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How to Add a Printed Pocket in a Plain T-shirt

Make your boring T shirt playful and fun in 4 quick & easy steps

by : Akansha. On 18/01/16. 0 Comments.


Stop discarding your T-shirts when bored of wearing them. Get creative and make them fun and playful instead with these quick and easy steps:


Step 1

Pick an old T shirt preferably in a solid color and a Quirky Printed or Patterned fabric of your choice. 


Step 2

Lay the T shirt flat on surface and make a pocket shape on the T shirt and the printed fabric using a chalk. Alternatively, you can cut out a pocket shape on card board by sketching it out using a ruler for a neat look and then mark the pocket shape on your T shirt and on side the printed fabric.


Step 3

Grab a pair of scissors and cut the printed fabric along the marked pocket shape and place it on the marked area on your Tshirt.


Step 4

Using a matching needle and thread stitch through the edges of pocket cut out on the T shirt. Finish it by cutting the extra threads or loops maintaining the stitch line. 

Tada! You have a brand new pretty T shirt.

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