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How to fake old sweater sleeves as Leg Warmer

A unique style hack that will solve your winter problems

by : Akansha. On 08/01/16. 0 Comments.





Love wearing boots with fancy leg warmers but not sure how to deal with the bunchiness inside the shoes? 

We have a perfect solution to this very common winter problem. Use the sleeves of your old sweater that you dont wear anymore, as a leg warmer but without any cluttering or stuffing inside the boots. 

Pull out an old sweater and grab a pair of scissors. Now cut the sleeves of your sweater in the desired length as you like and simply layer it on your leg/ around the calf. Adjust the placement as to how much of warmer would you like to show through the boots. Tada!!! You are set with a clean leg warmer - boots look without any fuss.

Share this idea with your friends and sprinkle some fashion advice around!!


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