I here for!? Get ready to catch with the most amazing and effective fashion hacks of the season with me and make them work for your personal style to become the eye-candy of the generation. Wanna be that girl!?

Let’s only consider the broad category of necklines and discover the best type of necklace to be paired respectively –

Boat Neck Design – Long Pendants or Beaded Necklaces

Are you also an avid lover of bold boat neck design, just like me??? Well, I am a huge admirer of this ravishing neck style and just can’t skip any moment of slipping into it. The boat like shape revealing the shoulder area and covering the front body in perfect finish is what boat neck design stands for me. Since the complete front skin is covered, this suggests you to avoid tight fitted necklace style or chokers. Go for long beaded chains and cord necklaces to enhance your complete outlook and fashion statement.
There is one more great option for you to give a try. Fall for long chains with statement pendants to add quirk to your phenomenal dressing style. What say!?

Off Shoulder Design – Big Choker Necklace

Are you too awed like me with this stunning ensemble of Priyanka Chopra??? I am totally out of words.
She is a rockstar, Indian diva and a true stunner. The lady never goes wrong when it comes to fashion and displaying her unmatched dressing style. What you think I am trying to convey here??? Did you get your eyes on her sassy choker band??? That’s what you need to note down as your next fashion tip. Chokers are in trend and will never let you down with any kind of dressing, be it Indian or western. Plus, off shoulder tops have just taken over the fashion industry and become the foremost choice of fashion experts. So, next time when you pick off shoulder dress, put your faith on studded choker neck band and get ready to strut like a chic.

Square Neck Design – Angular Pendants

Square neck design leaves the wearer with wide options and variety of jewellery choices. Since the wide area of your neck is bare, pick jewellery that goes best with your attire and personal style statement. Angular pendants are undoubtedly the best picks with square neckline clothes and can do wonders to the overall personality of the wearer. Check out different shapes and patterns of these modern day pendants and get a spray of them to look different for various occasions. Hurry up!!!
Be it casual outfit or designer dress, the right necklace will bring you oodles of complement in a snap. Let’s catch with the latest necklace styles now.

V Neck Design – Similar V Shaped Pendants

Just like the shape of the neckline, your necklace fits the right in. The perfect pairing for v neck designed clothes is the V shaped necklace sets which gets settled in the right place exhibiting the flawless neck line and body dimensions of your overall personality. V neck clothes are very popular in corporate women as they allow them to be in their best shape and right attitude. Also, these clothes save you from deep plunging necklines and extra showy feel.
Keep a note that whenever you choose to wear jewellery with such attire, get it on place and perfectly organized to achieve the desired appeal and make heads turn around.

Cowl Neck Design – Statement Necklaces

Be honest & swear to God that you love this neck pattern. Hanging in draped folds, cowl neck design is very popular and favoured choice of women clothing. This neck design is very common in formal wardrobe of every woman and can never go wrong, be it regular office day or important meeting. Since the pattern falls little lower allowing the sneak peak of flawless neckline of the wearer, adore it with precious statement necklace to shift the attention from plunging skin to gorgeous jewellery. Isn’t the best way to play safe while looking absolutely ravishing???
Peep into trending patterns and designer necklaces to make your wish come true and get ready to look like million bucks.

Crew Neck Design – Collared Necklaces

My personal fave neck design among all other latest trends and neck patterns!
Crew neck design is a close-fitted pattern which is majorly seen in tees and woollen clothes. Nowadays, the pattern is also commonly seen in formal tops and women dresses. But don’t you think that you need to add some glamour and spark to this dull style??? Being a woman and true fashion addict, how can you let this moment of exposing your creativity go out of your hands!? Oomph up this boring neck pattern with embellished collared necklaces and get ready to bring the best out of your flawless personality. Let’s do it the right way.

Sweetheart Neck Design – Curved Pendants or Beads

The bold neck design has always gained attraction of the onlookers and never fails to impress us with its incredibly fashionable appeal. Sweetheart neckline design is mostly seen in designer outfits and wedding gowns which is all about sass and vogue. It’s time to beautify your personality with this neck design by making the right necklace choice for the right occasion. Since your flawless neckline is deeply exposed in this pattern, adore it with luxurious curved pendant set or necklace and get ready to hold a gaze.
Try this necklace style with sarees and wear sweetheart shaped designer blouse to make a statement and bring people on knees to catch your phenomenal dressing sense.

Halter Neck Design – Snake Collared Necklaces

This is what we love during our lazy days and to feel the weekend vibes. Halter neck is very common in young girls and fashion lovers. The style is the best choice for casual outings and vacay mode. Don’t you think that you need to add some glamour to this look??? Snake collared necklaces or twisted beaded neck pieces are what you can pair with this pattern and make it top notch. Make sure that you ditch all other accessories to get the desired appeal and bring the best out of you.

Now you know how you can choose your necklace wisely and smartly, do not make a wrong selection next time.

Turtle Neck Design – Long Cord Necklaces

The fully covered pattern with multiple rounds over the neck is what defines the turtle neck design. It’s very common in winters and women love to flaunt their bold style with this fashionable design. But do not go plain with this neck design and get ready to accentuate its look by picking long cord necklaces. Since the neckline is completely covered in this pattern, there is no point in opting for choker or tight fitted necklaces.

The best pairing is the long chain like necklaces with turtle neck design. Don’t believe us, give a try yourself. Once you are done, you will find out that how important it is to pay attention to the neckline while picking any jewellery.

Peter Pan Collar – Statement Choker Necklaces

I personally love this neck design due to its chic girlie appeal. Peter pan design is very popular in working women as it brings the overall subtle and sophisticated appeal. But if you are willing to add quirk to this, here is your style file to make your wish come true. Try statement choker necklace with peter pan neck and make the best combination ever. Wear it for your workplace, college or any official meeting and flaunt your phenomenal fashion sense in a snap.

Necklines & necklaces – now you are familiar with both! So, do not mix-match next time and let your friends know how far you can go when it comes to fashion.

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