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Checklist for Every Bridesmaid Planning a Bachelorette!

Make the bachelorette of your best friend or sister the best day of her life with the checklist given to help and guide you!

by : Garima. On 29/01/16. 0 Comments.

Cherishing a memorable bachelorette is the right of every would-be bride! So, go on making it the best day of her life with the following checklist, if you have been made the bridesmaid:-

1. Know Bride's Preferences

Before deciding anything for the bachelorette, have a word with the bride to know all her preferences and choices about the kind of bachelorette she is expecting! After this discussion only, move on to the next level.

2. Chalk Out a Theme

After you know what exactly the bride wants, think of a theme that can beautifully string the pearls of her wishes together and make her 'bachelorette' the most special time of her life.

3. Think of a Venue

Choosing a perfect venue is your next task! Go for a venue that completely supports the party theme. Like for a Swim Suit Party theme choose a pool side area and for a Pajama Party theme make an arrangement for a spacious living room.

4. Pull Out a Date

Look for a date that is not clashing with any of the bride's important function or her shopping schedule, so that she can have a relaxed and fun bachelorette experience!

5. Decide Food and Drinks Menu

Food and drinks act as the major attraction of the party, so settle down for a menu that will suit each and everybody present in the Bachelorette!

6. Make Games List

Do not let your guests get bored and fill in the entertainment element by preparing a good list of games for them. Make them enjoy themselves to the fullest!

7. Prepare the Guest list

So, after everything has set in well, prepare the list of guests that the bride would love to see in her party. Do not miss on anybody important!

8. Send Out Invites

Once the guest list has been finalised, go on sending the invites prepared to the respective people in time. Do not make it any late!

9. Help the Bride in Shopping

Be a responsible bridesmaid and accompany the bride on her shopping spree! Help her choose an outfit and everything else required to make her look heavenly beautiful.

10. Take Care of the Party

The whole sole responsibility of handling the entire party is definitely yours! So, make sure that the guests have made themselves comfortable and are able to rejoice everything.

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