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How to Look Slim in Sarees

How to look slim in sarees??? Does it sound odd??? If yes then you need to catch up with these amazing style hacks to find out different tricks that you can follow to look slim and stunning in Indian sarees. Make a note to stick to these guidelines while wearing any saree & get the desired appeal.

by : Manisha. On 24/03/17. 0 Comments.

Yes, it’s possible. I know what you must be thinking that how you can magically look slender by just hacking into some styling tips while being in your original shape and size. But girl, by slim I do not have any intention to give you any right guideline. I simply mean that you can wear sarees by following some fashionable trends to hide your extra belly and other areas’ fat. I am pretty sure that you are in now!!!

First, get aware of the fact that you love wearing sarees and the attire comes on top when it is about traditional Indian wears. Secondly, you are willing to give every try to make it look stunning on your fabulous body. Do you know any other outfit which has got number of draping styles and tricks to mould it in your way??? I don’t think so. Being the forever best friend of a woman, saree needs to be given more attention and celebrated in a way you have never thought of. It’s time that you catch up with these amazing fashion tips to find out that how you can wear sarees to look slim. Take out your fave drapes (depending on the fabrics & other stuff suggested over here) and get ready to look like dream in these magical pieces of weave. Make sure that you follow it rightly (to be exact – blindly) to get the desired look. Are you ready???

Right Fabric is foremost

The first & the foremost trick to look slim in sarees!!!
You have to go for the fabric which just clings to your body effortlessly. The best pick will be chiffon georgette, crepe, satin and any other light weight material which has got an ability to hug you naturally. Simply say ‘No’ to lavish lustrous fabrics like silk, cotton, brocade, art silk and others because they are known to add fuller appeal to the overall look which you definitely don’t want.

But if you just can’t let go of your love for cotton, you need to know how you can wear cotton saree to look slim. Fashion lovers just can’t ditch cotton sarees due to their crisp texture and striking appeal. Just don’t go for south cotton or pure cotton; pick sarees which are blend of cotton and other fabrics to bring you the desired look.

Focus on Border

Don’t you want to praise Kareena for her choice of gorgeous cream & red saree??? The stunning saree with magnificent pallu work defines her incredible style statement and fashion sense. If you don’t want to show off your broad curves and extra fat, pick sarees with thin borders or better no border to make you appear sleek and slender. Broad borders will make you look voluminous. You definitely don’t want that!

The reason behind the trick is that sarees with broad borders will cling to your curves in a way that they will become the focal point for everyone. And on the other hand, thin borders will put you in the good picture and kiss your body naturally.

Perfect Prints

Don’t large, beautiful floral prints attract you??? They definitely are captivating buy you have to say ‘No’ to them. Yes, I mean simply Nooo!!!
If you are craving to look lean and delicate in saree, you have to go for drapes with smaller prints and designs which are not too much scattered on the fabric. Pick sarees with small embroideries or motifs to get what you are longing for.

If you don’t believe us, try it yourself. Slip into a saree with large spread out prints and work and find out yourself how your curves are peeping out from the attire. If nothing else tempts you, just catch up with the look of Gauri Khan and drag fashion inspiration to look classy and stylish like her.

Pick the Right Shade

You must be thinking that how the colour of the saree can pacify your body weight. Well, it can. The hue of the outfit plays a vital role in reflecting your body shape and size. If you have got extra fat or flesh on your tummy area and other body parts, make sure to avoid light coloured sarees or those which allows peeping through the fabric. Dark matte colours are your perfect pick to hide your extra weight and bouncy curves and look simply gorgeous.

The other tempting option for you is pastel shades like violet, beige which will not just quieten your fleshy body but validates you to stay fashionable and trendy. Go rule the world girl!!!

Peep into Patterns

First, make a note that if you want to give your best shot in saree and craving to look as slim as possible, say ‘Bye bye’ to large scattered geometric and checkered patterns. They are just not made for you. Secondly, drapes with horizontal stripes will shatter your dream to look slim in saree. So, just avoid these over showing patterns and stick to what is shown here.

What you have to say about this gorgeous piece of weave???
Can you just observe how beautifully saree has accentuated to her body and clung to it so perfectly??? So if you want to get the exact slim trim look, pick sarees with vertical stripes and patterns to bring the best out of your fabulous personality.

Choose Right Blouse

Here, sleeves of the blouse play a big role in defining your overall appearance. So if you are dying to look lean and want to become the fashion icon of any occasion, pick blouse with full sleeves or at least quarter sleeves. Women with plump bodily shape and broader shoulders should not go for sleeveless or cap sleeved blouses as they will streamline your extra fat and is going to be fashion disaster. You don’t want that, right?!

Also, make sure to pick the right kind of blouse depending on the grace of your saree. If you are picking a heavy embellished saree, pair it with plain or simple blouse and vice-versa to add glamour to the complete appearance. Don’t forget that the right blouse can do the whole work for you.

No to Limpid Sarees

Yes, you don’t want to wear a saree which has an ability to peep through and showcase every corner of your body plunging with bodily fat. Definitely No!!!
Just avoid wearing net or other transparent sarees which will flaunt your curves and belly area and go for opaque sarees with minimal embellishments and embroidery to highlight what is desired. Follow these tips to wear saree perfectly and hold a gaze at any moment.

There is no one but you who knows better about your individual body type and what suits your personal style statement. So, make sure to be comfortable and confident in whatever you are slipping into because that is what counts the most. Doesn’t matter whether you are lean or plump, you can always slay the world with the right kind of dressing and fashion statement.

Right Accessories

Say ‘No’ to hefty traditional gold jewellery and other accessories if your prime goal is to look slim and slender. Go for light kundan or diamond jewellery to get your dream look and make heads turn around with your phenomenal fashion sense. See, it’ not only the outfit which decided your overall appearance but everything from top to bottom plays an equivalent role. So you definitely don’t want to ruin the look because of that???

Try trendy oxidised jewellery and other fashion accessories to make a statement at any point of time and bring the best out of your individual gorgeous body shape. Work on your footwear too if you are not a holder of great height. Because height is what speaks whether you are lean or plump. Slip into high heels to add extra inches to your beautiful personality and bring the slenderness to your overall look.

Last but not the least – Draping Style

Actually, to be true, this one can’t be avoided if you are really serious to look slim and beautiful in saree.
Make sure to drape the saree rightly if you don’t want to look clumsy and baggy. First, tuck the saree properly and neatly to avoid falling loose at any point. Secondly, just avoid making bunch of pleats if you are on the heavier side as they will add more volume to your complete look. But if you love pleats, don’t place them over each other to avoid bulginess.

Draping also includes the way how you hold the pallu segment of the saree. Have you ever checked how Vidya Balan holds pallu with every saree??? If not, do it now. Keep the pallu open and let it fall down loose because pleating the pallu over the shoulder is not a good idea for sleek look.

No woman in the world wants to look clumsy and voluminous. Not because it’s not good but because we love being svelte and gorgeous. Don’t you???

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