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DIYs to Make Perfect Valentine Dress from Old Clothes

Buying a new, sassy Valentine's day dress is what everyone does. How you are different from others, then??? Let's make you different and fashionable by disclosing some great DIYs to create valentine dress from old, discarded clothes. Yes, it's utterly possible to craft your special dress while sitting at home. Sneak inside to take inspiration and make this V-day the most special day of 2018. Let's surprise bae in a different way...

by : Manisha. On 19/01/18. 0 Comments.

What are your plans for this year’s V-Day??? If there are still no preparations, you better hurry because 14th February is not that far. Let me tell you something amazing you can do this year and surprise your bae. Are you ready to roll eyes around with your incredible fashion sense and creative mind??? Here are some stunning Do It Yourself techniques which you can carry at home and make yourself a ravishing Valentine dress out of old clothes. Yes, you got it right. You don’t need to now spend a hefty amount for your special valentine day dress because you can get it at home now. If you are a genuine fashion enthusiast and experimenting is your thing, then I am sure you are in to give your creative buds a start. Let’s do it, girls.

Making a new dress from old one is not a very difficult job, unless you are interested. What you just need is the basic weaving technique, right guidance and creative ideas. Being a writer, creativity is my fave word and it is something which helps me to keep moving. If you also want to add an essence of it in your life, get ready to redesign your old, shabby clothes into something stylish and trendy. Here is the complete guide to make your Valentine dress from old worn-out clothes, discover these great styling tips and follow them to make this 14th February forever endearing in memories. After all, it only comes once in a year. What if you are single??? So what, a woman doesn’t need to be committed to dress nicely and be a fashion expert. Also, it’s the best way to reuse already discarded staples and make them work for your personal style. Let’s scroll below –

Lavish Gown from Old Silk Saree

Yes, it’s totally possible and you can do it at home. What you just need is your mom’s old silk saree which is still in its proper sheen and royal texture. Borrow it from your mother and redesign the cloth into a lavish floor-length gown. Aren’t you thinking that we are supposed to wear western dress on Valentine’s Day??? Who said that???

This time, make it traditionally royal by dressing into a chic gown and bring the best out of your stunning personality. Use fabric which is comfortable and easy to carry. BTW, silk is evergreen and totally skin-friendly. Make use of your mother’s discarded saree and transform it into perfect V-day attire. Hurry up!!!

Short Dress from Chic Kurti

Who would have thought of that??? I am sure there are many kurtis in your wardrobe which you have decided to throw out and are no more willing to carry anywhere. No need to throw them when you can easily remodel and redesign these Indian staples into sassy western wears. Cut the length few inches from below and take out the sleeves, stitch it back into a slinky, short dress for a perfect Valentine date. Isn’t the great way to style Valentine dress without even going for shopping???

Be it embellished or embroidered kurti, a dress made out of it would do wonders to your individual style and fashion statement. Give it a try and see yourself.

Vintage Dress from Lace Detailing

How about a gorgeous lace dress??? Keeping the pleasant weather and romantic feel of Valentine’s Day in mind, a short lace dress would be a perfect pick for any girl. But how can you design a new dress at home??? It’s quite easy. Take out a plain dress which you don’t wear anymore and was about to throw away. Also, remove lace from old clothes or silhouettes and stitch it to your plain dress in a stylish way and give it a new look. Take inspiration from Shraddha Kapoor’s stunning white dress which has lace at one side and the other side is kept plain.

No matter which DIY method you pick, but make a point of designing your dress at home this time.

Stylish Jumpsuit from old Pant & Top

This is the easiest and quickest way to design a perfect valentine day dress. Take out your old, shabby pant or any bottom wear which you don’t wear anymore. Also, pick matching or contrasting top or blouse; stitch both the staples from centre and your jumpsuit is ready.

To make it stylish and trendy, let go off the sleeves and create tube style or off-shoulder jumpsuit to become the fashion icon of the season and grab eyeballs. What are you waiting for then??? I am sure you have ample of flared pants or jeans you are bored of. Put them in use.

Gorgeous Dress from Old Sweater

We all have one oversized sweater in our wardrobe, don’t we!?
This is because we all love these ill-fitted or baggy clothes to keep ourselves covered in winter season and stay always warm. But what if they get over-stretched after few winters and start looking out of shape??? Here comes your creative little mind.

Remove the sleeves or not, depending on the way you like, cut the length short and transform your old baggy sweater into a gorgeous dress. Wear it with bold knee-high boots and matching earrings and get ready to strut like a chic. Ensure the proper stitching and fit to get the desired appeal and make a statement.

Dress Accessories from Old T-shirts

Well, who would have thought of that, except for the fashion curators!?
These bows you see here are made of various different printed t-shirts. If you also own a bunch of tees which you don’t wear anymore, put them in good use by making some fabulous dress accessories out of these clothes. For example, cute little bows, flowers, stars, fancy belts and so many other things you see online. This is how to use old clothes for valentine dress and make it occasion-friendly. What you just need is scissor, sewing thread, needle and some colourful printed tees. Put these attractive little things on your simple dress and make it exceptionally stunning.

Bold Dress from Shabby Tank Top

What you see here is actually a tank top which is redesigned into a bold dress. Well, I am kidding but what I am saying is actually possible. We all love tank tops and wear them for casual purposes but what these clothes get washed-off!? If you have a tank top which is a bit lengthy and you don’t like to wear it anymore, reshape the weave into a bold, sultry western dress which you can adorn for V-Day.

And if you feel that the length is still not working, pair it with chic denim shorts to look like true fashionista and call it vogue. A tank top into a dress – Isn’t this amazing!?

Short Skirt from Old Jeans

I personally am going to give this one a try. There are always some old jeans in our stockpile which we don’t wear anymore but are also not ready to give away. What you are going to do with them, then??? Making shorts out of these is an old way; creating bold skirts sounds more fascinating. Unfasten the tailoring of your silhouette and stitch it back into a beautiful denim skirt. I am sure you never thought of this.

Since Valentine’s Day is approaching soon, get ready to make it happen to let everyone fall in love with your gorgeous attire for a special date night. Let’s make 2018 valentine dress forever enchanting.

Ravishing Red Top from Red Scarf

How is it possible to not discuss the colour red when it’s all about Valentine’s Day!?
But this time, instead of shopping a new red top, make it at home. How!? Winters are all about comforting scarves, shawls and stalls. If you have a big red coloured scarf in your closet, get ready to stitch it into a ravishing top or you can also wear it in a draped style to avoid additional efforts of sewing. You will not just save money, but can also hold a gaze at any moment. Pair it with trendy boyfriend jeans or flared pants and make the best of your valentine’s 2018.

Playsuit from Printed Dupatta

Call it a playsuit or ravishing romper, both are the same thing.
A slinky outfit can be easily made out of a good-quality printed dupatta. Just like the one shown in the image, take out a beautiful floral printed dupatta and crop it to make a sassy romper dress. This can be a perfect pick for special date of paired with right kind of accessories and footwear. Keep the look subtle and sorted and you will sure shot turn heads around.

Let’s take a pledge to not buy a new dress for this V-Day and craft it from old, used staples. Well, you have all the right guidance with you.

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