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Bollywood Saree Inspiration for Farewell Party!

Make your farewell the best party ever with Bollywood inspired sarees for the occasion!

by : Garima. On 10/03/16. 0 Comments.

Be it your golden school or college time, the end of its beautiful journey is marked by the most memorable day of your life called 'farewell day'! To make this day the most loveliest of all, listed below are the best saree picks for young girls that are highly influenced by our Bollywood actresses:-
1. Wear the poise of light weight sea green floral saree like our 'Dimple Queen'! 2. Take inspiration from Kareena Kapoor and sizzle the entire party with your avatar!
3. Set everything around you at spark in a trendy dhoti saree like that of Sonam Kapoor! 4. Go on choosing electrifying colours as Piggy Chops has adorned herself with!
5. Symbolize the cool breeze and drape something like Shraddha Kapoor has! 6. Steal some bold and pretty attributes from white lace saree worn by Kangana Ranaut!
7. Colour combinations of Shilpa Shetty's saree make it a good option for your farewell day! 8. The liveliness of Sonakshi Sinha's colourful saree will jazz up the aura of your party!

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