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DIYs to Primp Your Wedding Lehenga Without Expert Advice

Things you always wanted to do but were never sure of...let's put an end to your forever dilemma by making you discover some incredible DIYs to upgrade your wedding lehenga without getting into any hassle. Now, you don't have to go through number of online sites and platforms to know about trends and wedding dressing styles. I have got everything covered in regards to enchanting bridal lehenga and made sure that you no more need any expert advice. Well, just me...

by : Manisha. On 16/02/18. 0 Comments.

What if I tell you to get creative with your wedding silhouette??? No, I am not being crazy. This is actually what you need to do in 2018 to mark your wedding the prettiest affair of the season and let everyone follow your fashion-filled footstep. How about adding an extra layer of charm or getting your whole love story itched over the most special attire of your life??? This is what I am talking about and wants you to join me to make it happen. Are you ready??? Here are some easy and incredible DIYs to upgrade the fashion quotient and overall appeal of your wedding lehenga while chilling at home. Let me rephrase that these awesome styling hacks are exclusively for fashion enthusiasts and women who just can’t stay calm in anything. You know what I mean!?

A wedding lehenga is not only an outfit which a woman wears on her D-day, but it’s that silhouette which she cherishes for her entire life. That is why it’s important to make it top notch and simply outstanding. In simple words, I want to say that if you will add your personal essence in this attire, you can imagine the magic floating around. I have got some innovative, trendy and awe-striking ideas to prettify your bridal lehenga and let you give your best shot on supposedly the most special day of your life. So, if you have finally saved a date to get hitched to your forever love and are all set to take sacred marital vows, then make sure that you do it in a grand way by dressing like a fashion insider. There are 10 things you can decide of your own to accentuate the flare of your bridal trousseau and make it exceptionally ravishing. Let’s discover some trendy DIY wedding lehenga tips for upcoming brides to be –

Pretty Latkans - for Forever Charm

Just the one shown in picture, would you like to tie this to your bridal attire!? I would love to.

We all know that there is a trend of having a latkan attached to the one side of the lehenga but instead of using the conventional one, opt something like this to stand out from crowd and make it simply outstanding. Let people know about your creative mind and love for fashion by getting a latkan like this and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Something like this would bring smile to your face and give you the happiness you always wanted on your big day.

This one is easy to make while sitting at home. Take guidelines from online and get ready to give it a try.

Pompom Effect - for Crazy Damsels

Do you also love pompom??? I just can’t stay away from these pretty little things. Be it in jewellery or clothing, pompom has become my fave thing of any time and staying away from these fancies seems to be impossible now. If you are also crazy like me and don’t want to miss pompom on your D-day, get it stitched to your attire either from tailor or your mom can also help.

Whether you add pompom to dupatta, blouse or lehenga, make sure to match it with the colour and print of your outfit to achieve the desired appeal and call it vogue. It’s time to prepare wedding lehenga at home to let the world know about your endearing charm and fashion fad.

Extra layer of Mirror Work - to Spread Magic

Yes, the sparkling mirror-work is back in fashion and you just can’t skip it out from your stunning wedding trousseau. If you can’t get a perfect lehenga with glass work, then get it done by yourself and shine like a fashionista. Not just on wedding but you can try this DIY for any of your pre-wedding function depending on your personal taste and mood.

To be on safer side, get mirror work done on blouse or dupatta and bring the best out of your ravishing personality while dressed in this glistening staple. Fashion is all about making things work for your personal style and comfort. You can’t get a better event than your wedding to be creative and exhibit your fashion scene to everyone.

More Cancan – for adding Oomph Factor

I am going to do this for sure and it’s already in my bucket list.

While everyone stays in a hoax that you can’t design lehenga at home, you keep rocking by getting an extra layer of cancan attached to your wedding outfit. Why I am so obsessed with cancan is because of the matchless flare and voluminous appeal it adds to the outfit and overall personality of the wearer is simply magnificent. There is no rocket science here. You can get it stitched with your local tailor without spending any hefty amount and make your wish come true. What are you waiting for girl???

There are various new designs and patterns available in market in terms of Indian wedding lehenga but you are the one who has to decide that what you want for your special day.

Get Your Love Story Itched

Just like Samantha Ruth Prabhu did for her engagement ceremony. While she opted for saree pallu to let people know about the trivia of her beautiful love story through skilled craftsmanship and artistic work. Though you can’t make it happen by yourself but you can get it done from highly skilled artisans and craftsperson. Depict your beautiful tale to them, give minute details to get the best outcomes and make your wedding trousseau phenomenal and out of this world.

This way, you can transform simple wedding lehenga to love story lehenga and come under the least of few most acclaimed fashion experts. Isn’t this what you want???

Bold Embellished Belt for Trendy Appeal

If you witnessed the most highlighted and acclaimed wedding of 2017 – Virat & Anushka, then you definitely know about this trend. If not on the day of the wedding, but pairing belt with traditionally designed women lehenga has become a trend in Indian wedding culture and the style is absolutely loved by young generation. Anushka Sharma wore sequined Sabyasachi lehenga decorated with a sleek belt on her Mumbai engagement and looked head to toe dazzling.

So in any case, you are looking for an X-factor in your bridal staple, team it up with matching embellished belt and rest is history. Who says women wedding lehenga is just an outfit!?

Sequins can do a thing

If mirror-work does not impress you, what would you say about scintillating sequins???

If you have decided on some plain, subtle lehenga for your mehendi or sangeet night, why don’t you make it more alluring and captivating by adding your personal touch to it!? Sequins are the hottest fashion trend of the current season and even most popular and world-class fashion designers are vehemently making use of it in their creations. Add a punch of sparkling sequins to your plain lehenga and make it exceptionally beautiful and awe-inspiring. Nothing is impossible when you have that passion and zeal to get it done. You know what I mean.

Be Creative with the Blouse Sleeves

No more half sleeves or full sleeves!
After all, it’s your wedding, how can you choose to follow the old, conventional dressing style!? To be very true, neckline and sleeve patterns are two important things in defining the overall appeal and outlook of any outfit and wearer as well. This is a real DIY because if you can’t get such quirky designed wedding lehenga in market or any online store, put your tailor at job by showing him what you exactly want. What you have to say about two different blouse sleeve designs shown in the above picture??? Isn’t something like this you would love to adorn on your D-day???

Jewelled Back – to be a Fashion Insider

Such pretty things look exceptionally elegant, graceful and entrancing. Nowadays, designer blouses with jewelled neckline or back are very much in trend and wearing them on such big occasions can surely bring you all the accolades you always wished for. These things are easy to achieve and can alter the whole appeal instantly. From charming pearls to precious stones, pick what appeals the most to you and attach it to your wedding attire to up your bridal style in the best manner.

It is also a great way to skip heavy, gaudy jewellery and accessories while looking absolutely gorgeous and spellbinding.

Go Extra Mile for Dupatta

You may not feel like taking a risk but this style trend is worth-trying.

Ditch matching dupatta the one came with the lehenga choli set and add a flavour of contrast by picking some other designer dupatta. Well, this is how fashion experts like to get dressed in 2018 and I am sure you would love to be the one among them. What about this rich combination of berry blue and hot pink???

Well, these are the pretty little things you can do to add plenty of glamour to your wedding trousseau. If you have something innovative to share, we are all ears.

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