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How To Style Kurtis In 18 Different Ways

Have you ever come across with the wide variety of kurtis and their types? They are vast and really confusing when it comes to - 'how to wear kurtis with different types of bottom wears?', 'What are the advantages of these salwars or bottom wears?'. Now spiff up your kurti look like a celebrity in no time with these quick tips.

by : Paromita. On 17/08/17. 0 Comments.

Spending a million bucks to recreate the charisma of your stylish kurtis? I don’t think you need to do this! They are already a grace upon your wardrobe and busy life schedule. And a simple tweak can even sort out all your fashion fiestas. Do you know that there are even ways to which one can wear one kurti regularly in a week? Wondered?

Whether we are talking about the new age chic or the old age infinite charm, kurtis have been found in each and every era. Check wardrobe of any girl and you’ll get a whole lot of kurtis stuffed in her wardrobe. Obviously, desi girls love kurtis so much and the same plague has been spread to other nations as well.

Do you know the facts behind this love!? Let’s recapitulate few points which state the importance of kurtis in every woman’s life:
1. They offer utter comfort and style statement round the clock.
2. They offer the freedom of pairing them with other apparels as well (you will get to know here).
3. If you love Indian work and designs, then this is the type of piece where you can explore the most of them.
4. They are available in XXXL as well as XS.
5. Don’t worry about your height, the array has a lot to show off.
6. Blah...Blah...Blah...(because there are lots of things which can only be felt).

So, let’s start the definition with its usage and magic level, they offer.
Today, we are going to discuss about the ways to style their kurti designs. Not only jeans or salwars, there are way more methods to try out! Check them out here:

1. Leggings – Like Your Second Skin

These are the basics of every style. Isn’t it? You can wear them with crop tops, jackets, shrugs, and what not! And people prefer to pick them over anything else in a hurry and when they know that tolerate the day will be a pain in the ***. No offence!!!

The stretch feature and availability in multiple colours and hues, a pair of leggings is the most sort(est) thing that you can opt to wear with kurti as well. They can vehemently match the colour shade of your kurti and would be a great companion when you are spending 8 hours in office and 16 in your friend’s.

Quick advices:

• Pick out your true size in leggings as they will stretch upto a certain level and true size matters to gain perfect comfort.
• Check out the fabric of the leggings as they will anyhow interfere with the kurti.
• Always choose contrasting colours while pairing them with kurtis. Matching-matching was taught in old schools.

2. Jeggings – Combo Of Jeans & Leggings

During 1950s, jeans became a fashion boon in the western market and had been specially designed for the cowboys. (Remembering the cow boy shoot acts!)
We are not going to shoot anybody but the mash-up of the trend will anyhow be enough to kill anyone. The year 2000 welcomes this hybrid section of jeggings which is a vehement mixture of jeans and leggings. Have you noticed the amalgamation of western and Indian? Here is the blend!

A typical jeggings have pseudo pockets, sometime fake chain up section and a classic elastic waistband. Unlike jeans, while wearing jeggings with any type of kurti designs, you do not have to take pain to zip it up and can wear it like your second skin.

Quick Advices:

• Wear them with poppy coloured kurtis and tunics.
• Boxy or largely loose kurtis will look handsome with them.
• You have the power to be a minimalistic at this point.

3. Treggings – Trousers + Leggings

In case, if you have missed the mashup of jeans, leggings and jeggings, the designer have another solution for you in the form of treggings. They are good enough to allure you to proffer ultimate breeze all the day. This is the new form of leggings which can also be called as trouser-legging hybrids. This year, the treggings have gained immense popularity among the young mass and belles.
And people love to morph fashion in every other day and treggings is a just a pretty formulation of such designers.

Quick Advices:

• You want to feel how stretched up pants look like? Here is the show, darling!
• They're much easier to wear than straight-up leggings.
• They are made of a thicker material and feature more of a pant-like cut.

4. Ripped Jeans – From Rags

Is ‘rip it up’ your fashion?
How about a fusion of sophistication and street style boldness? In case, you come up with a mood of such blend, you know you have a perfect solution to spiff up your mood. Wear a classic clean pleated kurti with ripped off jeans to showcase the bipolar moods of yours. And there is no harm in bragging it!

Quick Advices:

• Wear your style stigma with pretty pair of ripped jeans and collared kurti. It will be better if the kurti has rolled up sleeves.
• Wear nude high pumps to play the melody correctly.
• Folded clutches or open totes or hobo bags will be a perfect match with the pair.

