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Fashion Tips that will make your legs look Longer-PART 1

Look Taller & Feel Confident with these Tips on how to dress up in western attires.

by : Akansha. On 06/01/16. 0 Comments.




These absolutely fabulous tips will help you work on your height as we list basic fundamentals that will make your legs look taller and make you feel more confident in your skin.

A) High-Waist Pants

This is an easy trick to give dimension to your legs. High waist Pants/ Denims will surely make your legs look longer along with a dose of pretty fashion.


B) Matching Shoes

Stop wearing your same old black pumps with every attire. Instead replace it with a pair of Nude Pumps, wearing nude color shoes or color of shoes matching your bottoms will give an illusion of longer legs as it looks continous and not a color block.


C) Tuck & Crop

Good old Trick of tucking your blouse and belting it up is great but what works like magic here is teaming up a Cropped/ Short Jacket with a tucked in blouse/ shirt. 


D) Vertical Patterns

As we know it all- vertical patterns and prints create an illusion of length, hereby making you look taller than usual. So indulge in a lot of stripes in pants/ skirts and dresses to make your legs look taller.



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