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How to Dress To Look Slim & Tall In Winter Clothes

Layers and layers of clothes - aren't you worried about the extra inches it might add to your overall body shape. Well, it surely would do that. Fret not, find out 10 amazing dressing hacks to look slim and tall even in winter dresses. You heard it right. Fashion has remedy for all your nail-biting problems. Do not freeze yourself and get ready to slip into pile of clothes while looking like a true chic from every angle. Let's do it slim & tall way -

by : Manisha. On 06/12/17. 0 Comments.

Fortunately or unfortunately, not all of us have taken birth to attain long skinny legs and towering body shape. Being petite has its own amazing privileges and perks but some days are meant to get into the skin of leggy lass ‘Deepika Padukone’. She surely has the best body shape in Bollywood town and flawless sky-high legs. Let’s put an end to your query and bring you some great styling hacks to look slim and tall even in winter season. Of course, it’s more difficult in cold weather as we are supposed to follow the layer rule to beat the harsh winds and protect us from thunderous chills. Fret not; things mentioned here are going to make your day and season as well.

Now is the time when you can easily slip into latest winter style dresses without worrying about your bulgy and bloated figure. No matter you belong to hourglass body shape or pear, these style tips will not disappoint any of you and make you hide few inches without actually reducing weight. Gone are the days when you used to make adjustments with your long pants or skirts to fit right; check out some easy tweaks to make your legs appear a little longer. Aren’t you excited??? Since we are doomed to dress layers of clothes during winter season, these fashion tips are really important to make justice to your beautiful body type and personality. Every woman wishes to look slim and tall in every kind of outfit but this desire becomes more exasperating during winter season. But I have found some prefect way outs to this never-ending concern. Get ready for your best fashion runway and give your best shot while completely covered in pile of clothes. Here are some easy styling hacks to make your stems appear little narrower and dainty, just like your fave celebrity in town – even when you have to wear ton of clothes, lest you freeze.
PS – You can easily transform these tweaks for any other time of the year. Thank me later!

V Shaped Cardigans & Dresses

V-shape is the actual slimming hack in true sense. The V-neckline clothes are must-have for women who crave to look slim and tall at every point of time. The upside-down triangle brings focus towards the upper body of the wearer, making you streamline your waist area and lower body. The more the skin exposed between chin and chest, more organized and well-balanced the overall body will appear. This is the trick to slimmer down your overall body shape which ultimately brings the illusion of a taller figure than actual.

So before going to shop, make a point to stick to V-shaped cardigans and sweaters only to dress to look slim and get ready to strut like a chic.

Jacket Over Denims

Sporting a jacket over denims or formal pants is also one of the great styling hacks to alter your petite body shape and make it look little longer and slimmer. The crisp lines and crease of blazer or jacket counterparts excess body curves and broader parts. It’s advisable to wear jacket with buttons open to add extra-slimming factor and make it look absolutely perfect.

Whenever you wear jacket or formal blazer, make sure to tuck in your top or tee inside the pants to streamline the waist area and wider lower body. Jackets with full sleeves or quarter sleeves can save your day and make you live your dream look in an instant. Try this one.

Right Fabric is Important

This is the most quintessential parameter in order to curb your extra curves and slim down your bulgy figure. Make sure that you pick the right fabric to beat the cold and cover your beautiful body. Fabrics like cashmere, fine cotton, denim and wool gabardine are some of the good choices to help shape your body and make it look flawless. These materials won’t add extra volume or fuller appeal to the body instead they will naturally cling to your skin, giving an illusion of well-organized slimmer and leggy body.

Avoid heavy materials such as brocade, leather, satin, velvet and flannel to achieve perfectly toned and carved body shape. It’s time to clinch perfect tall look in winter dress.

High Waist Jeans & Wide-leg Pants

Well, I have to say that this is one the best steals to bring onlookers into dilemma. Women with longer torso and shorter legs should red mark this ultimate hack to make their legs appear little stretched out and toned. Wear high waist jeans or pants and tuck in your top to let people keep guessing about where your gams actually start. Isn’t it amazing??? This will make your leg look quite longer as compared to their actual length. You have to admit that fashion has cure for every problem.

Similar is the case with wide-leg pants. You might not be sure about these silhouettes but yes, they can also give some extra height to your legs. Get over with your fear of flared pants and let them be a part of your perfect ensemble pronto. Wear right fitted wide-leg pants reaching to the top of the foot and pair it with high heels to get the desired appeal.

Belts Create Division – Big No

The major reason behind saying ‘No’ to belt is – it divides the whole body into two sections, making it look petite and small-boned. That’s why you should prefer dress without a belt to achieve tall and toned figure. The belt creates a clearly visible horizontal line around the waist making it appear wider, which is not at all a good idea for women with bulgy figure and shorter legs.

Dress without belts form a vertical body shape which fulfils your desire to look slim and tall. Take out your stylish winter dresses and skip belt from your look to make heads turn around.

Stick to Monochromes

Make it a point to avoid mash-up of various bright colours as it would bring attention to your middle section making you look short and wide. It is no rocket science that the complete black attire slimmer down the excess curves and makes you appear litter longer and thinner than actual. But what the steal here is that – it is not the case with black shade only. Monochrome dresses are the best choice to streamline your body shape during any season.

This is because they form an undivided vertical line, making your lower body appeal longer and curves in perfect shape.

Thigh-high Pointy Boots

It’s the right time to flatter your gorgeous body by sneaking into slender, slick pointy boots with ravishing winter clothes. Say goodbye to short boots with round-toes or any other shape as they would not do anything with your already short legs. A little over the knee boots can do wonders to petite women as they would add some inches to your lower body and make you look slender and tall. Voila!

Pair your best winter clothes with thigh-high boots and get ready to look like the slimmest and tallest diva of the town. What else a woman wants in life?!

Cropped Sweaters

The thing about cropped sweaters is that they stick to your body so closely giving your curves a perfectly well-organized shape and thus making you look slimmer and taller. When you don short cropped style sweater, it divides your body into two unequal portions, the upper body quite small as compared to legs. Pair such clothes with high waist pants or boyfriend jeans to achieve the desired appeal and get ready to strut like a chic.

Be smart with the choice of your shoes and hairstyle to do wonders to your style and get ready to flaunt your flawless slim and tall dimension.

Legs & Shoes – Keep the Colour Same

It’s a well thought strategy. You know what I mean?! If you have planned to slip into zed black pants today, do yourself a favour and take out matching black shoes to make your wish come true. This will help you in forming a longer, leaner vertical line throughout the body. Isn’t that what you were wishing for??? I must say this is the least you can do to look slim and tall in winter dresses.

So whenever you are ready to take your fave black boots out, pair them up with black tights to look few inches taller and slimmer than your actual body shape.

Vertical Stripes – Ultimate Rescuer

Paint your body in blazing vertical striped printed clothes and get ready to walk down the aisle. If you are scared of the popping colours, make peace with black and white print to give out your best only.

The aim is similar as it would help you to form a longer vertical line from top till bottom. If you will go for some other pattern or print, it distorts your overall image and body figure making you look petite and fuller. But on the other hand, vertical stripes can save your day and make you look your best on thundering cold day. This elongated print is one of the best fashion tips of the winter season to stay slim and tall.

Now that you have all the fashion information regarding how to look slim & tall in winter dresses, make yourself busy in trials and get ready to own these tweaks like a pro.

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