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Dear Bridesmaids, Know What Your Duties Are!

Handle the responsiblty of being a good bridesmaid with the given instructions and make a happy bride with your little-little efforts!

by : Garima. On 01/02/16. 0 Comments.

A bridesmaid is the most supportive pillar on which a nervous and anxious would-be bride can blindly lean on for everything! It is therefore, the duty of every girl to know her duties and responsibilities as the bridesmaid and play each role perfectly through the following instructions:-

1. Help Her Choose a Good Salon
Considering all the chaos and confusion taking place in a bride's mind, it becomes your foremost duty to help her think clearly! Move out, ask knowns, explore and then go by a good salon for all her pre-bridal and bridal packages, because that is what makes up every bit of a charming bride.

2. Go Shop With Her
After finalising the salon, escort the lovely bride on all her shopping trips! Be it shopping for her hair accessories, jewellery or her wedding lehenga, just stand by her and help her choose the best of things.

3. Do Her Lingerie Shopping
Amidst all the other shoppings, buying lingerie is the most important and exciting of all! Help the bride pick up stuffs that will foster romance between the couple.

4. Accompany Her in Card Distribution
If she is going to distribute her wedding invites to her relatives and friends, then do not let her do that all alone. Accompany her, she would love it!

5. Arrange Dj, Mehendiwala & Photographer
Look for the best DJ, Mehendiwala and photograher in the town to make her marriage the best of key affairs that has taken place in her entire life!

6. Make her Eat and Sleep Well
Stuck in the middle of various Indian ceremonies and rituals, her sleep and diet gets affected the most! So, go on taking a proper care of her sleep and food.

7. Take Responsibility of her Phone
There will be calls and only calls coming for the bride during all her hectic wedding functions! In such a situation it becomes your rightful duty to keep her cell phone with you and make only the important calls reach her.

8. Support her Emotionaly
From the starting of her wedding preparations till the time she has gone away to her new home; this time frame is the most crucial and emotionally delicate phase for a girl. She needs your endless support and presence all this time!

9. Keep A Emergency Kit Ready
On her D-Day, everything needs to be just perfect and in place! So, prepare a kit which includes few safety pins, bobby pins, tissues, ban- aid, cotton, mascara, rose water and her lipshade for any of the emergency situations. Any moment you might require these!

10. Do Something Memorable for her
Make the bride's last moments with her family and friends the most memorable ones by dedicating a special dance performance or a song for her. You could even prepare a lovely video of the bride.

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