5. Culottes – Free To Flutter

Discovered during the Victorian era to provide more comfort quotient to the women for their daily chores. Be it horse riding, gardening or running campaigns, these were before known as the divided skirts which were meant to exude utter comfort besides the elegance of the skirts.
Modern days’ culottes are somewhat broad and lighter than the previous version because they are meant to handle a busy bee schedule of lady’s.

Quick Advices:

• Wear your heart on sleeves with pastel hue culottes and monochrome kurtis or tunics.
• Make sure the length of the kurtis is not longer than your thighs.
• Spiff up your style with high pumps, or flats and avoid shoes or laced up footwear.

6. Palazzos – Flared & Baggy

These wide legged wonders are widely known for their comfort preferences. This type of bottom wears is inspired by the Pakistani version of sharara. The best part is that these numbers can be worn with kurtis, crop tops, western wears as well as boho-chic pieces. This is one certain pick to try when you are all done with the tights, huggies and second skins...

Welcome the sunny breeze and open up the pores of your legs with these comfy pairs of palazzos. These pairs provide amazing ways to team up with kurtis. They are great to sum up with embroidered or Indian traditional kurtis such as khadi or cotton numbers.

Quick Advices:

• Add panache to your spirit by combining embroidered or embellished solid palazzos with striped and light coloured collared kurtis.
• How about pairing up a kurti-palazzo with brogue shoes?

7. Shararas – Punjabi Totta

We have something in the Pitaara from great fashion designers of Pakistan and today we are going to discuss about their fashion project – Shararas. So, what’s so special about them?

Sharara is a true Pakistani version of palazzos, a pair of wide-legged pants and the best thing is that they play amazingly with short kurtis. They do not ruched at the knee part and in India, they are majorly worn by Punjabis and Sindhis.

Quick Advices:

• Wrinkled dupattas make a hit with this kind of attires. Keep it simple and short and pick out the 100% contrasting piece for the magic.
• Maang tikkas give them an undefined beauty.
• Sprinkle a quirk with brogue heels.

8. Wrap-Around Pants

We all love to have a laid back attitude; be it Monday or Friday, our heart knows how much it urges for that Sunday Brunch. Now catch up that same attitude wearing wrap-around pants online. These pants are the products of modern age and a want to live in a carefree manner. Welcome this trendy addition to your loungewear collection and flaunt it like a star by teaming up with classic dye printed kurtis or tunic. These pants are infused with crinkled effect, asymmetric hem and wrap-around design. They come with an elasticised waistband as well as in some cases, you can encounter draw-cord around the waist for an excellent grip.

Quick Advices:

• Wear cape kurtis or add a layer of long shrug when wearing kurtis with these pants or salwars.
• A silky silhouette is hitting the list nowadays.
• Wear them with style statement jewellery and trinkets for the best of bohemian appeal.

9. Shorts – A Lot Of Boldness

Want to go bold? A little more...?
Here is the best proposal to get rid of those gloomy days you had with same-lame kurti team-ups. Pick out a front slit kurti and wear them with your most old or ripped shorts. Now pair it in the most unique way and make your ethnic kurti look lijke – ‘O boy, you getting on my nerves!’

Quick Advices:

• You can also go with side slit T-shirt kurti to team up with hot pants or ripped shorts.
• Be the head turner of the day by getting high with the summer vibes and teaming it with Bohemian jewellery.

10. Mom Or Boyfriend Jeans

Ladies, we need a high hail to Marilyn Monroe, who actually had set this trend. She was mostly spotted in boyfriend jeans because she loves to fit inside the loose ones ;)
The boyfriend jeans have been a favourite of many women since 1850’s. The straight and loose cuts of the jeans project your feminine beauty in a more highlighting way.
So next time when you save a night out with your BF, steal his jeans as a token of remembrance and strut on the streets bragging off the relaxed fit.

Quick Advices:

• Wear knee length kurtis to showcase what you have for the day. • Slip into comfortable sneakers or platform shoes to make your appeal a stealing one.
• A metallic watch, stud earrings and a open tote bag will be enough match up your attitude.

11. Dhoti Pants – From The Past

When you wish to add a little more debonair in your ethnic appeal, dhoti pants give 101% assurance of making it a showstopper appeal. These pants or salwars feature loose draped at the upper area which lasts till ankle and this loose adhere gradually lowers along the length. It tapers gradually towards the hemline around the ankle. Gone are the days when only men were privileged to enjoy this ventilation but now women can also enjoy the swag of dhoti pants. (And yes, they will never cheat you like the dhotis worn in previous days)

Quick Advices:

• Wear peplum kurtis or bottom flared short tunics with them to showcase the beauty of these pants or salwars.
• Check out the most pop coloured dhoti pants for the show.
• Slip into the contrasting pencil heels to finish off your look.

