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Different Alluring Types of Saree Designs You Must Know

Saree designs are one thing which we can never miss while buying this staple. But do you know how many of these amazing types of saree designs exist and how they are different from each other??? Don't worry; you can do it now. Find out the vivacious range of enthralling saree designs & become the fashion expert in a snap. Unroll!!!

by : Manisha. On 30/03/17. 0 Comments.

Are you in for a ride to amazing traits of Indian fashion??? If yes then you are going to love the assorted range of alluring saree designs. I know we all are pretty versed with the most charming and perhaps the only existing weave from past which of course is sari. But did you ever lay emphasis on the designs of this ethereal drape??? I don’t think so. But let me tell you once you discover the complete ensemble of traditional designs of Indian sarees, you will fall more for the staple. Plus, you will be able to find out that how many of these you have in your wardrobe for now & how many you need to grab in the near future. Taken from almost all the states of the country, each saree design is equally gorgeous and captivating. The blend of radiant shades and bold prints can create magic in a moment and haul you in the spotlight of any occasion. And if you are a true admirer of rural Indian fashion and cultural heritage, you have got your wish in the form of some of these breathtaking Indian saree designs. Bundle up!!!

Plus, it’s not something which is just informative regarding Indian fashion but it will also bring you closer to timeless ethnic culture and heritage. So here is your fashion dose, just take it in & reinvent your ethnic avatar like never before. You go, girl!!!

Phulkari – Aroma of Flowers

What comes first in the mind when you hear the word ‘Phulkari’??? The land of blooming flowers – Punjab.
Phulkari is the traditional saree design of Punjab which is widely popular and celebrated in the state. Not only in the saree but the design is also used in the making of traditional salwar suits, kurtis, lehengas, jackets and other ethnic staples. It is basically the art of creating beautiful flower work on any fabric. The use of colourful threads and intricate detailed work is the highlight of this saree design. One of the best creations to adorn during Indian festivals!!!

Ikat – Beautiful Blend

The design is predominantly known for its ‘blurriness’. Have you ever slipped into a saree where its design is little clouded or obscured??? That is what ikat saree design is. The combination of multiple colours, complex patterns and a bit of blurriness forms an ikat printed saree which is highly popular in middle age women for its incredible raw and feminine appeal. The impact of blurred patterns on any fabric depends on the skills of the weaver. Sarees with slight blurry designs are more expensive compared to the others with more cloudy images.

Zardosi - Royalty

The whole design is hidden in the word. ‘Zar’ is gold and ‘dosi’ is embroidery. The art of creating designs on any fabric with gold thread is what zardosi saree design. The whole work talks about the royalty and richness. Earlier, it was used to fabricate garments of kings and queens with real gold and silver strings. But now the weavers make use of copper wire with gold polish and silk thread to create fancy designs and art. Zardosi is basically metal embroidery which also makes use of pearls and precious stones to add glamour and royalty to the complete personality.

Kalamkari – Incredible Art

One of the most loved and favoured pick of Indian women due to its incredible art and historic touch.
Kalamkari is basically a hand painting which is done by skilled craftsperson to add life to the fabric. Two styles of kalamkari art are done in our country. The one known as ‘Srikalahasti’ is a free hand drawing with a pen which involves usage of multiple colours and paints to draw historical images and snippets. The highlight of this art is beautiful temple images, flower paintings, little snippets from ancient mythological classics. The art is majorly known for cotton saree designs. You just can’t ignore it.

Bandhej – Culture Rich

The traditional art work of Rajasthan is widely popular across all over the world and looks incredibly beautiful and elegant. Have you ever seen Rajasthani woman dressed in typical Bandhej saree with traditional metal jewellery and accessories. The main highlight of this type of designs for saree is the symmetry of the pattern and inclusion of ombre colours like pink and red. These sarees are the attraction of Indian festivals and other traditional occasions. Get the one for yourself to stay pristine to the roots!!!

Gota - Lustrous

This one is also the glory of Rajasthan and mostly seen during traditional weddings and grand ceremonies. The art of sewing small pieces of glistening zari over the border of the fabric is what makes gota embroidery. Though the craft hails from Rajasthan, it is exclusively used in South India for the formation of weddings outfits and formal wears. Gota is usually a gold or silver ribbon embellished with sparkling stones and beads to get the desired appeal. If you still can’t get it, remember school cultural fests where we used to dress in shiny clothes. There you are!!!

