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Stop being a bore now and go on wooing your best friend with the most exciting gift ideas for his special birthday!

by : Garima. On 05/03/16. 0 Comments.

Have you not done anything special for your male best friend's birthday ever? Well, if not then its high time that you make his birthday the most memorable one with the following best gift ideas and see him happy from head to toe:-

1. Fancy Cake
Show some mercy on the poor birthday boy and give him a little change from the usual chocolate or fruit cakes that you have been gifting him! Go surprising him with a fancy cake this time and see the level of his happiness soaring high.


2. Keychain
If you wish to give your bestie something that he can use everyday, then pick up a nice keychain for him which will hold his bike or car keys. On all rides and drives this keychain will remain with him!


3. Shaving Kit
Help him achieve a smart and clean every day with the excellence and perfection offered by a good quality shaving kit. He will just keep thanking you for this thoughtful gift!


4. Bow Tie
Men look amazingly dashing when the charm of a tie or a bow tie is added to their personality. So, go and get him a handsome bow tie that he can put on to compliment his looks even more!


5. Perfume
Gifting a good perfume or cologne to the birthday boy is the best idea that can save him and everybody around him from his body odor in hot summers! Strong perfumes and deos can really save the world from sweating men!


6. Personalized Pillows
Give him the most beautiful present of personalized pillows that have the picture of his favourite cartoon character, movie star or pop singer, which he can comfortably keep under his head and sleep well every night!


7. Gym Essentials Kit
Gym and fitness is something that every man is freaking concerned about all the time! Gift him something that he necessarily requires at his gym everyday or an entire gym essentials kit. He will surely go gaga over this present!


8. Booze Party
Booze and boys are inseparable from each other! So, the best of all surprises is to throw a nice booze party for him and ask all his close friends to join it. This will make up for the most special birthday of his ever!


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