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How To Choose Right Indian Wedding Outfits Complete Guide

Really a hectic when you have to choose your bridal dress according to your height, body shape, skin complexion while minding a lot of minor things as well. Here it comes with easy tips and treats where you will get to know about the stylish bridal sarees, pretty lehengas and salwar suits for flaunting. Hop in guys!

by : Paromita. On 11/07/17. 0 Comments.

It has to be big fat and pompous wedding if it is happening in India. Are you sure? Yeah, of course. Please don’t blame only Punjabi mundas and kudis for being too loud in their weddings because there are a lot of chaos and hubbub you can enjoy in other regional marriages as well. Stunned!?

Have you ever visited Bengali weddings where ‘ulu’ resonation can make you forget you have ears!? The wedding procession of Keralite is worth watching with larger than life tents, bhoj or feast and elephants. Nothing less than a King! There are many and I cannot mention them one by one in this single blog because it hurts – my fingers and taste buds are aching girls!

And in all of them, choosing the wedding costume is the most hectic one. Here we will direct you from the top to the bottom, from lehenga to suits and of course jewellery as a mandatory inclusion – how to choose them -

Body Shape

Let’s come to the body shape of the bride and this is the thing which can make you feel conscious and proud at any time. Especially in your D-day! Start your workout sessions not just for abs but for a toned fitted body, perfect for flaunting. So, here are the quick shots for the major body shapes:

Lehenga & Saree – Perfect For Curves

Be it a saree or lehenga or any other naval showing apparel from the women dressing couture, understanding your body becomes very important.

Triangular – When you have smaller or narrow bust line and have fuller hips, you can go proudly with sarees. Pick out double padded blouses with princess cut; it will amp the look of your lehenga and saree in an instant.

Inverted Triangle - When you have fuller or plump bust line and have comparatively small hips, the body shape is then called inverted triangle. Avoid body shaper petticoats in sarees and choose cotton petticoats for a fuller form. In lehengas, you can be on a safe side with double can-cans.

Hourglass – Do you really need to think after having this? Well, let me tell you that the tabooistic- 36-24-36 is a myth and will look horrible in real life; I mean just imagine!!! Better to have normal proportions like 32-28-32 and related figures can be said hourglass. Girls, you are born to taste every kind of fashion. So, go and get a wide trial!

Rectangular – Wear boxy blouses and try to drape the pallu in a slanting position from the abdomen to the naval area for a pseudo curvy appeal.

Salwar Suit – A Word To Traditional Wears

Salwar suit is the major choice among Pakistani brides and they slay it like a complete diva. Any doubt? Let’s scroll to have a perfect pick for your body shape;

Triangular – Though long Anarkali is the main traditional pick with which you can experiment with its height and width as well to complement your body shape. Check out an Anarkali which will get free from just below the bust line.

Inverted Triangle – Check out an Anarkali which will get free from the waist line and will amazingly complement your body shape.

Hourglass – Go for fishtail Anarkalis to flaunt your perfect figure among the attendees and relatives. Let them go green!

Rectangular – a regular Anarkali or layered one will absolutely go with the curves.

Skin Colour

While many go with the traditional red or maroon colour, a contemporary bride will definitely wish to go with randomness. This blog will help you to do the same without stopping at the bar of skin colour or complexion. Always pick out the colour of your bridal outfit according to your skin tone otherwise the wrong one can spoil your entire look. Don’t be a confused soul and hop in;

Lehenga – All Colours Matter

A great pick whether you’re fair, dark or olive; it is just like lehengas have all the capabilities to bloom at every season and without reason. Don’t you feel like it? Here is a complete list of complexions with their matchables:

Fair- Avoid wearing too dark because it will mute the natural glow of your skin. It’s your D-day; so wear any bright and happy such as orange, yellow, fuchsia and related.

Dark- You are born to make a sexy remark; so, you have to think a little bit more while wearing too bright like neons! Go for deep colours; it will bring out the sensuousness in you.

Olive- This is one of the fave complexions that I can pick out for myself. (If God had given me that chance!) Don’t think much and give a try to any of the colours from the palette. If you have a longer torso then better to experiment with short lehenga blouses.

