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Find Out Best Hair Colour According to Your Skin Tone

To have a right hair colour, you should first find out your skin tone and texture to achieve the most desired outcomes. Skin tone is actually the most vital thing to look on before colouring your tresses. Both the things complement each other like anything and if done rightly, you can see wonders happening. Here are the list of different skin tones of women and choice of colours they can go for as per their individual texture. Let's find it out...

by : Manisha. On 22/12/17. 0 Comments.

Who said that colouring hair has anything to do with your skin tone??? Well, I am saying this because lot of experts have quoted this in past. When it comes to fashion, always listen to expert advice to attain the maximum benefits and positive effects. If you don’t want to spend room full of money just to get your hair painted in some lavish colour, find out the best ways and tricks to get it done at home without making it a too hard job. Ladies, you can do it. But first thing comes first. It’s time to know about your skin colour and undertones to indentify the shade which is perfect for your hair and skin as well. Here is the complete guide...

Trust me; just like you I was always in the mindset that we have two basic skin tones – fair and not fair (I mean wheatish, brown, dark or deep). But since the time I have joined hands with fashion, the hazy picture has got lot of clearance and now I can talk about ton of different human body tones. If I ask you that do you have any idea about cool and warm skin tones, would you reply honestly??? I know lot of you do and some of you have exactly no idea what I am talking about. Here are the things which you need to know first to pick the best hair colour for your individual self and make it a statement. The major reason behind the relationship between skin tone and hair colour is that both can either complement each other if done rightly or sabotage at the same time if goes wrong. Moreover, wearing a right hair colour can flare your overall personality and style statement in a blink and bring you under the league of fashionistas of the town. Who wants to paint the town red now??? Or brown, caramel, beige or any hue existing in the planet?!

Warm Skin Tones

In very clear and subtle language, there are two simple ways to find out that whether your skin has warm undertones or cool undertones. Wash off all the makeup from your face which might interfere in your natural colour and then do the colour test. If your skin looks better with blue coloured cloth, then you have cool toned skin. And if looks better against red, you are warm-toned person. Make sure that you do the test in well-lit room to ensure the right outcomes. We will discuss the second test later. First find out the right hair colour for skin tone falling in warm undertones category.

There you go!

Fair Skin – Copper red, rust

If you have bright fair skin with warm undertones, then you come under the category of Hollywood stars like Emma Stone and Emma Watson. And there are plenty of colours to bring out the warmth in you and put it in the right space. According to experts, shades like copper red, golden copper, rust, strawberry, caramel and golden blonde are the best options for girls in this category. Women with very fair skin and warm undertones should avoid shades from black or blue colour palette. They would look too harsh and unnatural with their skin tone and body colour.

Pick the right colour to not only complement your hair, but your complete existence.

Medium Skin – Bronde, butterscotch

According to acclaimed stylists and experts, the skin tone is simply the best of all. So, if you want to have the best of both the worlds, make sure that you pick the right colour to complement your bright skin. Any colour which is golden-based is the optimal pick for women with medium skin tone and warm undertones. The colour will add more radiance and charm to your face and overall personality, making you look younger and brighter.

Bronde and warm butterscotch are the expert suggested colours for this category woman. Do not go on pale side to avoid aged look than actual.

Olive Skin – Deep golden, mocha

First, shout out loud for yourselves because you are in the group of Jennifer Lopez. The gorgeous diva has olive skin with warm undertones and she looks fabulous at every hour. Shades like deep golden, mocha, violet-reds, black based are the better choices for women with olive skin tones. It would help them to bring out the warmth and glow inside their skin and would give flawless natural look.

Make sure to choose best hair style to complement your complete makeover and get ready to strut like a chic. Hair colours will be more fun from now on.

Deep Skin – Mahogany, caramel

Beyonce is the right name to talk about this skin tone category. With deep skin tone and warmer undertones, she is a true diva rocking our planet. Pick colours that embrace the depth of your individual skin tone and highlight the spark inside it. Women with deep skin tone should go for hair colours like mahogany, caramel, warm blacks and blue-red to expose the richness of their deep dark colour and make it shine like never before.

Girl, it’s time to swing on the beat of your skin tone and hair colour as well. Are you ready to have the colour of your life??? I mean hair.

Cool Skin Tones

Talking about cool undertones, let’s not forget that I had to tell you about the second method of determining your skin tone while being at home. Well, it’s quite simple. I just wanted to keep you in suspense. Turn your wrist and check the colour of your visible veins. If it shows blue or purple, you are the category we will talk about here and if it has greenish like colour, you belong to warm-toned skin. Women with cool-skin tone have pink, red and blue undertones and they are supposed to choose the hair colour wisely to avoid unnatural and aged appearance. Here are the different choices of hair colour for women of this category –

Fair Skin – Platinum, icy blonde

Women with very fair pale like skin and cool undertones should say no to warmer hues like deep golden-based, copper and caramel to avoid cluttering image. Cool shades like baby blonde, platinum, icy blonde are the perfect choice for such women to flatter their individual skin tone and personality. Light, cool hues and jewel like shades beautiful compliment such skin tone and can do wonders to the personality of the wearer.

The amazing fact here is that – As pale your complexion, lighter you can choose the colour of your hair. Don’t forget to try latest new hair style for women to add pinch of sass to your overall look.

Medium Skin – Light Brown, beige

One of the best examples to describe this skin tone is Taylor Swift.

As I already quoted that medium skin tone is the best one and has ample of options when it comes to hair colour, well that applies to cool-toned women also. You should straight away go for brown family to paint your tresses and make them look best ever. Stick with light to medium brown, beige, wheat and sand-based colours to intensify the richness and radiance inside your skin and make heads turn around. Try new hair style with ethnic wear and indo western dresses to complement your overall personality and call it vogue.

Olive Skin – Chestnut, cinnamon

Olive skin with cool undertones should go for hair colours that compliment its tanned appearance and glowing texture. Pale, light shades are big ‘No for you, warmer blacks are ‘Yes’. Choose colours with red-brown texture like chestnut, cinnamon and autumn. Warm, dark hues will add x-factor to your look and go naturally with your beautiful golden texture. Let’s gear up to colour hair but with expert advice this time.

Bella Hadid is the perfect example of olive skin tone with cooler undertones. Check out her dark, brown hair and examine yourself. Sometimes, it’s good to take notes.

Deep Skin – Deep Violet, inky black

There is one shade which is undoubtedly the best choice for women with deep dark complexion and cool undertones. Inky black is the colour you need to glam up your hair game and bring it on top. The colour will bring out the radiance and spark inside your deep colour and make you look your best in any kind of clothing at any point of time. Other shades like warm violet-based, blue-blacks and blue-red are the good choices for women with this type of skin tone. Pick what you like and think is the best for your individual self.

Skin tone & hair colour are complementary to each other. Next time, you decide to paint your locks, follow these guidelines to ensure the best possible results.

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