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DIYs to Make Intricate Jewellery for Pre-Wedding Shenanigans

Have you ever thought of making your own jewellery at home??? Well if not, then think now because this is the best thing you can gift to yourself during your lovely wedding celebrations. Fret not, I am sharing some easy guidelines with all of you to make a task easier and interesting. Check out some beautiful types of jewellery you can design at home with complete ease and satisfaction. But one thing, keep it a secret till the final day and proclaim your incredible craft at the right time and moment. Who all are in???

by : Manisha. On 15/01/18. 0 Comments.

What are you doing this wedding season??? Don’t tell me that you are thinking of tying a knot and are all set to take wedding vows??? If that is the case, then you must add a taste of fashion creativity to your pre-wedding ensembles and make it forever endearing. Are you willing to do that??? Well, I am talking about jewellery here which is essential at every point in any Indian wedding. From roka to engagement, haldi to sangeet, wedding to reception, every occasion needs different kinds of jewellery and accessories to go with the ceremony and add ethnic touch to the personality of bride-to-be. But what if you are supposed to design your jewellery by yourself??? Isn’t it exciting to make your own wedding jewellery the way you want, while sitting at home??? Let’s find out some amazing types of jewellery which are easy to craft at home and trust me that these fancy trinkets can add stars to your pre-wedding chaos. Here it is...

Making jewellery at home is definitely not an easy task but if you know some great techniques, it’s entirely possible. Also, there is always enough time to start prepping for these special celebrations from a while ago so that you can give your best shot at every event. What say??? After all, creating your own wedding jewellery will be cherished for life and it may not let your bridal charm fade away ever. First thing comes first. Check out these little unknown types of women jewellery which can be easily crafted at home with the help of some decorating material and other fancy items and be the fashion stylist of your own wedding. Who would have thought of that!? In simple words, these are beautiful, refreshing and are perfect for spreading happy vibes.

PS – Pick what matches the theme of your wedding and your selected pre-wedding clothes to achieve best results.

Wooden Jewellery

Just because I don’t want to keep you in haze, this one is not very easy but definitely not impossible to make at home. Wooden jewellery is the ideal choice for haldi ceremony, mehendi and sangeet night. Precisely cut wooden pieces are painted in various colours and prints to craft jewellery art and reshaped into antique ornaments. This is what you can do if you get some finely cut wooden blocks from market and transform it into fancy jewels.

Keep it lightweight and simple to avoid extra care and handling and pair it up with fashionable clothes to embrace your special occasion. Take inspiration from online designer jewellery made out of wooden pieces.

Paper Jewellery

Paper jewellery has become common nowadays and it is vehemently popular in young generation and modern women to stay stylish and trendy while keeping peace with their valuable comfort. You must have seen extremely lightweight earring sets available in market. Well, let me tell you that they are made of paper and can be easily fabricated at home. Don’t you want to flaunt your peers that how far you can go when it comes to fashion???

To make paper jewellery at home, you need coloured papers, thread, pins, needle tool, glue and other needed essentials and then form a design you like. If still not clear, check online tutorials to drag inspiration.

Floral Jewellery

To be very true, floral jewellery is the easiest and most eye-catching types of handmade ornaments for women. The simple material required to make this one are fresh flowers, thread, needle, crystal stones, glue gun, wooden beads, scissor and ribbon. If you have ever made a garland for idols of god in temple, then you know the trick. Follow the same instructions here and design gorgeous flower jewellery for your pre-wedding shenanigans and make an everlasting impression on onlookers.

Do not forget to make use of fresh and seasonal flowers to blossom like one and get ready to become the most stunning bride-to-be of the generation. Keep your attire also simple and vibrant. Gaudy appeal is not good for flowers.

Metal Clay Jewellery

Metal clay is actually an amazing material which contains number of tiny silver particles, making it an apt choice for jewellery making. The best thing is that this material can be easily reshaped and modelled to create stunning silver jewellery at home. It’s just like magic. If you fire the clay in a kiln or under a torch, all the clay particles get burnt away and the residue left is solid silver. This is how the process is done to form metal clay jewellery.

It sounds laborious but if you are interested, give it a try and impress the audience with your glistening jewellery and incredible art work.

Fabric Jewellery

Girls, it’s time to show your creativity with old, shabby fabrics and reshape these torn out clothes into some fabulous jewellery pieces. Fabric jewellery is another option to form your pre wedding jewellery at home. Whether you are wearing beautiful gown, lehenga, saree or some indo western combo, this handmade jewellery can do wonders to your overall style statement and personality. Moreover, you will not get a chance like this to flaunt your amazing creativity and fashion sense.

Pick colourful fabric beads and pieces to design some innovative trinkets and own these like a true fashionista. Let’s gear up to make jewellery at home only.


Do you remember tiny beads and stones we used to collect in childhood to make fancy clothes and ornaments for our lovely dolls??? That’s what you need to do again but this time, for yourself and your exclusive pre-wedding celebrations. Simple things you need to make beaded jewellery at home are colourful beads, crystal stones, colourful thread, ribbon and needle. The best thing here is that these women ornaments are extremely light in weight, easy to carry and attractive. What would you pick then???

Before giving it a try, keep your dress and occasion in mind to obtain the best desired results and look like true fashion expert.

Coin Jewellery

After taking inspiration from tribal coin jewellery, making similar kind of jewellery has become a household thing. After knowing the right tricks and crafting techniques, you can easily create stunning pair of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, head accessories and anklets at home by making use of coins. And don’t you think that it would be a beautiful token of love you can gift to yourself???

To make coin jewellery, basic things needed are coins, pendant chain, drilling machine, jump ring and pliers. And you are done. Voila!?


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