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How to Pack Light Luggage for Your Travel?

Carry a light weight travel bag and enrich your traveling experience with more fun!

by : Garima. On 14/03/16. 0 Comments.

Overloading our travel bags is the biggest mistake that we all tend to make while going on a vacation or office trip. To avoid making this mistake any more now, given below are few tips to travel and pack light:-

1. Choose a Spacious Travel Bag!
Always keep your travel boat light! While picking up a travel bag for yourself, make sure it is spacious and not restricted by inner compartments. Absence of compartments will give you the room to pack more and avoid carrying an additional bag on your journey.


2. Differentiate Between Necessities and Wants!
Before commencing your packing regime, it is very important that you are able to differentiate between the items, which are necessary and the ones that you just wish to carry along. Once you are able to decide this, your travel will automatically lighten up!


3. Mix-Match and Wear!
Do not fill up your entire bag with clothes and only clothes, as they are the ones to occupy the maximum amount of space! Pick up clothes that you can very skillfully mix- match and wear for a different look each day.


4. Roll your clothes, Don't Fold!
When you start folding your clothes and placing them inside your travel bag, you tend to reduce the space for other items to fit in. Instead, you must make rolls of your clothes and place them, which will automatically give you more space for packing other things.


5. Wear Heavy Things, Don't Pack Them!
Be it your denims, heavy shoes or favourite jacket, it is always the best and recommended option to put them on in your journey. Packing such bulky items will unnecessarily make your luggage heavier.


6. Be Prepared To Wash!
If your stay is destined to extend beyond a week or so, then don't go overboard with clothes for each day. Be open to the idea of repeating clothes after washing them! This option can very smartly save you from ferrying bulky bags back and forth.


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