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Different Types Of Bengali Sarees For A Perfect Bong Appeal

Bengalis are famous for their bold looks and their unparallel way of draping sarees. Is this the reason you wanted to be a part of Bong clan? Then, scroll down and decode the different types of designer and handloom sarees that you can only find in a traditional Bengali wardrobe. Now, the secrets of Bengali saree types have been leaked; get ready to splurge a fortune on these pretties – cotton saree, Baluchari sarees, taant sarees and etc.

by : Paromita. On 28/04/17. 1 Comments.

Be it Blockbuster hit Devdas, Vicky Donor, Lootera, or Parineeta, you must have once a while indulged your fashion taste in those pretty Bengali drapes! The bold eye make-ups, fantasy for reds, high and heavy bun and of course the saree itself complete the appeal of every Bengali woman. It is not inherited but every Bong woman is born with this speciality to look simply awesome in sarees.

In most of the cases when belles just sit and talk, they mostly discuss the golden beauty of Kanjeevarams and Banarasi silks. But when we step forward a little more in the textile industry, we get to know that Bengal handloom is the most ancient one in our country, draped by the women who know fashion and have an aesthetic sense by heart. Yes, it is sad but a reality that these beauties are rarely spoken off. However, there are real gems in this corner of ‘Bengali couture’ where one can find different types of famous Bengali sarees.


Count On Ethereal Facts:

1. Bengal is known for producing best quality of cotton sarees
2. You can find a variety of cotton and silks here
3. Handwork sarees are just stupendous, so whenever you dart on the map to visit West Bengal, make sure you have a plan to steal them
4. You just can’t complete your saree draping without a big red bindi!
5. Thanks to the clime of the state which has helped a lot to gain popularity of tant sarees and cotton sarees among the mass

Now move on to next and explore the real show of vivacious types of Bengali sarees...

1. Taant Saree

The best handloom result of Bengal textile industry and we are privileged that we get best in women sarees in the form of eco-friendly taant sarees or tant sarees. The main feature of these traditional tant sarees is their broad red anchal and the complete bodice in milky white hue. These light in weight sarees are the exclusive products of Murshidabad, Nadia, Hooghly, and Dhaka, Tangail in Bangladesh. They are a great hit during Durga Puja and other festivals. You might have spotted a Bong beauty during fest times and couldn’t sweep off your eyes.

Yeah! I understand!
Well, these sarees are also comfortable to wear during humid atmosphere and soak sweat like magic. So, just set yourself on relax mode before and after buying these sarees.

Style Tips:
• Pick red or pure golden hue blouse to match with this saree.
• Puff sleeved blouses are generally famous to team up with this type of blouses.

2. Korial Saree

Now this is another presentation of red and white Bengali sarees, other than taant. Festive occasions like Durga puja, Saraswati Puja, Laxmi Puja and other festivals are the right time to dewrap these pretties and drape like a queen. The main feature of this type of saree is its pure white border and broad red border (somewhat slimmer than in taant sarees). Bengalis believe that this saree is a representation of the incarnation of Maa Durga or women power inside the women. It brings pureness, wisdom, and power to the spirit of the woman.

Style Tips:
• Team it with stud red and gold jewels, heavy mid bun, chik necklace and flat footwear.
• Pick out red coloured blouse with any kind of sleeves.
• You can also attach kamarband for grace up your entire appeal.

3. Tussar Saree

Tussar saves the third place in the list and is exclusively produced in several places and on large scale in Kolkata or West Bengal. The main feature of these sarees is the patta and the buti style of the saree which is quite adored among the Bengali women mass. You can also observe kantha stitch on Tussar silk sarees.

Do you know Bong women have a keen liking towards silk sarees? And these sarees just cater the best of women’s wish because of its fine quality of silk. Tussar silk is also known as kosa silk which is a famous product of Bhagalpur, Bihar and Malda district of West Bengal.

Style Tips:
• Spiff up your look in an instant by wearing big earrings such as chandelier earrings, or jhumkas, traditional rings, necklace and flat footwear.
• Wear half sleeves blouse or quarter sleeve blouse with this type of drape.

4. Garad Saree

Garad sarees are the expensive ones in the category of taant, korial or red and white traditional Bengali sarees.
So, what’s the difference?
They are almost similar to an amateur but only an expert eye can tell the difference between them which lies in their border designing. The border of garad saree is little lighter than the korial saree but showcase luxe in the best way. One can wear them it traditional occasions and reasons to freeze everyone’s stares.

Style Tips:
• Adopt the Bengali enthusiasm in you by carrying this attire with red bindi and red drawing which they used to draw on feet and palms.
• Traditional rings and chandeliers will suit you.
• Pick out Bishop sleeved or puff sleeved blouses with these types of Bengali sarees.

5. Murshidabad Silk Saree

Murshidabad is a small and beautiful district of West Bengal and the beauty resides not only inside the nature of the place but in the hands of the craftsmen as well. The weavers and craftsmen are really famous for their works making West Bengal a famous state for its aesthetic sense.

The silks are produced locally here and this how it confines the purity of the material. Murshidabad silk sarees are not only famous in Bengal but also in other states and countries like Bangladesh.

Style Tips:
• Complement the vehement pattern and handworks of the saree by carrying them with pretty terracotta jewellery and antique accessories.
• Finish off your complete look by matching flat footwear or Kohlapuris.
• Wear single hue blouse to highlight the colourful beauty of the saree.

6. Dhakai Jamdani Saree

Well, for this category you owe a lot to Mughal artisans. Dhakai Jamdani is one of the finest muslin textile productions of West and East Bengal. Jamdani sarees are made of pure cotton with floral or figure designs on the body part of the saree. Go to Kolkata or visit any stylish Bong women’s house, and if you explore her wardrobe you will definitely find an array of exquisite jamdanis. This type of saree feature light in weight texture and thus perfect during humid seasons. The saree is partially sheer and airy which provide utter breathability to the skin.

