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Double Saree Style – Find Out Ways To Wear a Saree In Modern Style

Unravel your classic ethnic side with the beautiful drape of 'Double saree style' entwined with modern trends. Innovation of designer Shaina N.C, you will fall in love with the baggy and feminine style of the drape. Locked between your two sarees??? Pick both & get ready to start a double drape like here -

by : Manisha. On 05/01/17. 0 Comments.

Get ready to wrap yourself with the sassy innovation of known fashion designer Shaina N.C. Known for creating ‘out of the box’ styles to drape a nine yard weave, she has mastered in her art. Well, this style is her beautiful gift to all the fashionistas and budding fashion enthusiasts to revamp their personal style in classic Indian weave. Basically, draping two sarees together in a seamless way to create fuller and exceptionally feminine appeal is Double saree style. It’s the best way to replace your old conventional saree draping style!!!

Get ready to make saree wearing a fun activity. Make a note that you will love the procedure and more the result. Yes girlies, it’s time to slay the world with your ineffable fashion sense and style statement!!!

Get ready with –

Two different coloured sarees complementing each other in the best possible way
In-skirt or petticoat
Contrasting blouse or crop top with both sarees

Follow these steps to get draped in two sarees like one beautiful garment –

STEP 1 – Drape the first saree like usual but make sure that the pleats are tucked in the centre left of the petticoat. Maintain the length of the saree properly.

STEP 2 – Take the falling pallu end and start making pleats of around 4 to 5 of desired width. Bright the pallu to the front and toss it to the left shoulder.

STEP 3 – Secure the pallu over there with a pin & let the end fall loose at the back.

STEP 4 – It’s time for the next saree to be draped which is going to revamp your stereotyped saree wearing style completely.

STEP 5 – Pick your next saree and make lower pleats like earlier. Tuck it at the centre right of the petticoat this time overlapped with the first saree pleats.

STEP 6 - Make pallu pleats neatly of the second saree and then bring it to the back from the other side as done in the previous saree.

STEP 7 – Now, you have to do it in the front pallu style to display a graphic drape. Toss the pallu from the back to the front over the right shoulder and secure it with pin.

STEP 8 – Please note that the neat and proper use of safety pins is very important for a clean look of double saree style. You have to make sure that both the sarees are equivalently visible and put-together.

Isn’t the whole process so simple and the outcome is equally gorgeous??? Well, you will that once you try it for your own style and make a statement. What’s the best part about this saree wearing style is that it gives you matchless voluminous look and feminine appeal. Women with slim & skinny body can totally kill this style!!! Don’t forget to spruce up your look with right type of traditional Indian jewellery (preferably gold) and neat hairdo to match the glare of attire. Nail it lassie!!!

How To Drag More Eyes-

Pick the hues of the sarees wisely and as per the theme of the occasion to make an impression.
Secondly, try not to accessorize too loud to avoid the cluttering of lot of things. Go for hand accessories like Golden kada or bracelet, or you can also try hand harness to pitch high.
Wear beautiful pumps to accentuate the complete look. And don’t forget to slip into them before starting a drape.
Avoid open locks or curly tresses with this saree draping style as it will not go with the allure of the saree.

It’s time to let your peers know about your fabulous ethnic style by stealing fashion hacks from here or who knows they might envy you?!

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