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Crop Top Bridal Lehengas According To Women Body Shape

For all 2017 brides and fashion enthusiasts, here is a good call for all of you! Now wear your favourite crop tops as cholis in designer lehengas and show off conventionalist a better way of flaunting.

by : Paromita. On 03/01/17. 0 Comments.

What? Crop Tops? ‘Ladies, you should know westerns are totally prohibited in bridal trousseau!’
Naah, not anymore! As we all know that lehenga cholis are the typical Indian bridal pieces, crop tops in place of cholis or traditional blouse designs can be used. These are not essential bride’s tops but can be the premium one for the bride with unparallel choices. So, this is a good trivia to all crop top lovers that bridal crop top included lehengas and saree blouses have taken over the whole market. Talk about a modern bride or the vintage one, the design of cropped blouse have been used since years. And we didn’t know! Now every modern bride just falls for this type of ethnic wear and loves to try it with quirky traditional lehengas which are now great picks for weddings.
So, are you ready for the unparallel ethnic craze?

The basic difference between a crop top and a conventional blouse or choli is their shape and structure. The basic choli just looks like a brassiere and thus needed to cover the form with dupatta but a crop top like blouse showcase a more free form attached to the bust. They are better and provide freedom of movement as well. You do not have to think twice even before bending over someone.

But you will need a clear cheat sheet on how to wear crop top bridal lehengas with different types of body shapes. Indeed, it matters a lot. Check out now...

Petite Figure – Straight Lehenga

Lehengas which tend to straight and constraint fall are perfectly made for petite girls. The sweet faces can adore these types of lehengas with deeper shades. Some of the mysterious shades are Marsala, dark silver, chocolate, bottle green, rusty golden and much more like them. Embellished works look good on them but opt for the lesser one. These things are here to broaden the shape and size and you do not need to have this here.

Style File:
1. Contrasting crop tops with a lesser pleated skirt is another amazing option for the girls.
2. Pair them with tiara instead of heavy maang tikkas and catch out sleek wavy hair look.
3. Bold and thicker bangles or kadas are not just your type of game.

Column Figure – Cape Style

You can call it rectangular as well and people having this kind of body have the same bust and hip size. If you are one of them, don’t worry and just choose the right type of fabric and ethnic weave to mesmerise the seer. Now this shape is a little bit different from brick figure-line. Column figure girls are somewhat leaner than the general ones and can be called ectomorph.

To cover up these tiny details, adore cape style lehengas with embroidered work patterns or floral prints. To highlight your curves put border work on your crop top cape.

Style File:
1. Coral and pastel colours are best for the bride
2. Dusty embellished work will look great and make her look fuller over all
3. Chokers and hand harness will be great complementary accessories

Neat Hourglass – Deep Plunged Choli

Neat hourglass are for the chic girls and their body, I think, is made from heaven! Well, personally, I love this kind of figure because a girl with this figure line can go with any kind of dress and doesn’t think beyond once. Proportionate bust and buttocks.

Women with neat hourglass figure can show off a little more with deep plunged crop top lehengas. Put on a little contour around the cleavage to make it a preppy-sassy move. Princess cut lehengas look awesome here, so adorn them with a perfect head chain.

Style File:
1. Darker and deeper shades look best on this type of lehengas are best for the bride
2. Work on hues only so, that everyone can easily drool over your figure

Full Hourglass – What Else Do You Need?

Just like an elder sister of ‘Neat Hourglass’!
Well, women having complete hourglass figure are free to own anything at any occasion. Still, do you want some gup-shup!?

Try out bold and sassy move here with bustier crop choli and let them bite their nails in amazement. Deep neck and extra short choli adhere will look amazing on you. Try full sleeves for a taller illusion.

Style File:
1. Thread works look handsome on these kinds of lehenga crop tops
2. Be it dark, deep, light, pastel and coral, everything will suit you
3. Long patterns work for a great you

Pear Figure – Quarter Or Full Sleeve

You can also take it as ‘triangle shape’ and women with this kind of shape have broader hip area and proportionately lesser bust area. And crop top and lehenga can be a perfect solution to this kind of figure. Opt for full sleeves and quarter sleeved choli or blouse for a slimmer look.

Style File:
1. Choose fewer work patterns on sleeves and keep the hemline exactly fitting
2. Deep hues will be great for a complete appeal
3. Long designs and patterns on lehengas will create a taller illusion and thus the same will reflect on your shape

Apple Figure – Sleeveless Blouse

Round shape and a little plump define this kind of shape – Apple. Women with this kind of figure line boast heavy breasts and broader hip line. If the bearer is taller, then it looks fine and sorted but the problem arises when she is a little short. Work on your shoulders and lower abs to attain a perfect look. Buy sleeveless crop top online and match it with any of the contrasting heavy lehenga and you’re done with all. Short sleeve, sleeveless or bustier make the overall looks smoother and thus a great pick up.

Style File:
1. Try networked lehenga choli online with delicate thread patterns
2. Pastel hues will provide you with a win-win situation
3. Sleek golden work or patchwork is also great for apple figure-line women

Inverted Triangle – Boxy Blouse & Lehenga

Pretty girls having broader breast line and narrow buttocks area can be said to have inverted triangle figure. Avoid too tight choli and streamline or straight lehengas as they can highlight your boxy upper body. Instead, you can take a great advantage out of your figure and can opt for boxy crop tops. These tops will make your peers think that it is your choli which is giving a broader look. Clever, no!?

Style File
1. Try flowy top in this category so choose georgette kind of fabrics for the lehenga choli design
2. Golden thread work will make it an awesome combo
3. Stripes can create magic on crop tops and can be amazingly clubbed with lehenga sarees

Brick Shape- Jacket Lehenga

Column shape and brick shape are somewhat similar yet have a great difference. Know what? Shoulder bone and pelvic bone is broader than the common measurements and thus taller girls can boast off their advantage. Take out cropped jacket lehengas adorned with minor thread works to complement your beauty in the most suitable way.

Style File:
1. Extra short cropped cholis look great here and provide a taller illusion
2. Rich border work or half way work will look excellent
3. Avoid too much of anything – be it jewellery or design

Tall Figure – Full Circle Lehenga

A plush of bright colours and divine flow are everything that anyone can desire with this size. Bollywood actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and etc. look ethereal in full circle or layered lehenga cholis. These types of lehengas showcase full coverage and a lassy leg diva only can handle this affair. Try to show off more of your torso with extra short crop tops and adorn full ghera lehenga.

Style File:
1. Adorn your beauty with maang tikka and traditional choker necklace
2. Too much work can overshadow your height so try to be more simple and sassy

Designer Lehengas For All Complexions

Besides shape and size, complexion is another issue for all fashionistas. Isn’t it? You love one colour, shop it and adorn and later you get to know that it actually doesn’t go well with your complexion. So, this has become a general story to every girl. But there are hues which kiss every type of skin with much intensity and admiration. Such as;

Marsala Or Deep Maroon: Calculate your duskiness and this shade will never mind it. Deep maroon looks equally cool on a lady as well on a young star as well. Its deeper contour seems to intensify your otherwise dullness and ooze out your bright features instantly.

Golden And Sea Green: Dusky golden and see green (sometimes called as turquoise) can be a great friend indeed. These colours look ethereal on every type of brides. The pretty golden dust is to enhance the glow and sea green makes out a possible way to become for all.

Bright Pink: This colour denotes the mind and high spirit of youth and thus can be called a perfect match with the soul. But partly it also partakes into the role of intensifying your colour complexion.

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