The saree has grabbed its name from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka from where it has taken inspiration of beautiful floral and different designer works on saree.

Style Tips:
• Accessorise this saree with pretty drop earrings and heart shaped necklace.
• Don’t forget to carry a tribal potli or folded clutch to give a vintage effect.

7. Baluchari Saree

This is another fine product by the weavers of Murshidabad. Baluchari sarees are quite famous around the region and in all over India due to their quality of fibre and beautiful prints. Do you know the weaving and complete making of one Baluchari saree take the effort of weeks?

You can find more amazing varieties in Baluchari sarees:
Baluchuri sarees: They showcase colours of one or two threads interlocked in the weaving patterns on entire sarees.
Meenakari sarees: Almost similar to Baluchari, but these sarees have attractive Meenakari works on it.
Swarnachari sarees: This saree features golden prints on it making it perfect for wedding times and fest hours.
Style Tips:
• Style up with real pearl necklace set.
• Rustic golden embellished footwear will look awesome with this kind of sarees.

8. Bengal Phulia Handwoven Saree

West Bengal has created this all new handloom weaving style in recent years – known as Fulia. The main feature of this style lies in its yarns, weaving techniques and textures. The pretty motifs and nouveau designs are not present in dominant fashion in these handloom sarees but one can sniff the love of Bengal with the saree’s colour and feel.

The variety of base fabric used to make this sarees is endless and you can explore this beauty made in Ghicha, mulberry silk; tassar, matka, cotton and etc. The textures are really mind boggling and there is no customised formula to make this. Do you know that the master weavers of Fulia use permutations and combinations of yarn to create them?

Style Tips:
• Layered earrings and sleek necklace will suit you in this attire.
• Catch up the grace with pretty and sleek red bangles and Kohlapuri sandals.
• Finish off your complete get up by donning with a red bindi.

9. Matka Silk Saree

Matka silk showcases the rich variety and luxe of pure silk fabric family and due to the same, the texture of matka silk is slight rough like tweed, yet has a very strong shine. This adorable texture is acquired from the sericin coating on the yarn, renderinf the fabric which is amalgamated with unevenness.

You need to buy matka silk Bengali saree to feel the essence of joy when you can actually drape nature around you. These sarees come with amazing and various kinds of artwork. Pure matka silk sarees are made from the thickest mulberry silkworm yarns.

Style Tips:
• Maintain the simplicity by wearing a sleek antique gold necklace and stud earrings.
• Carry a folded clutch to take all your nitty gritty and Kohlapuris will make your entire look complete.

10. Kantha Stitch Saree

Kantha stitch is a traditional practice and style of embroidery in Bolpur-Santiniketan regions of West Bengal. The stitch is characterised by a kind of running stitch through which different types of patterns are made. This style is intricately and manually done by hand and most of the weavers of this stylish stitch are women. The density of these weaves decides how much ‘heavy’ or ‘light’ is the saree.
It takes around weeks and months to complete this art by rural women of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Style Tips:
• Wear terracotta jewellery and carry accessories to spiff up the raw essence of the attire.
• Don with small bindi and sleek bangles.

11. Batik Print Saree

Batik printed sarees are the creative representations of the [people and their imaginations. Most of the times, the prints go abstract but you can also explore the contemporary side. These sarees start their range from Rs. 800 and go upto 25000. If you wish to discover the aesthetic sense of these sarees, then you can also find the trace of them around 2000 years back.
The designers make this print manually by hands and even customers or wearers can also ask for the customised or personalised works.

Style Tips:
• Tribal jewellery will suit this style the most; so don’t take your step backwards if it personally doesn’t incite interest in you.
• Side sling bag will be enough to give you a raw Bengali appeal.

12. Khesh Saree

This type of weave is the pride of Birbhum which is done with new yarn and the weft with strips of thin cloth. It is the tradition of the place which is carried out by the family members of the weavers. This product comes in hand-block prints with slight irregularities. These nitty gritty add a unique charm to the exquisite piece of saree.

Style Tips:
• As the sarees are pretty plain yet eye catching, you should need to add stars by all yourself. Try this with pretty pom-pom earrings and catchy tribal necklace.
• Finish off your look with pretty mojaris or Punjabi juttis.

13. Mul Cotton Saree

Mulmul is one of the brightest and lightest pride of North East India. The fabric is extremely breathable and soft to touch and thus taken as one of the best fabrics in the market. Due to such extraordinary features, they are a great inclusive during summers since it absorbs moisture and keeps the body cool. Mul cotton sarees can be dyed easily and gets softer with every wash.

Style Tips:
• The beauty of this saree is in its simplicity which can be perked up when worn with plain or solid coloured blouses.
• Wear your attitude with fabricated bangles and flat footwear.
• A deep hue bindi is a must with this type of Indian women wear.

14. Tangail Sarees

Tangail has its own story on the same point too. At that time, Hindus moved from Tangail during partition as refugees to develop India's modern Jamdani industry. It was at that time in Tangail, the craft of Jamdani weaving reincarnated.
The Tangail sarees are also made in silk instead of cotton as silk has a much softer texture than the starchy cotton fabric and thus it is easier in silk fabrics to sew and weave.

Style Tips:
• The sheen or lustre of the Tangail Saree is really incomparable and nothing can compare with the available hues in this type of sarees. Choose your saree’s colour according to your liking and complexion.
• Spiff up the beauty of your saree and yours by complementing it with designer saree blouse.
• Catch up the heat of the season by getting it correctly. Wear a large bright bindi and check Bengali style saree draping with this type of sarees.

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