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Fashion Inspiration from COLDPLAY

Drool-worthy fashion inspiration from the Hymn for the weekend

by : Akansha. On 02/02/16. 0 Comments.


Coldplay's latest track- "Hymn for the weekend" featuring Beyonce and Sonam kapoor is out and the gorgeous colors of India shown in the video has taken world by the storm. We have figured some interesting Fashion inspirations to take from this beautiful song. Read on to find out.


1) Embellished Cape

The trend of infusing capes with ethnic wear has taken the world by storm and now we have a perfect example with beyonce wearing an embellished cape over a long ethnic gown furnished with gold embroiderey all over.  


2) Beyonce's Frozen Burgandy Lipcolor

The uptown warrior queen look by beyonce is utterly beautiful and so is her frozen burgandy lip color. It will become the talk of the town very soon, and an extremely hot trend to experiment with especially during the valentine week;)


3) Leheriya Waves

The beautiful cadid reflection of Sonam Kapoor running through the screen leaves us jawdropping with the lovely colorful leheriya saree that she is wearing in the song, and definitely makes us want a lehenriya saree in beautiful candy colors.


4) Sonam's Tribal Nosepin

Sonam kapoor stunned us looking so ravishing and traditional with a touch of chic. A Bold Tribal nosepin in antique silver is the most noticible fashion statement in the song.


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