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How To Style Plain Lehengas Like A Designer’s Dream

So, what's the big deal to be a fashion blogger? Besides styling and grooving every day inside a variety of clothes, one need to have a fashion muse by their side to have the stand-alone look in a minute. Here, we stole the best looks of the fashion bloggers in designer lehengas to inspire you to get the one-minute transformation like a showstopper. And yes, the same you can try on online plain lehengas as well.

by : Paromita. On 08/06/17. 0 Comments.

The irresistible beauty of lehenga is undeniable for any period. Be it your reflection of teenager, a lady with class handling every drop of wine, a party animal or an elegant image of a woman, lehenga suits every bit of your personality regardless any kind of event.
Well, it all depends on the style statement of the wearer and the spectrum of her cupboard. Few of them like it as it is and there are many fashionistas who love the experimental ways – for them we have the steal here. Lehenga embodies a traditional skirt, chic blouse and a chunni which may or may not be necessary to complete the look. But, this is not the limit. Delimit your choice of lehengas and accessories because you can do a lot either way than taking the same way every time and break the myth of wearing lehengas only during wedding get-togethers. Trust me, they can do a lot way more than being a just wedding piece.

Take a look at the below written electrifying-stylish-points and let’s fun-do all of them at various occasions and events:

The Moon Like Fusion

This is a clear Tarun Tahiliani pick and for sure to make every casual day a D-day of yours! The cape style blouse is all there to hang loose when you are bust to show off the glam-sham of chikan work. The intricate work patterns of the skirt and the choli is incomparable as it took a mighty period to complete. And of course, when the wearer is a beautiful fashion design & marketing girl, a chic styling is not a big deal for her.

The clear white colour and chikan work with amazing pairing of chokers and tribal necklace, this attire is altogether stealing the show in a snap.

Hot Style Chat: If you are little uncomfortable with off shoulders then try it with transparent brassieres or get straps attached to the choli. Keep your skirt just below the level (not too much) to extract the sophistication from your dress. An inner lining is very important in both of the cases – lehenga & choli; make sure you use a light bright shade for this. For example: use dansk maple hue when your outer skirt is of pure white.

Blazers To Save Your Look

So you have a traditional brocade lehenga set and you are still dreaming of getting a quirky look!? You have the ace card and still you are confused!

Inspire you inner stylist by bringing her out to get to wear mashup ready traditional attire. This Indo-western wear is highlighting the blazer to a different level while giving a semi stage to the bralette and it is already peek-a-boo-ing. There is nothing more sported when you are confident to wear the apparel like your second skin. The dress is highly comfortable and easily replacing the quintessential part of the lehenga choli with a dashing Z-black blazer.
So, what do you think?

Hot Style Chat: A perfect treat when you are heading out to any social gathering or high collar cocktail party. Same silk sarees or Kanjeevearm sarees or contemporary lehengas are just so same everywhere, whereas this piece will make you the poise of fashion. Make sure the bralette is complete matching with the skirt; if your skirt has a dominant presence of black then choose black bralette. Finish off your look with a tribal choker and open up your soft curled hair to pose like a diva in this apparel.

Swap The Inner

You have to own it before showing off your guts because it doesn’t come off on sales. Capture the topkini style with a very beautiful bralette wearing over the top. And don’t forget the skirt and its blushing pale pink colour. Beautifully pleated, the traditional skirt is apt to wear with both classic Indian blouse as well as with western tops and shirts.

Balance the edge of your beauty by adhering this cami top or spaghetti top over plain white tee. The look is quite quirky and yes, demands a lot of confidence in a crowded place.

Hot Style Chat: Get a perfect Friday fashion booze with this pair of modern skirt and top and bralette. While wearing this bralette over the top, make sure the colours are totally contrasting to each other. This is a great pick during colder months and you can also ditch the bralette with leather jacket or cropped sweater or a coat.

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An Indo-Western Punch

Who says to play it by following its rules ;) Ditch them all and make your own rules for the show as Priyanka nailed the appeal rightly. It is not necessary to wear your lehenga skirt with a blouse, bralette, crop top or any kind of short top, you can play stunningly as well with shirts or bodysuits. So, inspire your all day looks with this #instapic and pull on your daily wear a white shirt with a quirky printed lehenga suit and give them an all new experimental try!

Hot Style Chat: Complement this pair with sleek and trendy jewellery and accessories and trust me that triangular jukebox necklace will do the magic with them. Say a big NO to the stud earrings and carry on hanging earrings instead. Give soft curls to your hair and set it high.

Contrast Game

Being a stylish woman, you know about the tones, hues and the intensity of any colour. So, perhaps your judgement of colour should be finer than anyone else’s. Spiff up your style stigma with the contrast game and drag down your wide range of skirts and shirts to give them all a better twist. The best thing that you can display through contrast pairing is the beauty of both the picks – top and skirt.

Hot Style Chat: If you are opting for this type of attire and bold appeal, go completely different in your choices and pick out another coloured necklace and jewels. Try Indian traditional Minaudiere or potli bags for a complete makeover.

The Wild Side

This piece has come from the designer couture of Swati & Sunaina. There is no need to narrate any description, the beauty tale of the apparel is self-telling it all. We can see the contrast here also but the difference is - fabric and design contrast. The blouse is sheer whereas the skirt is traditionally made of heavy brocade design.

At the first look, the blouse poses as any casual sheer shirt which has been cut short and all this is due to its given long sleeves. But the scene is totally different here!

Hot Style Chat: Have you noticed the golden dotted chakras all over the skirt? Yeah, of course, that is the most dominating part of the show. Wear this style without dupatta and clean parted hair. Complement the wild aura with a tribal choker and you are all done to strut on the road.

Just Like A Potli

Now, this style is an 180-degree punch to the quirk fashion that we usually do. This paperbag bag skirt has the power to transform your complete look into a cute baby doll in an instant. Thanks to Nishka Lulla and her creativity who give us a chance to be a showstopper instantly with this pretty Mogra printed paper bag waist skirt and silver tee.

What else would you need; you don’t need a belt to fit it aptly, there is no need of extra mandatory accessories or jewellery to complement the drape – This pair is just perfect to head out t any kind of event, regardless the tone of it. Be it subtle, casual, preppy, jazz or laid back, this will suit each and every mood of yours.

Hot Style Chat: Wear platform wedges to spiff up that modelling look. And yes, do not forget to pick out sorted style statement earrings to pair.

Dig It Deep

I think the caption is enough to state the sensuous factor of the dress. Bring out the O-sensation in you by stitching this style in a summer wedding. This random square neck is definitely taking the space in your mind and do not miss the chance to admire the raani haar by @karishma.joolry. The dress can be customised and if you are not comfortable in this type of deep digs, you can opt for a lesser one. Take out the contrasting jewel piece from the corner of your wardrobe and complement it with this beautiful Anarkali suit dress.

Hot Style Chat: Get an embellished pair of heels with this dress and flaunt it all the right way. You can go for long sleeves and half sleeves according to the outside temperature.

On a very personal note; I liked the paperbag style from Nishka Lulla because this is what defines me – a lot of quirkiness with a taste of class. So, what’s your favourite from the list? And why do you think the style will define you more?

Write to us on the below ‘comment’ section and get a chance to win a surprise goodie from the team. (Psssttt...or I will steal one for you! ;)

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