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How Heritage Jewellery Has Become Must Have for Modern Day Brides

So now the wedding pictures of Virat and Anushka have gone viral, everyone is curious about Anushka's bridal ensemble and jewellery choice, especially women. It didn't take long to find out that the magnificent jewellery sets and other accessories are from the exclusive heritage jewellery collection of Sabyasachi. Not just her, but most of the celebrities have opted for traditional vintage style ornaments and jewels this year. Let's discover the charm and ever-increasing fascination of these precious women essentials and find out how it has become must-have for modern brides-to-be.

by : Manisha. On 19/12/17. 0 Comments.

You must have recently heard the term ‘Heritage Jewellery’ while Virat-Anushka wedding was making rounds. This is because the bride chose to wear typical heritage jewellery from the collection of most acclaimed designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and made heads turn around. Not just Anushka but most of the Bollywood and other celebrity brides were seen going for vintage style jewellery and accessories to adore the most special day of their lives. And we know that these gorgeous divas on earth can never go wrong in terms of fashion and styling. That’s how wearing old-world bridal jewellery has become the hottest trend of the fashion industry and this is what every bride-to-be needs to cherish the beautiful wedding nuptials. Let’s take a look back to discover the most essential and royal elements of traditional Indian jewellery and bring them to the modern world. Unfolding ethnic fashion...

We have always heard the term – Old is Gold which actually fits right in the present culture. No matter how vastly an Indian culture has got influenced with contemporary fashion, the charm and fascination of traditional values can never fade away. Especially when it comes to wedding season, this love reaches to its best and everything seems to get soaked in classic ethnicity and traditions. It’s always seen that brides always get confused about their looks and which theme they should go for. This is because of the existence of so many styles and designs trending in fashion. But let me tell you that if you want to keep it safe, sophisticated and forever endearing, the classic bridal touch can never disappoint you. Also, the heritage Indian jewellery is undoubtedly the best composition with exquisite traditional staples. These precious women jewels stand for grace, elegance, beauty and exquisiteness. If you want to know about heritage ornaments in detail, catch with me (here only, of course) and get ready to indulge your senses into the essence of these archaic trinkets and women essentials. Once you can feel the beauty of these fancies, you might not be able to come out of their spell. Well, you have my words...

Navaratna Necklace

As the name suggests, it is basically an arrangement of nine gems brought together to form an exquisite necklace set. The speciality of a navaratna necklace is that a ruby always lies in the centre which stands for sun. This beautiful pendant set was earlier worn by royalty as their talisman and looks extremely magnificent in appeal.

Navaratna necklace is the most popular element of heritage Indian jewellery and its charm has always been the symbol of the grandeur of Indian culture. Make it a part of your bridal jewellery and get ready to bring people on knees to address your enchanting beauty.

Rani Haar

Raani or maharani haar got its name due to the richness of the design and layered structure. Made up of precious and semi-precious stones, these extravagant necklace sets vary in terms of length and design. Such necklace sets are generally worn with chokers to add volume and royalty to the overall personality. Be it double stranded or multi-layered, rani haar necklace looks beyond gorgeous and striking when worn by any bride.

Wedding day is the best time to feel princess like charm and strut like queen. Isn’t this what you dream for your D-day???

Baju Bandh/Armlet

Now you have this in mind that who wears this in current time??? Well, why don’t you set an example of being a typical heritage bride???

Armlet or conventionally called ‘Baju Bandh’ is one of the ethereal arm accessories for women. Wearing it with heavy silk sarees and other traditional dresses was a trend in ancient generation. It is still followed in South India especially during wedding season and festive celebration. This beautiful jewellery comes in vast range including gold, kundan, silver and many more. Nowadays, floral jewellery is what has taken the major spot in bridal ensemble. Bundle up, gorgeous!

Jadau Chokers

Jadau is basically the result of extreme hard work and intricate detailing which happened to be done manually. Being the result of highly skilled craftsmanship, jadau jewellery sets are simply matchless and forever unbeatable. You must be thinking that chokers are discovered in modern world and these fancy trinkets symbolize contemporary fashion. Well, I am sorry to comment but you are wrong. Chokers are hailing from long back and were previously worn by traditional women as a part of their regular dressing. Fashion keeps coming again and again!

