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Holi Special: What To Wear And Take Care Of Skin & Hair

Crush the colours in the most nostalgic way with some easily melted tips and hacks in this festival of Holi. Learn how to dress, take care of your skin and hair and how to splurge your happiness like a princess in the massive crowd.

by : Paromita. On 18/02/17. 0 Comments.

What is your favourite festival in which you can show your childish side, caged for the whole year? Is it Holi?
In a country of vivacity, India is a land on which this festival is known in different names and celebrated in much jubilation and as an occasion of the happy side of life. The festival has many century old religious talks of ‘Holika’ which is then also celebrated as the victory of good over evil. Whether you are sauntering on the streets of Mathura or Vrindavan, or swaying on the stage of Shanti Niketan in Kolkata, one may discover different essence of the festival in the best different ways. This is the day when you can be a child again and no one can blame you but of course you hair, skin and fashion will claim their good looks. So, is there anything in your mind that you’ve pre-planned for this day of spectrum or are you seeking some inspiration?

Besides the messy play of Holi in boys, the festival brings a huge discussion among fashionable women and girls. And the topic of discussion is mostly on the old clothes or types of clothes which they will wear on this day. They pick out the most disposable clothes, which needn’t much attention at the time of celebration. But this is not at all; there are many concern-able things that need your attention if you are such an avid love of Holi festival. Get full style and caring hacks on traditional Holi clothes and body related issues here...

What To Wear Comfortably For Holi Festival?

Not only you should be fully prepared to get those Holi-worn clothes discarded but those clothes must fit you comfortably as well. There is a big no-no to body hugging clothes, extra short dresses in which you’re not confident. Mostly, colour lovers opt for white or light hues for their clothes because the aftermath of Holi shines better over light coloured dresses. So, here are some quick tips for your stylish and perfect choice of Holi festival outfits.

A) Salwar Kameez

White coloured dresses are like a canvas when you are playing like a deadly warrior in this festival. If you are seeking some inspiration; let me tell you that Bollywood is a great fan of this colour on this day and the pics of their home-party is a proof of that. You can always ditch dupattas or stoles here, to hop around with your most colourful way. If you wish to take up a punch of makeup(s), then you need to think again – your pretty spray may get drained! Wear comfortable slippers or platform sandals to be comfortable all day long.

B) Plain Kurti

Kurtis are the most basic yet amazingly comfortable pick up for the girls who don’t welcome any type of tension and adorn their desi side gladly with the help of classic plain kurtis. Well, they prefer to concentrate on this game with loose bottom wears and kameez with minimal or no jewellery. Chikankari work kurtis, mirror worked kurtis or kurtis with plain border works will work greatly here. Take your beauty to another level with this attire and making a messy hair bun or top tight bun.

Wear stud earrings and a simple silver chain to play the fest like a diva. Choose palm shoes or espadrilles with a pair of kurtis and denim and get set ready to splash some naughtiness all over.

C) Denim Shorts & Tunic

What is the first thing that clicks on your mind after seeing sassy denim shorts? A great wear to show off your sassy legs or a great wear which provides you ample freedom of movement? Well, the type of situation makes us pick out the reason and here second option fits better.

Make sure the hot pants or shorts are little loose near thighs which will further enable you to play the festival in full gush. Fringed pants are in vogue; so, you can opt for them with chiffon tunics. Tunics and short kurtis stay comfortable and you can also tuck them at your waist line. Do not forget to pick out the fave colour of the season – white.

D) White T-Shirt

So you think, what is finished, is finished!? What if we give you an idea of keeping it abreast for long time? This is the base idea of wearing white on Holi day. If the splashing is artistic and giving you constant intuition of wearing it will boost up the trend, then you must grab out a plain white T-shirt. Polo T-shirts can also be worn with denim jeans or trousers or jogger pants.

Pick out one size larger than your regular size and be sure to use it in future, especially in blue days. Avoid additional prints and designs on the tee as it will distort the whole idea.

E) Cotton Frock

So, you are going to attend a posh party in this day? A white little dress or frock will be apt for the moment. Georgette, cotton midis, crepe shirt dress, opt for something, revolving around these. Avoid can-can used frocks or midis as they are basically opt for posh galas and events when you can saunter around like a doll.

In accessories, you can pick out a chic golden belt, big contemporary ring and a stone pendant. Do not hop your feet inside any heel type of matter but chose sneakers or compatible espadrilles.

F) Plain Saree

Embrace the fire of womanhood with a plain traditional saree in a chic contemporary way. And how you can do it? Well, for this, you need a customised designer blouse pattern.

This is very important to mention that Holi dressing tips are required to be pretty basic here, is nonetheless groomed and fashioned by many fashion pros. For those desi stars, plain sarees are such a unique pick out for the day. Chose red and white combo saree and select oxidised light in weight jewellery for the colourful day.

G) Harem Pants Or Afghani Pants

Afghanis and harem pants are basically known for their free and loose nature and this is why most of the urbane fashionistas opt for them during travelling and hanging out. Tribal prints are quite in vogue, so it is highly recommended to opt for a lighter print so the next time you show off some more splashed on your pants.

Wear tank tops, halter top, crop top and finish off your complete Bohemian look with wooden por charm bracelets. Flat slippers or sandals will be great with this type of satire. You can also wear a stole or drape a scarf to pitch up the whole glare.

H) Bandana

A great protector and a style quotient – bandana protects your hair from harsh Holi colours. The playing method is different in everywhere and you may encounter grease in someone’s palms who is coming straight towards you. So be prepared, wearing a pretty dark coloured bandana, covering all your head. Some of the advantages of this pick:
A. Looks stylish
B. Protects your hair
C. A pretty complement of your attire

How To Take Care Of Your Skin & Hair And Celebrate Holi

We definitely concentrate on vivacious colours, different types of Holi playing tools. And the least concern we show about is for pour skin and hair. So, here are the quick tips which should deck up well and always at the reach of your hands.
Here we go...

Cleansing Of Skin

Apply olive oil or coconut oil over your skin and rub more to soak it completely inside your skin.
B. Use waterproof sunscreen lotion (above 30+ SPF) to avoid tanning.
C. It is not only about your skin which you can see externally but every minute thing is important here, under which you lips also come. Cover up your lips with thick petroleum gel or apply a thick balm.
D. Avoid using any gloss, matte lipstick during playing with colours and waters.
E. Apply good moisturiser before heading out to play.

Holi-Proof Hair

Make sure you have tied your hair tightly.
B. Tights buns, braids or pony are mostly preferable.
C. Before night of Holi, nourish your hair with deep oiling. The same will act like grease and shampooing will be easy thereon.
D. Opt for a sulphate free shampoo and a mask for your next two hair washes.
E. Apply castor or olive oil on your hairs.

Right Choice Of Footwear

What type of sandals or slippers you opt for while using bathrooms or slippery areas? Of course, for those times, rubber sole shoes or slippers or sandals are taken as perfect picks. Avoid any type of heels, as they may interfere with your balance. Flats are very popular, easy to wear and easy to wash and thus most of the times funky printed footwear can be spotted among fashionable women.

Apply castor oil or coconut oil on your feet and rub it to soak it completely. Then apply the same again to cover up your feet with second protective layer. You can also try jute or cotton shoes or espadrilles too.

Splashed Nails

Why don’t you try something really funky or preppy in nail shades?
B. Opt for abstract nail designs so that it can easily imitate the mood of Holi.
C. Try some in-vogue Holi nail arts and pick out them randomly for each of your nails.
D. Avoid embellishments as there will be chances to get detached easily.
E. You can also cover up under side of the nails by applying transparent shade inside.

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