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Different types of kurtis Neck which suits your body shape

Does it ever happened to you that you have bought an expensive designer dress just because it looks great but when you wear it, it doesn't appeal you? May be you don't know your exact body type! Start exploring your best curves and opt for ethnic kurtis for women like a pro.

by : Paromita. On 25/10/16. 0 Comments.

Do you know your body shape? Does even best designer suits sometimes misfit while trying? There must have been times when you go for shopping and landed on the vast collections of kurtis instead! It’s natural and happens to all of us women club. Have you ever questioned why does it happen again and again?

Kurtis are the Desi affairs of every girl and it somehow fits you, prep you up for every occasion, have array for different body types and obviously showcase a wide price range. A must have for every ethnic wardrobe of women; here we have a selection of different types of stylish kurti for women which can be worn according to one’s figure-line and type. Wear them to parties, even weddings, office places, meetings, social dos, festival times and many more places without any extra effort. And this vivacity is the only thing which makes you look evergreen and uncompromising at every moment.

But buying them perfectly is a hard deal and for this you need to know your body type. Better understanding will further accentuate your ethereal looks. This is not a rocket science to understand one’s own figure. So, let’s start up the most charming and desirable figure type which is also almost rare in the planet (and we don’t know this actually).

Hourglass Stature

Whenever we see a girl or women with proper curves, we used to say, ‘Oh WAO, she has that proper 36-24-36 hourglass figure’. In reality this figure is a real rare case to match. But whosoever is having this blessed body type is welcomed in this category.

With balanced upper and lower body and remarkably smaller waistline, women can go with any type of kurtis. ‘If you have it then flaunt it’, if this is your mantra then choose long and slightly fitted kurti. Try vivacious kurti neck designs for gaga looks. Don’t hide your gorgeous curves!

Apple Shape

Women of this category are blessed with full busts, broad shoulders and slight plump at belly. Their legs are toned and hips are not fully shaped. To flaunt the figure you have, select diagonal striped kurtis or printed kurtis, animal prints and A-line kurtis. Choose high necked kurtis or embellished kurtis and opt for high pumps. Deep V necks withdraw attention from the shoulders and beautifully accentuate your curves. Avoid fitting kurtis and opt for soft cottons or khadi ones.

Pear Type

Women with small busts and heavy hips fall into this category and their figure-line is widely known as pear shape. Wear front slit kurtis with little flares. This will cover up the plump portion and highlight the torso of your body. These are basically party wear kurtis which can be worn at casual get together as well. Hop into them by pairing with stone hanging earrings and flats. Keep the ornamentation simple and raw.


Now rectangle figure-line is the most seen feature among teenage girls or women under 20’s. Start exercising a little more and do planks for your curves. To showcase the best of your curves, go with frock style kurtis or kurtis which have stretchable waistline and make tight at there. Wear funky shoes and cropped pants with them and draw attention at other beauties. Lock the charm by making messy side braid and eyeliner. Your chubby cheeks and voguish eye makeup will compensate everything.

Inverted Triangle

Women with broad shoulder line, heavy busts and small hips fall into this category. Sometimes, these things are genetic and there are times when your habits of eating (varieties you prefer) also influence your body shape. Buy online kurti like Angrakha for daily wear flaunt in full confidence among your peers. Jacket style kurti will also work here greatly. Use long knots and dori with them to withdraw attention from your torso.

Circular Shape

In India, where oil is a must and parents do not think twice of quantity when they need to feed their child, over plump is just okay. It is also genetic.

To make it look beautiful, opt for kaftan kurtis with variety of patterns. Dark and deep colours will soothe the curve lines. Don’t wear too much of accessories with it. One can wear it as it is, without any salwar or can complement it with leggings or churidars. Tight pants will make your torso look beautiful. Apply light make up and strictly avoid ornaments with circular shape.

Oblong Face

Your face style can also make you look taller or shorter. Did you know that?
Well, you are lucky if you have an oblong face type because this type can simply make you look taller and thus smarter if carried properly. To accentuate your beauty, slip into long straight kurti with mild prints and pair it with leggings and cigarette pants. Hanging earrings or chandelier earrings or earrings with circular shapes will go well with your curves and face type. Finish off your look with platform slippers.

