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Confused? Chronograph Watch Vs. Analogue Watch Vs. Digital Watch

Don't get confused or make fashion blunders! Know more about the types of watches.

by : Isabel. On 06/05/16. 0 Comments.

Yes, nowadays everybody has a cell phone or two or some another source to keep a tab on time. But don’t you think, we a keen liking towards these timepieces? Their exquisite designs, elegant straps, advanced movement technologies and dial designs are some core factors which make us to fall into their love.

Chronograph Watch

Though little bit complicated, chronograph watches have two or more dials on the main dial. Those dials may showcase day, date, seconds, directions and many other possible things. Generally, these watches are given sturdier look with comparatively larger dial (as they need more space to flaunt its luxurious things). These are available for both men and women.

You can wear it with evergreen rugged denims or ethnic skirts (for a change) to make it a loud display.

Analogue Watch

Do you know that the watch’s hour hand shows us the true path or position of the sun!?

Not like digital, but these analogues have a very simple display which indicates typical motion of seconds, minutes and hours. With two or three rotatory hands, analogue watches look simple and go apt in every occasion.

Digital Watch

Just unlike to above mentioned, chronograph or analogue watches, digital watches flows in a digital world. It displays no hour or seconds hand but tells you the time in digital order like; 13:45. provides several types of dial and strap designs in a very affordable range. You can take it on with your sport appeal.

No matter whatever you have, IndiaRush provides you exact reasons while shopping watches that you will end up saying, “I can’t stop scrolling! Let me do this for the whole day.

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