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How Engagement Jewellery is More Special than Wedding Jewellery

In case you don't know, let me tell you that engagement jewellery is what you should put more focus on rather than spending hours over wedding jewellery. This is because of so many reasons which you will find below. Catch with my post to know the difference between these two special days of your life and shop accordingly. We all know that jewellery is simply unavoidable in Indian weddings. Here is the guide every girl should follow to pick her best engagement & wedding jewellery -

by : Manisha. On 17/01/18. 0 Comments.

What according to you is the most special event of any wedding??? Main day or engagement!? Since engagement ceremony is the mark of beginning of a new relationship and two families coming together to form a lifelong tie, there is nothing more beautiful and mesmerizing than this event. That’s why engagement jewellery is also more special and important than wedding jewellery. Make sure that you choose it wisely and smartly. Here are the reasons which make this occasion extra-ordinary and quintessential; keep this in mind while shopping your exclusive clothes and jewellery.

An Indian wedding is a pretty giant affair and we all understand its importance in each of our lives. Be it cousin’s wedding or your own big day, you are supposed to take a time out a month ago. In case of women, preparation starts from the day a wedding date gets fixed. From shopping lavish clothes for every occasion to precious jewellery pieces, everything is simply unavoidable and irreplaceable. What if I tell you that your engagement shopping should be more taken care of than wedding day shopping??? Yes, you heard it right. That time when you are going to exchange rings and promise each other to live together is a really special moment of anyone’s lives. Make it extra special by going out of the box and truly creative in terms of your attire and jewellery and let everyone follow you for your incredible style statement and fashion sense. Honestly, fashion lovers wait for such moments to indulge into their creative minds and experimental tricks. So, if 2018 is the year to witness your beautiful fairytale wedding, make it top notch by knowing how engagement jewellery is always more special than wedding jewellery. There it goes...

Liberty to be Creative & Unconventional

Yes, you are free to go anywhere and ditch traditional norms like that only. We all know that Indian weddings are all about traditional values, unavoidable rituals and cultural aesthetics. But that’s not the case for an engagement ceremony. Make it your day by picking fairytale style attire and matching jewellery and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion quotient. Being unconventional and trendy is totally allowed for a ring ceremony and trust me, nobody is going to judge you for that.

Show your creativity for this occasion and pick some tribal style or bold jewels to flare your overall personality and wedding charm. What’s going on in your mind, girl!?

Can Vary from Very Light to Heavy

Yes, this is also one of the important reasons for making engagement accessories more beloved than bridal jewellery. You can choose from a wide range of jewellery pieces varying from extremely light weighted to gaudy, depending on your personal style and taste. It should also match your dress and the theme of the occasion.

If your engagement is a giant affair and the theme is typically traditional, you can go for luxurious heritage jewellery and precious pearls. And if it is a simple private ceremony, keep it subtle yet sassy by selecting trendy style women jewellery. Make sure to stay true to your individual style and personality while choosing anything. What say!?

Mark of New Relations & Love

As I said, it’s just the beginning and first step towards anything is always special. Exchanging rings always feel heart-warming and the ceremony has great importance in any woman’s lives. So, don’t you think that you should look your best and simply outstanding on this beautiful day of your life???

When you are ready to announce your relation to everyone and make it official by exchanging rings, the day itself becomes the most remarkable time of your life. After that, everyone knows that wedding would be the next thing in line. So, invest into latest engagement jewellery to bring the best out of your gorgeous personality and grab eyeballs.

From Natural Aesthetics to Rare Stones

On wedding day, majority of Indian women wear gold or other traditional types of jewellery to match the enthralling capacity and ethnicity of the ceremony. It’s rarely seen that women choose something trendy and out of the box as their bridal jewellery. But this is totally possible at the time of engagement. From picking magnificent natural aesthetics to precious rare stones, you can go in any direction depending on your personal taste and mood.

Be it exquisite floral jewellery, pearl jewellery or rare diamond set, any of these can be your ultimate pick for your engagement day. It’s the best event to flaunt your incredible dressing style and fashion statement.

How Colours can do the Trick

You are not just restricted to any forever going metal or stone jewellery. Let colours play their part on your special day. This is a well known fact that Indian weddings are all about luxury, royalty and ethnicity. That’s why, wearing gold jewellery or other precious stones become must during this unavoidable occasion. But I can understand how wearing alluring colourful jewellery is every girl’s dream. Fulfil your dream on your ring ceremony and make your peers envy of your fabulous choice and fashionable ensemble.

Try beautiful coloured stones and ethereal jewellery pieces to accompany you for your special day and make your wish come true. Colours can really do the trick, mark my words!

Versatile Theme of Event

Generally, Indian weddings are not theme-based and are always pretty traditional affairs, consisting large number of people and typical ethnic vibes. So, going on some other side in terms of jewellery is not an option. But yes, this is definitely an option when the theme is of some other world. For example, if the theme of your engagement is pastel or golden, you are free to pick jewellery accordingly.

Also, a unique theme adds flavour and spark to any function and makes it forever memorable in everyone’s lives. So, you should find out designer women engagement jewellery options to match the theme of your perfect celebration and make heads turn around.

Both Traditional & Contemporary Are Options

Privilege to pick either traditional, modern or the blend of both makes engagement jewellery definitely more specific than wedding jewellery. Since all your life, you were waiting for this course of events to happen so that you can enjoy the most special moments of life in your individual style. But if someone asks you to be totally traditional for every function, how would you react!? I am sure you won’t be happy either. This is why engagement is an important day so that you can dress the way you want and relish the way you wish for.

Indulge into the essence of both traditional and trendy to embrace the best of both the worlds and become an inspiration for other brides-to-be.

Weather Plays the Major Role

How can you miss the weather??? For example, if you are tying a knot in winter season, you are supposed to keep chilly winds and snowy backdrop in mind while picking engagement & wedding jewellery. And if it is happening in summer season, floral style jewellery and vibrant hued stones should be in your bucket list.

Over all, I want to make a point that it’s very important to keep weather in consideration while selecting special engagement jewellery because it can enhance your overall personality and fascinating style. As if spring is your pick, pearls can do the trick like no other jewel can.

Simple yet Striking

The major difference between engagement jewellery and wedding jewellery is that - for engagement, you can still give your best shot and make it awe-inspiring by not even going for too heavy and gaudy jewellery. A simple engagement ceremony requires subtle yet striking jewellery to accentuate the overall personality and bridal charm of the wearer. This is how it should be done to set a benchmark for other budding fashion enthusiasts and experts.

A set of simple, elegant jewellery can also do wonders to any woman’s personality if worn rightly. Make sure that your attire should blend with the style of jewellery and get dressed to strut like a diva.

Last but not the least, Special Engagement Ring

How can we miss this tiny but most special trinket of any engagement ceremony???
As it says – Diamonds are forever, I would say an engagement ring is forever. It’s actually a mark of this beautiful bond shared by two people in true sense. I would suggest you to avoid any additional jewellery and accessories for hands as it may clash with the scintillating appeal of your beloved ring. Go for French manicure to exfoliate and moisturize your beautiful hands and paint your nails with the colour you love. Do not mismatch your engagement ring and other jewellery as it’s just not a great idea. If it is diamond jewellery, gold is not the option.

Now you know why engagement jewellery is always more celebrating than wedding jewellery, keep this point in mind while planning your. BTW, when’s the big day???

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