Stripe - Classy

If saree is your everyday style and you are just craving for comfort, stripe design is your call. The simple stripe printed sarees in multiple colours can enhance your ethnic look and make you look like million bucks at any point of time if properly draped. The subtle horizontal or vertical line design which may or may not be aligned in symmetry is the best to flaunt your bold and striking appeal. Pair these designer sarees with embellished or floral printed blouses to give your best shot.

Leheriya – Simply Beautiful

As the name suggests, the saree design is also one of the most popular and attractive traditional art works of Rajasthan. The wave is popularly called as ‘leheriya’ in the state and thus the weaving design got its name due to its symmetrical wavy patterns. The combination of bright colours and distinct wave patterns is what describes leheriya saree design. It’s like a zigzag formation in various multiple colour stripes which just looks like a water flow. Rajasthani women can never ditch this beautiful traditional saree during important cultural moments and fests.

Patola - Striking

The pride of Gujarat ‘Patola sarees’ are one of the most lavish and stylish Indian sarees. The Gujarat also popularly known as ‘queen of silks’ is the only manufacturer of this saree design due to the high complexity and cost of the weaving technique. Known to be one of the most eye-catching silk saree designs, patola sarees speaks about the royalty and the richness of Indian culture. We have also seen these lush sarees being a part of various prominent fashion shows and walks.

Digital Prints – Bold & Contemporary

If you are a fashionista and love slipping into the enthralling capacity of long nine yard weave but don’t want to give up on your sassy style statement, catch up with stylish digital printed sarees. These cool modern day sarees are perfect outfit for contemporary women to rock their office look. The random prints and colourful images is what expound the digital prints design for saree. Pair these gorgeous sarees with plain blouses and trendy jewellery to make a statement at any moment.

Batik – Exceptionally Feminine

Batik is hugely appreciated and loved traditional Indian artwork which is used to create magnificent ethnic staples. The word means dot. The art is crafted by drawing either dots or lines over the fabric with the help of wax-resist technique. And then the craftsperson can easily fill colours by soaking the fabric in either one colour or multiple hues. If you will ever go to Kolkata, you will come across the allure and charm of batik printed sarees. Majorly designed on natural raw shades, these traditional drapes look breathtaking on every woman.

Chevron – Zig-Zag

What you will say about quirky zigzag pattern???
This saree design is huge craze among young women and fashion lovers. An inverted V-shaped pattern looks bold and classy when adorned by any woman regardless of her body shape, size, skin tone and height. Make sure that you wear these contemporary designed sarees with right kind of blouse and accessories to make heads turn around. Also, wear these sarees depending on the theme of the occasion and sometimes audience matters the most.

Aztec – Full of Colours

The word hails from Mexico thus one can see Mexican traditional designs and patterns on these ravishing sarees. The combination of bold colours and classy prints is what defines Aztec saree design. These sarees can’t be worn at every occasion as you can get the idea by the images shown here. Wear these sarees at your workplace or meetings to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. The bold appeal of this sarees doesn’t match with the Indian festivities and other traditional gala.

Embellished – Party Pick

Be it mirror work, sequins, stones, lace or any other kind of embellishment, all comes in this category. These exquisite designs are used for crafting lavish designer sarees and lehengas. If you are on a lookout for party dress or wedding attire, this saree design can grab you all the accolades you have always dreamt of. Make sure to pair these luxurious sarees with royal jewellery and accessories to become the fashion icon of the season.

Polka Dot – Mood Swings

Polka dot – does the words strike something in head???
The design was always there in shirts, tees, dupattas and other things but polka dot sarees are new in town and have simply caused sensation in the world of fashion. This contemporary design is perfect choice for fashion lovers to stay fashionable and trendy while dressed in an ethereal Indian staple. Make sure that you wear these sarees with stunning blouse designs to hold a gaze at any occasion or gala.

Saree is forever spellbinding & we simply can’t get enough of it. So, it’s time to pay back to the staple by getting friendly with its incredibly alluring designs.

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