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Dressing Styles That Will Double the Joy of Women's Day!

Escalate the fun and festivity of Woman's Day with the line of clothes that are best for you!

by : Garima. On 08/03/16. 0 Comments.

The beauty of a woman doesn't lie in her skin or the clothes that she wears, but in the purity of her heart and soul! Dedicating this day to the women's timeless beauty, we bow down to thank them for their selfless contribution in making this world a better place. We have also brought few dressing options that you may wish to put on this special day:-

1. An Elegant Suit
Celebrate the richness of your tradition and womanhood in a simple and sober suit that can bring out the best splendor of your charm! Accessorize well with ethnic jewellery and a pretty dupatta for more enhanced look.


2. Shift Dress
For the girls that have a large bent towards the cool western dresses, a shift dress would do all the needful to adorn the extra special feel of the International Women's Day. Try picking up a light hue to give yourself a pretty change from the usual bright colours that you wear!


3. Short Skirt
A cute and short denim skirt is also a good outfit for rejoicing the day devoted to the celebration of women's presence on the earth! Pair it up with a nice top and style it the way you feel is best for you!


4. Wavy Skater
Waves are a symbol of strength and unstoppable guts to do something! Go out radiating this same message with a wavy skater dress and let the world know that you are a strong woman, who cannot be brought down so easily!


5. Comfortable Palazzo
Let the cool breeze touch and pass by your palazzo and make it sway to its sweet tunes today itself! Be comfortable, be open and be trendy with the unrestricted privilege that it offers to the wearer.


6. Hot Maxi Dress
A loose and free maxi dress is the best outfit to beat down the heat that the month of March oozes out! Enjoy the freedom similar to that of a free bird with the independence that the flare of a maxi dress gives you!


7. Casual Denims
Denims are an- all time friend of every woman, so, step out wearing your favourite pair of denims with a stylish blouse and go on enjoying the special day that has been specifically dedicated to you and other women!


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