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How to Style Long Indian Jackets for Festival Season

Festive mode is on & you are not even ready to give your best shot at this time of the year. Fret not; I have got you something unique & trendy. Here are 10 different styles to wear long ethnic jackets with designer dresses and be your own stylist this Diwali. Ready to roll heads!?

by : Manisha. On 04/10/17. 0 Comments.

Did you ever give a thought that who brought layering into trend??? Well, fashion experts know what I am trying to portray. Everything is on one side and the trend of making long ethnic jackets a part of any ensemble is on the other. Whoever wants to own this trend like a true fashion addict should catch this post to discover some great ways and hacks to impersonate your wishful desire. No, I am not kidding. Here are 10 different ways to style long embellished Indian jackets with both traditional and indo western wears to make the most of this festival season. Let’s celebrate 2017 Diwali in style.

Festival month is the most awaited time of Indian culture and we just can’t control our excitement to celebrate these days in the most thoughtful ways. Shopping new clothes, buying new shoes, catching with glistening jewellery pieces and planning parties with friends are few of the most seen elements of the Indian festival season. But amid all these hustle-bustle, women keep on thinking about the styles they can adopt to come under the limelight and becoming the fashion icon of the season. Fret not ladies, I have got you some serious fashion guide to make your wish come true and bring you all the lovely accolades you have always wished for. Get ready to rock your ethnic saga by catching up with these fabulous dressing styles of long jackets and make your friends envy of your phenomenal fashion sense. Hurry up; they may find me before you.

Jacket As Blouse Is Quite Trendy

How about this awe-inspiring look to don this festival season???
We can debate as long as we want on – how to wear long jackets with Indian dresses but what is important is to find out a perfect solution that matches with your individual style and the theme of the occasion as well. Do you know how you can achieve that??? Let me extend you a helping hand. If you are blessed with flawless hourglass shape or pear body, pick jacket blouse style without blinking.

Saree is unavoidable during festival chaos and I am sure you don’t want to miss the chance of walking in this incredible nine yard drape. Try this rocking style to bring the best out of you and make heads turn around.

Floor Touching Jackets For Royalty

And the queen hails the town!
This style is exclusively assorted for bold fashionistas who just don’t like to go plain and be a part of the crowd. It’s the perfect season and time to adorn Sridevi style in an embellished jacket and swathed skirt. Also, it’s undoubtedly comfortable as well as sassy. How can you let this one go??? Complete your look with matching pumps and designer clutch and get ready to hold a gaze at any moment. Let me tell you that this one is must have from the considerable list of long jacket ideas.

Pre Diwali party or post Diwali celebration – which occasion would go perfect with this classy ensemble!? I am so confused...

Lavish Jacket With Lehenga

The picture speaks about the grandeur and charm of this trendy dressing hack. Gone are the days when women used to wear long skirt (known as lehenga) with simple blouse. It’s time to catch with the popular ramp walks and famous designers’ couture to discover some amazing fashion tricks.

Forgo blouse for jacket and revive your ethnic avatar like a pro. It’s important to play with the hues so make sure that you pick the right combination of jacket and skirt to get the desired appeal and look like million bucks. Jewellery is one thing which can glam-up your overall style and fashion statement. Are you ready to roll over???

Long Ethnic Jacket With Palazzo Suit

Fusion is trendy and definitely the perfect pick to redefine your ethnic dressing and fashion sense.
Slip into stylish palazzo suit and layer it with lavish traditional jacket to enhance your overall ensemble and make a spellbinding impact on everyone. Don’t forget to add bold oxidised or tribal coin jewellery to your dressing and bring people on knees to address your noteworthy fashion sense. Plus, it is matchless comfortable and forever unbeatable.

Gorgeous palazzo suit and long ethnic jacket – style for this Diwali. If you are unsure about this look, catch with some of the recent Aditi Rao Hydari’s dazzling stills and make them work for your personal style.

Layering Never Goes Wrong

I guess we know this for quite a long time now. If nothing strikes your head or you just can’t pick one out of these many styles, go with layering and call it vogue. Layering designer clothes is the most happening fashion tip for women during this Diwali and other regal celebrations. Make sure that you do it perfectly to achieve the desired appeal and become the eye-candy of this festival season. Ready to make it happen!?

For example – wear plain crop top with matching pants or long skirt and then slip over a sassy traditional jacket to accentuate the overall personality and style statement. Let’s slay the world together, beautiful!!!

Printed Jacket With Indian Kurti

Do you keep pace with the ongoing trend or what’s happening in the world of fashion??? If yes, you know about this style and how you can make the most of it while staying peaceful with your valuable comfort. Take out your fave traditional kurti for this festival season and pair it with ravishing printed jacket to complement your overall attire and grab eyeballs.

Slip on precious jewellery and accessories to flare the overall personality and bring the best festive look of the season. It’s time to rock festival style with jackets and look stunning for every befalling ceremony. Bundle up, you gorgeous!!!

Bollywood Trend of Holding Jacket

Who want to follow the footsteps of Begum Khan???
From ravishing Kareena Kapoor Khan to mesmerizing Deepika Padukone, everyone has been seen swearing to this jacket trend and making their own benchmark in this style. Let’s bag our spot in this league and make it forever endearing in the hearts of fashion lovers. Jacket trend has overshadowed everything else and is the perfect way to slay both Indian and western dressing. Tell me honestly that how will you rate this look of Kareena Kapoor on any scale??? Do you feel the similar shortage of words I felt at the first time??? Cheers to the lady!

Designer Sarees With Jackets

If you are not in mood of spending piles of money on designer sarees and lehengas for this festive season, I have got a great trick for you guys. With this, you can make it top notch without even burning a hole in your darling pocket. Slip into a simple saree in silk or georgette fabric and layer over a designer jacket to spiff up the complete ensemble and style statement. Trust me; you are going to make heads turn around with your style and fashion statement.

Go for this look and become the star of this pleasant season. Be it short length or long jacket, pick what matches your personal style and get ready to strut like a chic.

Fusion Festive Look

This is my personal fave pick for 2017 Diwali.
I am going to mix up Indian culture with western style to keep both my mom & me happy. Well, you can do the same if you can’t leave your bold statement while dressed into typical ethnic avatar. Wear sassy western dresses or indo western outfits inside and get on luxurious traditional style jacket to match the enthralling capacity and ethnicity of the festival season. Don’t let this moment of shine slip out of your hands and make the most of it by catching with these fabulous fashion hacks. Whoever has got some serious fashion love cannot ditch this amazing time in any case.

Boyfriend Jeans & Traditional Jackets – Do Not Skip

We all love Deepika, don’t we!?
The beautiful diva picked boyfriend jeans and stunning printed jacket to complete her promotional look and made all of us go awe. So, I was actually waiting for the right moment to pull of this look and see, here comes the festival season. The best thing about this beautiful time of the year is that you can experiment with your dressing to any level and go beyond the boundaries. Yes, you heard it right. You are supposed to do that only.

Switch on your styling game & catch with the ravishing long ethnic jackets to be your next pick. Let’s celebrate this festive season in style and grab eyeballs. Do not keep anything in your hood; share with us in comments.

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