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Different Types Of Cutting In Salwar Suits That Are Steal-Worthy

Must you have heard that every cut has its special significance on special things? This time, designer salwar suits have taken the limelight with vivacious types of cuts and slits that can twist your style statement in a snap. And trust me; you don’t know them all!!!

by : Paromita. On 05/04/17. 0 Comments.

Are you in a relationship with fashion and endless apparels? Do your friends call you a fashion bug? It doesn’t take a half or one hour to take a dig at our fashion mirror while dressing but it needs ample of moments to look at our appeal – And it must be perfect! A woman who messes a lot while picking out the right apparel for the day, are the right one who needs to visit this blog.

Be it any sarees, wedding lehenga or trendy salwar suit, a true fashionista always has eagle eyes for a perfect outfit for the moment. Besides the cult of fashion, a fashion fad will never stop in experimenting new styles and trends. Any type of fashion is not important till it infuses with individuals’ style statement. Nowadays, salwar suits take vogue track to rule hearts of every stylish woman. And thus it has become very essential to know about the different types of salwar suits. Today we are going to discuss the cuts and slits of salwar suits. Women suits’ cutting style is becoming a must-have for a lady’s wardrobe. Be it any type of cut in salwar suits, they will definitely rule the Indian fashion market for the aeonic period.
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Angrakha Cut

Must you have encountered a designer or plain Angrakha kurti or suit? They are generally tied to the left side of the kameez and generally come with a longer dori or latkan. They are generally matching with bottom wear and long in length. Though you can always choose short sized Angrakha set, but the appeal comes best when it has a long flare.
In Angrakha cut, you can see an asymmetrical vertical cut which comes from the knotted part of the kameez. Don’t underestimate this type slit and ornament it with minute pom poms.

Style Tips: Wear this kind slit with cropped pants or trousers with subtle hue to highlight the slit style.

Pseudo Shirt Style Cut

Caution: Really Hot Style!!!
Yes, this is one of the trendiest style going on in every fashionista’s ethnic wardrobe. As you wear a plain shirt, this shirt style salwar suit seems exactly the same but longer in length. This is why; this suit is called as pseudo shirt style cut. It all depends on the number of buttons used on the suit and the length of the same. The more you use the buttons; the slit part will become short and shorter. If you wish to withdraw the sassiest way then ask your tailor to attach 7 buttons at the most and the leave the rest part as it is.

Style Tips: Be the fashion glitterati by complementing this type of suit with the no-dupatta look.

Front swirl Cut

In this case, the cut is not well defined but looks as if a large gap is maintained. The ends of the slit have frills and sometimes showcase pleats as well. Front swirl cut salwar kameez is one of the most trending ethnic wear among the youth stars. They require lengthy fabric to stitch the same way. Let the height be floor length to highlight glam factor of this type of cut.

Style Tips: Neon colour kameez and dupatta will ace the entire look.

Paisley Cut

This style is most noticeable among the designer lehenga’s collection. You must not miss this out if you’re a great Manish Malhotra fan!
Well, in this type of cuts in salwar suits, the entire length is gathered at the backside of the suit and the front portion makes a flame-like design. You may notice a proper yet slight slit at the front. This type of designs can be seen in high-low salwar suits but this is not necessary.

Style Tips:
1. Experiment this style with bright Indian colours such as the sunshine yellow or flame orange, fiery red and etc.
2. You can choose lavish and big rings to complement this attire.

Extra Short Front Cut

The name is quite refined to understand that in this style of suits, the slit is really short at the front. It hardly makes any impact when made on a solid plain salwar suit. So, to have a perfect glare you require this design on a pompously crafted kameez where prints, work patterns, laces and other embellishments are attached. This style is not the king of deserts!

Style Tips:
1. Wear gladiator high heels to complement this type of salwar suit.
2. Try to wear dazzling jewellery and carry embellished accessories to highlight the feature(s) of your attire.

North East Cut

The name sounds a little bit quirky and funny. At least, this is what I thought when I first heard of this name. This seems perfectly WAO when you are visiting any cultural event or festive occasion, casual college days or any type of light parties. You do not need to think twice while wearing this women’s suit cutting style because it is simple yet classic.
Make sure the tailor has drawn this cut in such a way that when you walk the respective leg smoothly glides out from that slit.

Style Tips:
1. Wear net dupatta or chunni with this style.
2. Wear peep toe high heels with this attire and make sure the kameez is of floor length.

Classic Side Slits

Classic side slit is the most common way to stylise your suit and you may have dozens of them. Isn’t it? They are quite easy to carry and traditional as well, making it perfect to wear in cultural or religious events. Well, if you wish to give a twist, you can try high side slit salwar suits which will go up till the upper abdomen. A free flowing fabric such as georgette, chiffon, silk and etc. can make this attire more alluring and charming.

Style Tips: Wear this style the way you wish but you can always twist your style statement by carrying your dupatta differently.

Wide Open Front Slit

Wide open suits are often called the most comfortable because of their much more free style. The cutting of the suit is widely open at the front unlike other suit which either has classic side slits or has straight, very narrow front slits. These suits have rounded hemline at the waistline and thus look mysterious and different than other slit suits.

Style Tips: Complement this style of suits with golden or embroidered or embellished pants and trousers.

Multiple Slits Suit

In this type of suits, you can find multiple numbers or three or more number of slits. They are created exquisitely by the designer because it is very important to maintain the distances between the slits. Multiple slit suits are highly demanded when visiting any special event like wedding, birthday bashes or festive moments. Fabrics like georgette, crepe, silk or other free flowing ones will look great in the making of these suits.

Style Tips: You can wear them with traditional skirts or embroidered or chikan work palazzos to highlight both the beauties.

High Slit Salwar Kameez

High slit salwar kameez showcase deep and high end slits as shown in the images. This style of suits is high end in fashion world and thus a great pick for the fashion enthusiast women. If you have done any kind of piercing at the naval area, you can show it best in this type of suit cuttings. A little sheer will provide you more glam effect and the complementary fabrics are always free flowing ones like georgette, crepe or silk.

Style Tips: Cropped pants and designer salwar will work great with these suit cuttings. You can wear long pom pom earrings with them.

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