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Dresses Meant for Perfectly Accentuating Your Specific Body Type!

Not every dress is meant for you! You must go for a dress that goes in sync with the type of body that you own!

by : Garima. On 25/01/16. 0 Comments.

Not every outfit suits and look fabulous on every girl, as there is a different dress meant for every different body type. It is therefore, very important that you understand the built of your figure well and choose a western outfit accordingly. Given below are the guidelines to own the perfect opulence of attire in accordance with your figure:-

1. The Pear Figure
If your bottom part is heavier in comparision to your narrow shoulders and upper portion, then you must choose a strapless dress for concentrating the entire attention to your upper body. Flaunt your assets with such a dress that will successfully take away the attention from your heavy hips and thighs.

2. The Apple Figure
The most common problem that women face today is of a pot belly and hefty waist portion. And to hide this smartly, you can go on buying slip dresses, light corsets and gowns that have a flare starting from the waist portion only.

3. The Hourglass Figure
The perfection of an hourglass figure comes out beautifully in wiggle gowns and dresses that accentuates the curves at the right places with crisp accuracy. Wrap, deep V neckline and halter dresses will be your best picks!

4. The Sleek and Slender Figure
Skater dresses look the best on tall women having a very impressive lean built. Such dresses feature your leggy beauty at its best and the addition of high heels enhances the look two times more!

5. The Petite Figure
Nicely fitted maxi dresses and long evening gowns are the all time best friends of petite girls!­ These outfits are perfect for deceiving people about your actual height and make you look taller.

6. The Voluptuous Figure
The most important asset that curvacious women possess is of curvy curves! And you can go on beautifully accentuating this precious gift with floor length dress that highlights your curves and provides height to you. And very same like the hourglass figure, you can make your bossoms the centre of attraction with strapless dress.

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