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Find Out Best of 2017 In Terms of Indian Fashion

Are you ready to indulge into the essence of best of 2017 in regard to Indian fashion??? We all love our cultural heritage and vintage richness but 2017 is the year which celebrated it in the best possible way. Let's look back to the time from where it all started and reminisce the biggest trends emerged in classic Indian fashion. Plus, these are some greatest fashion steals which you can cherish for life. This is unconditional and unavoidable love. Let's do it...

by : Manisha. On 08/12/17. 0 Comments.

It’s time that we raise a toast for incredible Indian fashion which never died or will not do so in far future. Since we have touched December and are all ready to bid goodbye to year 2017, why don’t we look back and recollect the things which we found new in 2017 Indian fashion?! Yes, we saw a lot and it just can’t be put in mere post. Well, I tried. Here are 10 things which according to me were the big bloom in the Indian fashion industry and letting them go is not a great idea at all. Would you?!

Women and fashion – are they even two different words?! Well, what I believe is that they do are two distinct terms but are incomplete without each other. You can take women out of fashion but not fashion out of women. Let’s come to Indian fashion which is eternal and spell binding. It’s no news that we are crazily affected by western world and its lifestyle. From our regular dressing to important occasions, there is some spice of contemporary world in everything. Well, I have no shame in admitting that. But there is also one thing which never changed or would never do so that’s the constant unbinding love which we possess for vintage ethnic fashion in our hearts. Don’t we??? Here are some things you would love to look back and discover how they actually came into existence and become a requisite part of fashion world. It’s time to pay back to our old classic fashion in the best way possible and add more of it to your beautiful fashionable life. Ladies, you have to trust me on this that – you would love what you see. Scroll down...

Lehenga Gone – Crop Tops & Skirts In

How the most luxurious traditional Indian silhouette changed its shape was remarkable to watch?! Lehenga is the most talk-about Indian weave during wedding celebrations and other grand occasions. But to our surprise, the staple got a hint of western world and revived into something bold and stylish. The upper blouse got replaced by sassy crop top and the lower long flared skirt was eliminated by plain skirts and other bottom wears.

This is one of the best Indian fashion trends 2017 and we have to admit that we loved the change. The fact that the attire is more sorted, stylish and easy to succumb in made it the most preferred choice of fashion lovers.

Embellished Ruling Over Embroidery

The year observed massive embellishment love and we saw embroidery resting at the back seat for almost whole of the year. Earlier, whenever there is a rush about Indian dresses and clothing, embroidery work seems to be the biggest talk of the discussion and we can’t help but stick to this conventional detailing. Well, that wasn’t the case to be seen in year 2017. Instead what we noticed that the glitter world took the main charge and let embroidery take the back stage. Do you remember the time when we were like no good words for anything shinier and glistening??? But how we got fascinated with some of the things like mirror work, sequins, shimmer and many more is actually a big deal.

Thanks to 2017 fashion which transformed the whole styling game in regards to ethnic fashion and made us believe in sparkling effect. You know what I mean.

Big Bloom of Tribal Prints

One of my fave and the best innovations in the world of fashion! A big shout out for tribal prints!

No matter how far we go in the name of fashion and style, there are certain things which are irreplaceable and unbeatable. Mark my words! One of those things in the fashion industry is classic tribal prints. The enthralling capacity and ethnicity of these old-world designs is matchless and simply outstanding. To name some – Aztec, boho, floral, ikat and tribal paintings are some vehemently seen and emerged out prints of 2017.

In simple words, tribal prints can do wonders to any woman’s personality and are the best choice to cast spell on anyone. Thanks to the loving adaptations we keep making!

Vintage Sharara Pants are Back – Thank God!

If I got to name five unique and fabulous things of Indian fashion which can be represented on any global platform, I would definitely put sharara pants on my list. The rich royal appeal and voluminous structure of these traditional women pants have got me all over and I am totally thrilled with their homecoming.

Defined by the right-fitted stitch from the top till knees, and then the huge flare like formation reaching down the floor is what sharara pants are. These traditional bottom wears are important part of Pakistan fashion and is commonly seen during wedding celebrations. Let’s move ahead to the best of 2017 fashion. The story is yet to come.

High Low Love Trending

Before we entered the unfinished year, by clothes we meant proper fit and symmetric structure. But wait, who got this trend in fashion and how it become so popular. I mean I am amazed to observe that there are still so many lovers and admirers of ethnic culture who are so highly focused to keep discovering something new and captivating. The high low trend has become the talk of the town and it is actually a must have wardrobe essential for every fashion loving woman in true sense. Shop asymmetric kurtis, suits and other traditional Indian dresses to be a part of current trend and get ready to make heads turn around.

Before you go shopping, make sure that you catch with all the latest updates to achieve the desired appeal.

Power of Pastel

Colours and more colours – Is it even possible to talk about fashion without mentioning about vivid shades?! I can’t do that.

The way pastel colours (beige, blush pink, light grey and everything lighter) have outshined the spark of bright, bold colours is hard to believe and absorb. Well, this is inescapable fact and we are truly happy and welcoming for the change. You have to admit that we had enough of dark, bright hues and it’s the time to see the world painted in light, soothing shades. Now, Indian fashion is all about pastel colours, be it wedding season or festive occasion. This is truly one of the most loved and admired change in 2017 women fashion.

Forgo Multiple Fancies for Chic Chokers

If the topic of discussion is Indian fashion, ditching jewellery is not the option. The fancy ornaments are an equal and undisputed part of traditional Indian women dressing. Well, why I am so high-pitched and vocal about sparkling trinkets is the fact that there is a massive change emerged in traditional jewels. Gone are the days where a woman was supposed to pair layers and layers of jewellery with exquisite ethnic dresses. It’s time to embrace the ethnic love with gorgeous choker necklaces.

The close fitted, exquisite ornament around the neck has the power to replace all other fancies without making any harm to your overall statement and personality. Jewellery & its magic – speechless!

Capes for Additional Wings

How can I dare to miss cape out of 2017 Indian fashion??? The fairy like trail to add on upper garment is how one can define a beautiful cape. Capes are born to enhance the beauty of modern women and add that classic touch to their overall appeal. Whether you are wearing saree, lehenga or suit, a royal cape can save your day by acing up your complete attire and style statement. This is truly one of the most accepted innovations in the world of Indian fashion.

So for next party, book a stylish cape style gown to cheer up your body and soul as well and get ready to strut like a diva.

Saree Swag – A Little Drama

Saree & swag – how they sound so amazing together?! Well, thanks to incredible Indian fashion designers who brought these surprising changes to this vintage ethereal drape? It is not wonder that so much has happened with traditional Indian saree that the garment has become the part of global glamorous world. The perfect combination of tradition and trend, subtle and sassy, bold and beautiful is what an Indian sari is.

What 2017 gave us are – trendy draping techniques, awe-striking patterns and bold vibrant hues. Indulge yourself into the swag of saree and make your 2018 better.

Deal With Dupattas

What’s the deal with these dupattas??? Earlier, we used to ignore them and now we are running behind these exquisite silhouettes. In simple words, the outlook of Indian fashion has been altered in the existing year. Sometime before, women used to wear heavy clothes along with simple dupatta and now they prefer plain clothes with lavish embroidered silk dupatta. This is how ethnic fashion has got us intrigued. The long, luxurious Banarasi silk dupattas have become the must have staples for Indian weddings and other regal ceremonies. You just can’t let these fancies go.

Indian fashion has no limits & boundaries, but everything mentioned here wound be enough to make your 2018 better. This is because it is best of 2017.

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