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Gujarati Style Saree: Get Easy Guide To Wear This Popular Drape

One more highly popular & striking saree draping style - Gujarati saree. Let's roll on to these easy steps to wear a Gujarati style saree & make a statement. A complete guide for a typical Gujarati drape in just some simple steps. Can you do this??? Girl, you need to peep in to show how stunner you are!!!

by : Manisha. On 09/12/16. 0 Comments.

If you are planning to get dressed in some traditional Indian style, pick classic Gujarati saree draping style to dazzle in fuller ethnic & striking appeal. Kudos to our television divas & directors who have always seen highly fascinated by this style & always use it to enhance the beauty of their lead actress. Gujarati style sarees look ethereal when draped properly with the right kind of ornaments & accessories to accentuate the complete personality. Are you in for this traditional drape???

Here is the easy guideline to get wrapped in this elegant drape with much ease & convenience. Follow these simple steps in the exact format & note down the dos & don’ts to avoid clutter or mishmash. Once you are done, you will surely pick this style for your befalling occasion due to its typically ethnic & feminine appeal. See how to nail it down with simplest steps possible!!!

STEP 1 – Pick a long nine yard saree (choose from georgette or chiffon for this style), take the non-pallu end to the right side & tuck it inside the under skirt. Wrap the saree around the waist for one complete revolution and bring it to the left side.

STEP 2 – After bringing the saree to the front, start making pleats of around 6 to 7 of same length. Hold all the pleats properly & maintain the line of these pleats nicely to keep the neatness & graphic image properly.

STEP 3 – Tuck these pleats inside the under skirt at the centre of the waist towards the right side.

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STEP 4 – Now take the pallu end towards the back and toss it over the right shoulder from back to the front (exactly opposite to the normal drape). Make pallu pleats like usual and cover the front bodice by spreading these pleats.

STEP 5 – Secure the pallu with a safety pin over the blouse and pin up the lower bottom edge of the left side of the pallu behind with the saree. After checking out the neatness of drape from all the sides & securing it with safety pins wherever needed to avoid the opening of the drape, your Gujarati saree wearing style is done. Hurray!!!

Tips & Tricks To Follow –
Make sure that your saree is properly ironed to avoid the untidy look of the front drape. Plus, it will be great if you choose a stunning border work saree to highlight the intricate detailing in the front. The front pallu is the main highlight or key point of this saree draping style. You have to majorly focus on that.

Don’t forget to put on your shoes before starting a drape. It will maintain the desired height of the saree. Also, keep the length of the pallu short to reveal the lower drape of the saree. Note down all the points, the dos, the don’ts and the 5 easy steps to success!!!

Get ready to shine in a Gujarati style & daze everyone with your phenomenal fashion sense!!!

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