Short Face Heavy Body

Wear loose shaped kurtis such as your daily wear kurtis in a stylish way with palazzo pants or traditional skirts. Opt for vertical stripes, chevron prints and dual shades. This will soothe down the over-all look. Shirt style kurtis or long kurtis will be an absolute combination with this type of body shape. Wear pumps or stilettos to prep up the mood like that.

Petite Figure

Petite figure is not a problem at all. After all, most of the cute women belong to this group. Select sleeveless kurtis or cap sleeved kurtis or boat neck kurtis which will elongate your over all look. Vertical hemline will be the ultimate things on kurtis which will go well to showcase your curves. Wear this type of kurtis with parallel pants or embroidered salwars. Avoid pleated or too much loose salwars such as Patiala salwars or harem pants. These will make you look shorter and plumpy.

Tall Figure

Welcome, blessed ones!
Wear straight or parallel kurtis with long lengths to ooze up the best one out of you. Start wearing them with embroidered or lace cigarette pants or palazzos. Choose bright colours such as royal blue, sea green, turquoise, bright peach and etc. Earrings or necklace is not necessary. You can go with long pendant and heavy bangles to accentuate the ethereal beauty. If you are too lean then avoid sleeveless kurtis, better to opt for quarter sleeves. If they are plump the go with bell sleeves.

Spoon Body Shape (Triangle)

This group of women are blessed with heavy lower body. Quite fascinating & gorgeous to look at!!! Due to smaller portion of upper body, your aim is to draw attention towards upper half rather than tummy area. Jacket style kurtis are your perfect pick to flaunt your beautiful curvy body. These kurtis can help your bust area to look fuller and perfect. Gear up women!!!

Diamond Shaped Body

Ladies having large hips and big tummy possess diamond shaped body. Here also, the bust portion is small as compared to rest of your body and the most beautiful part is lower legs which you should flaunt. To make that possible, you should pick frock style kurtis or make use of belt with straight or Indo western kurtis to make the waist look lovely and you can show off your lower legs too with such trendy kurtis. Pitch up your notable fashion sense with fashionable & chic kurtis!!!

Top Hourglass Body Shape

Quite similar to the hourglass shape, this group of women are really lucky ones. They possess a wonderful body and can try our various unique clothing styles to flaunt their beautiful curvy body. Since waist is the most appealing section of their body, try to put focus on it. V-neck kurtis are ideal for you to unveil your beautiful neckline. Plus, you can also try high slit kurtis to expose your gorgeous waist. Make the most of your gorgeous body with stunning styles of kurtis & call it vogue!!!

Skinny Body Shape

Skinny women always stay in dilemma about their clothes and dressing styles. The whole body measurement is quite same from top till bottom. Creating that curvy illusion is really hard for them. For skinny women, fabric is what can make them look beyond imaginary and help them to highlight their curves. Fabrics like cotton, khadi, Bhagalpuri silk can give you that fuller feminine appeal which you always dream of. Sneak into incredible ensemble of online cotton kurtis and revamp your wardrobe with these beautiful staples!!!

Athletic Body Shape

Owners of highly toned & well shaped body!!!
This group has the fittest, most toned and curvaceous body structure. Being most attractive and striking, athletic bodies are the sexiest of all. Their thigh section tends to be heavier than the rest of their body. They also possess strong muscles. Such ladies should pick A-line kurtis or tulip kurtis which can do wonders to their complete persona. These kurtis will utterly beautify their already gorgeous body and unveil the right section of their body in right proportions. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Lollipop Body Shape

Another fascinating group of women having lollipop shaped body!!!
Such ladies are blessed with full round busts, having slim waist and hip area and are holder of long attractive legs. They possess broad shoulders too. Perfect way of dressing for them is that they should pick outfits which bring whole attraction towards their waist area. Such ladies should try shirt style kurtis to give their lean body a perfect fuller appeal. Plus, they should pick sturdy fabric materials to pitch up their stunning feminine appeal. It’s time to pamper your darling body with right kind of clothing and shining like a diva!!!

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