Make sure that you add lavish choker necklace in your wedding jewellery and call it vogue. This is truly one of the best women heritage jewellery sets.

Big Broad Kadas

Ditch bangles for royal golden kadas. These beauties are a true symbol of vastness of Indian culture and tradition. The broad golden kadas go ideal with bridal look and complete essence. They even add glamour and richness to the overall appurtenance of the wearer. So this time, you are going to wear sparkling golden kadas with your bridal chuda set and celebrate vintage heritage to its best.

Market has extensive range of kada sets including pearl studded, stone studded, pure gold made and many more to suit the individual needs and requirement of occasion. Discover these glistening accessories to take your wedding look to the next level.

Temple Jhumkis

Temple jewellery is generally used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses, hence the name. This type of jewellery is vehemently popular in South India due to its highly skilled manufacturing and usage of pure gold. Everyone knows about the binding bond of gold and South India. This is actually one of the finest and glorious jewellery arts of our country.

Celebrate our heritage charm by adorning luxurious temple jhumkis with your wedding outfit and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Their intricate designs and glistening shine will make your day.

Maatha Patti

How maatha patti replaced contemporary style maang tika or head chain from modern world is outstanding. Also, there is no denying in the fact that they look far beautiful and elegant as compared to westernized accessories. These traditional jewels are the perfect choice to match the grace and glory of Indian weddings. The three chain set is what we generally name maatha patti and it covers the complete front portion of the wearer’s forehead, making it the most preferred choice of fashion lovers.

To make up your mind, check out Anushka’s wedding look where she wore broad maatha patti from Sabyasachi’s heritage jewellery designs.

Traditional Studded Rings

Not just the face, but you are supposed to decorate your hands with exquisite jewels and bring them in perfect shape. To make it happen, you need giant pearl studded rings. Earlier, women from royal families and background used to wear big, expensive rings as a part of their regular dressing. Wasn’t the old time talk about the real definition of beauty and grace??? I wish the same era can come back.

But you can still feel the old worldly charm by dressing like one royal queen and make heads turn around.

Haath phool/Hand Harness

One of my fave traditional ornaments of Indian wedding is haath phool!

Known as hand harness in modern language, these exquisite hand accessories are meant to beautify your flawless hands and make them wedding ready. After all, hands play the most vital role in performing the wedding rituals. Make sure that they look awe-striking and gorgeous. Go for glistening stone or kundan studded haathphool and enhance your bridal charm in the best possible way. It’s time to slay the world with classic heritage jewellery.

Payal/Gold Anklets

It’s equally important to glam up your legs to flare your overall personality and wedding dressing. Heritage collection has something for almost every body part of women. Anklets or payal are commonly worn by married Indian women to address their nuptial bond and marital tie.

If you have decided to tie a knot in the forthcoming year, make sure that you go classic way by slipping into stunning pair of golden anklets and get ready to walk like a beauty goddess. That’s how a modern Indian bride is supposed to hit the stage.

Kamarbandh/Waist Band

Waist band comes in range of styles and designs to suit the personality and fashion needs of modern women. In past era, there used to be broad intricately designed waist bands (Kamarbandh in simple language) worn by Indian women during wedding ceremony. If you have picked lavish traditional attire for your wedding, a delicately crafted waistband can do wonders to your overall bridal look.

Find out latest golden or multi-stoned waistbands to accentuate your wedding dressing and look like million dollars. No matter you wear saree or lehenga, it goes with both perfectly.

Big Circular Nose Rings

An Indian woman can ditch anything but she just can’t miss nose ring on her wedding day. This is because the tiny accessory for nose has been known to intensify the overall charm of any bride since ages. There was a time when women started to go for small, modern designed nose rings. But as I told you earlier that old is always charming and captivating.

The big, circular nose rings have come back in fashion with full swing and style. The year has observed most of the Bollywood famous celebrities donning this heritage jewellery piece. What are you waiting for then???

If you are a modern bride, get ready to make peace with heritage culture and jewellery fad to own the fashion runway and let everyone follow your footsteps.

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