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Does Fashion Understand What We Want?

Some designer numbers have just handsome faces and devilish intuitions. Why do we still love to wear them? Want to know about these daily pains?

by : Paromita. On 20/09/16. 0 Comments.

Whenever it comes to shoes or dress, for any special occasion or just celebrating a simple day, we always tend to think fashionable dresses. Dresses which can really make us look outstanding with their design and appearance.

But do they really do that?
It’s a hard fact that from years though fashion has changed a lot but some matters are a real pain when come into discussion. Here are some women dresses which make us to find their inventors;

Squeeze Me To Death - Corset
Heated up since the Victorian age and now sensation of 21st century, corsets have been used to bring out the 8-shaped curve from her body. “Until she dies!”

OMG! - Pencil Heels
After few minutes, it feels like someone is poking you with a sharp needle and you can’t shout even. Because they LOOK awesome!

Stay Up Stockings
Stockings are the innocent devils. They drag themselves down and down after few minutes of wearing, making our walking difficult and confidence an insult.

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