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Colours For Summers!

Make the summers of 2016 more vibrant and lively by introducing the cool summer shades in your wardrobe!

by : Garima. On 01/03/16. 0 Comments.

Summers have set in completely and you need to deck yourself up with the trendiest colours that are a hit this year! The following information will help you better in understanding which colours to invest in:-
1. Turquoise
Add the cool and refreshing shade of summers in your dressing in the form of turquoise colour. Nothing can beat the soothing effect that is gives to the eyes!
2. Emerald
Emerald holds an air of royal elegance and grace about itself! So, go on flaunting its richness this year with the utmost style and swag you have!
3. Coral
Coral has become the must have colour of this scorching season, which looks uber cool and trendy on women belonging to every different age group.
4. Sunkissed Yellow
Go on colouring yourself with the tint of bright sun-kissed yellow and give the sunny sunshine a grand welcome that it has never ever received before!
5. Orange
Raise the temperature of hot summers a level higher by including the tanginess of orange shade in your apparels or accessories. Burn it up!
6. Lilac
Introduce your closet with the delicate glamour of lylac colour and go on radiating its rich beauty, which is head to toe flawless!
7. Fuchsia Pink
Pink is one of those tones that no girl has ever remained away from! Dress up in the splendor and opulence of fuchsia pink and look your best.
8. Mint Green
When we try to take green shade towards the cool blue section many times lighter, it then results in the formation of mint green. Step out embracing its charm!

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