Saree – A Colourful Drape

The sexiest drape in all over the world – saree is a versatile piece in a woman’s wardrobe that receives different attitude by different women. In North India, they are stacked for a special occasions like wedding function or cocktail parties whereas eastern and south Indian women prefer to wear them every time, they don’t need any occasion to flaunt their curves. Here is a quick lecture on wearing sarees with particular complexions:

Fair- Take poses with bright coloured sarees because this one thing will definitely suit you with sarees.

Dark- With this complexion, you will be more on a plus point to wear any kind of colour except too much bright.

Olive – Most sober and elegant, this complexion will suit best with any kind of saree colour.

Salwar Suits & Kurti – Daily Colours To Flaunt

Most of the population in India prefer to wear suits and salwars and the reason is the typical temperature and weather. As saree, this is also a three piece set with salwar, kameez and dupatta. Let’s catch out some quick tips:

Fair- Wear Patialas with short kurtis and try to pick out dark salwars and light kameez or kurtis.

Dark- Long salwar suits will look fabulous on you and do not forget to take the fashion ride a little further with pretty stud earrings and platform wedges.

Olive- Wear any kind of colour with proud because you are lucky enough to snatch this complexion from God. Wear churidar suits or long Anarkalis with an attitude and catchy pom-pom danglers.

Lehenga & Saree – For Which Shapes Are There

Another important inclusion of your beauty is your face shape. Consider it to be important and choose accordingly to draw maximum attentions and flying glimpses. There are mainly four kinds of face shapes such as round, square, oblong and heart which regulate – how a big nose ring will look on your face or a lavishly worked lehenga on your body? Let’s hook up with some more gyaan...

Lehenga & Saree

It’s pretty hard to decide lehengas or sarees according to face shape. This column is minor but a quintessential thing to survive the beauty contest in your D-day. Have a look...

Round - Always go for contrasts be it in colours, upper and lower pairing or even lengths. If you have a perfectly round face, then you should pick out a long flared or fish tail lehenga for the maximum swag. It will make you look divine and ultimate proportionate.

Square – Pick out a larger than life flared lehenga for the perfect match. Square face shape always makes your height look short. Correct it with thing fabric made lehenga and sarees which will cling to your body while making the tall illusion.

Oblong – A little longer than the average ones, oblong face shape is already there to make you look tall. Decide a dress with which you look and feel complete from every angle. Choose a high neckline blouse to team up with your saree and lehenga.

Heart – Most loved one, the heart shape is really most dear among every girl and woman. Draw maximum attention by wearing a long sleeved blouse, deep neckline, bow adheres at the back or front and of course, oodles of confidence.

Salwar Suit – Types & Shapes

It really doesn’t matter a lot when you are wearing salwar suit but does matter when you are about to ask the tailor for its neckline and sleeves. So this time, focus more on the types of sleeves and neck patterns.

Round – Wear horizontal patterns and hemlines in the Anarkalis or long gowns to look taller and attractive.

Square – Carry your strength with your high-end fashion statement and this time, you will accomplish it with ravishing cold shoulder Anarkali with lots of pearl works. The round shape of the pearl will definitely go with your face shape.

Oblong – Heavy worked salwar suits or Anarkali will suit best here.

Heart - Fishtail salwar suit, flared salwar suit and etc will suit this type of face shape.


Know your height and their advantages and then pull on the best kind of look at any time, for any occasion.

Lehenga & Saree – How Much they Extend

Sarees will amazingly complement your height whether you’re petite or extremely tall. A little dilemma can occur in wearing lehengas! Have a look:

Petite – You should put on something that can create height and does not make you appear smaller. A lehenga or saree showing the midriff a little can make you pose for the right click of the day. Go for a lightweight outfit because that won’t cling to your body. Avoid using too much can-can.


Salwar Suit – Comes In Flares & Lengths

Salwar suits are really sorted when you wish to select them according to your height. If you are short, go with the simple ones and experiment with salwars and if you are tall, you’re pretty lucky. Well here, get a brief description about the style tips;

Petite – Avoid cropped salwars and short kurtis. Opt for long kurtis as they will make you look tall and slim. If you have a wide figure then it is better to go with loose or light printed kurtis and salwars.

Tall – Well girls, you have better options and a wide variety. Catch up with Patiala salwars or harem pants as bottom wears to balance your figure line. If you have a lean and toned body, then go with flared salwar suits which will wide up your entire appeal.

Width Of The Body

Lehenga & Saree

Salwar Suit


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