12. Salwars (Not As Ususal)

Cropped salwars or tapered straight salwars or salwars with cone cutting ends are some of the trendiest modern salwars that you can try to wear with kurtis to make it a fashionable display.

Quick Advices:

• Gaudy dupattas take the special stage here. So make sure they are there to light it up.
• Focus on accessories in this category and go for the pop ones.

13. Skirts – Swing It Around

The best thing that we find in the skirts is their sassy silhouettes. And, anything? Of course, where you can find the beauty colour contrasts all in one thing? The other attractions are their flare and length that can be decided according to the kurtis. Try out pairing kurtis and you will come out with something scrumptious definitely.

The skirts gives kurtis a definitely base and gorgeousness of Indian ethnic glow. This combination looks really fabulous and exciting at the same time. Well, besides trying lehengas at a wedding function where most of the belles will go on with this, you can come up with a lavish silk kurti and cotton–silk skirt to grab oodles of compliments from the corners.

Quick advices:

• Pair the combo with contrasting or chocolate brown brogues to set the level.
• Tribal jewellery are mostly preferred and set the mood as well.
• Plump Body-Avoid jhumkas; Lean Body-Kiss Chandelier earrings!

14. Bare Look – Nothing At All

This type of look is best adorned with spaghetti, tube, off shoulder or cold shoulder kurtis. If you are not comfortable with the sleeveless or no-sleeve attitude, then go for chic butterfly sleeves, Dolman sleeves, Bishop sleeves and other quirky palettes of dresses’ sleeves. This style is sure to give you an effortless look in no time and perfect when you are heading out for some adventurous venture. Make sure the length of the kurti goes 5 – 8 inches below your buttocks line.

Quick Advices:

• Wear oxidised orblack jewellery with the attire.
• You can try nature inspired stones as well such as turquoise stone, ruby, cat’s eye, sapphire and etc.
• Get an anklet (single) to spiff up the Boho-chic beauty.

15. Stockings – Nets As Saviour

A perfect pitch for the fashion gamers who wish to win the tournament with a completely ‘hatke’ look. So, how can you stand apart in a crowd of millions?
This time, make a crazy pick out from the drawer of stockings or pant style net stockings. Team them with denim kurtis to give it a perfect Indo-western look. If you feel uncomfortable while wearing, you can go with pant style stockings as they will cling with your waistline.

Quick Advices:

• Avoid neck-pieces and get a pair of lavish style statement earrings and rings.
• Wear heaven heels or pumps with this set.
• Just a primer and concealer will be enough for the final blush up.

16. Just With Boots – n Sorted

A fashion aficionado has a strong urge of having a separate closet for boots and boots. If you are a stylist, then you should feel proud of your fashion babies. This type of footwear was mainly designed to wear in winter times but the time has changed a lot (and I’m not making pun over global warming) and people love to showcase their classiness during summers as well. There are lightweight and specific fabricated boots as well which are comfortable for a garden-walk in a humid weather as well.

Quick Advices:

• Avoid chequered boots with heavily printed kurtis because they can drag the attention to them only. It’s better to scatter the dispute with solid black, chocolate or tan coloured boots.
• Try pop coloured kurtis with this type of style.
• Head out with long pendants or lockets with chain for a complete dapper look.

17. Only Denim Jackets – Tom Boy From Inside

When you know that your kurtis are deep at the front and sleeves are quite handsome. These denim jackets are even best when you are blindly searching for something to layer up your essence. If your denim jacks have wooden buttons and high end regular collar design. The denim jackets are sought to be the best when you desire something tough and hard but the occasion doesn’t allow you for.

Quick Advices:

• If you are lean then go for tribal necklaces or heavy chokers with the attire; that will make you look broader.
• If you are plump, then go for long kurtis and extra short denims.
• Stay with the contrast and grab the lighter shade of jacket with a dark kurti.

18. Premium Denims – Like A Dapper

Thanks to the cowboys, who brought jeans to life and made our life heaven like. These denims are made from cotton and the major hit of this type s of course blue. (Because pink will be too much)

This dress type brings the confidence in you and perfect when you don’t want to give tonnes to your head. A simple complementation of ballerina footwear will be enough to charm it up but you don’t have to stick at one point and discover other styles as well such as with boots, brogues, espadrilles, mocs and etc.

Quick Advices:

• Stone wash jeans will be a wrong option if your kurti is crossing the length limit of your knees. Opt for unique colours and make sure they are bright enough because kurtis will outshine anyhow!
• Be a minimalistic here and choose a nose pin and lavish Indian traditional ring to stand apart in the crowd.

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