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Easy Steps to Follow To Wear Marathi Style Saree

Let's unfold the easy & quick steps to wear a saree in Marathi style. Being the highly famous & classic traditional draping style, Marathi saree is known to engage a gaze. Make it work for your own persona by following this easy wearing guide & call it a statement!!!

by : Manisha. On 08/12/16. 0 Comments.

It’s time to unveil the beautiful draping style of forever known Marathi style saree. Being adorned by Marathi women to celebrate their cultural or festive eves, this saree style is highly popular in Indian women due to its fuller ethnic & feminine appeal. But what if you don’t know how to get wrapped in this fabulous drape??? Get ready for an easy guide book on how to wear a Marathi style saree for your striking ethnic appeal!!! This will make you a centre of attraction of any occasion & talk about your admirable fashion sense.

Wearing a saree has never been an easy job but what if everything is sorted into certain simple steps to make it work for you. Yes, just go step by step following the exact given format & get ready to see yourself wrapped into a classic Marathi style saree. Are you ready??? Take a note & get ready to give a shot!!!

STEP 1 – Take a long nine yard saree & wrap it around your waist for one complete revolution. Make sure to pick silk cotton sarees for better drape & shorts in place of under skirt for better tucking.

STEP 2 – Now pick out the shorter end of the bottom part of the saree & make a fold by bringing it back between the legs. Tuck it at the centre of the back side & secure it with a pin.

STEP 3 – Hold the longer left over section of the saree and make around 5 to 6 pleats. Number of pleats depends on the length of the saree, so make sure that it is long enough for 6 pleats at least.

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STEP 4 – Hold these pleats carefully maintaining the neatness of the line of the pleats and tuck it in the front at the centre of the waist.

STEP 5 – It’s time for pallu pleats. Make required pleats for pallu & toss them over the left shoulder. Take these pleats to the back from the front. Secure it with a safety pin to your blouse and your Marathi drape is done.

STEP 6 – Just don’t forget to put on your shoes while wearing a saree. It’s important to wear footwear before starting the drape to maintain the desired height. Also, keep your saree one inch above from where you stand.

Here is the complete booklet to know how to wear a saree in Marathi style. Now, you can easily flaunt your style by slipping into this traditional weave & showcase your amazing fashion sense. Don’t forget to add necessary ornaments like Marathi style nath and bangles to pitch up your complete look. This will make you feel the complete aura of Marathi woman. Let’s bring it on with the complete traditional style & dazzle like a beauty.

Follow these easy steps to Marathi saree & live your dream to get adorned in typical Maharashtrian style. Check it, note it down & then share your beautiful Marathi look with us. Let people know how stunner you are!!!

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