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Best Women Dresses for Sweaty Indian Summers

Who wants to be the sunshine of the soggy season??? Let's take a ride and discover the most comfortable yet stylish women dresses which are simply perfect to beat the heat of Indian summers. Keep the world on feet by walking with sass and style in these chic summer outfits.

by : Manisha. On 15/04/17. 0 Comments.

The answer lies in one word, actually two – anything cool. Indian summers are dripping hot and sticky. Moreover, as the year passing, the intensity of heat waves is reaching to new level and douching us in sweat. What can we do to shield our gorgeous body and soul from this roasting weather??? Simple, if you can’t have the perfect weather, you can grab the perfect outfit. What say??? The best way to walk like a chic in summers is to choose your clothes wisely and what goes best with the season type and your individual style statement. Make sure to pick the right fabric and right types of neck and sleeve patterns to give your best shot at any point of time and beat the heat with your dazzling personality. Gone are the days when women can slip into any outfit and give up their darling comfy zone to just look beautiful. It’s time when they know how to stay fashionable and trendy while keeping peace with their valuable comfort. Let’s slay the world together!!!

From long flowy skirts to ill-fitted sassy tops, there is a vivacious range of to-go-summer outfits which can do wonders to any woman’s persona and bring her in the league of badass fashion experts. Who wants to be a part of that??? If you are a genuine fashion lover, you don’t need to give up your incredible style just because of bad weather. However, you can live it to the fullest by dressing like a chic and walking like a diva. Ready to make that possible!!!


Long Floral Skirts

One of the best ways to give your ethnicity a shot during scorching weather!!!
The long traditional or contemporary designed skirts can be your perfect mate in summers. You should definitely pick them because they will not only protect your legs from tanning but also keeps your cool and airy to dazzle like a sassy lass. Go preferable for cotton skirts as the fabric is known to be one of the most skin friendly and refreshing weaves. If you will ask me about the prints, I will surely suggest you to fall in love with charming floral designs and patterns. The combination is beyond perfect and can make you the fashion icon of the sweaty summers.

Cotton Sarees

As already mentioned about the amazing traits of cotton, you can feel the love for alluring cotton sarees in summer season. Saree is simply the best outfit to slip into at any time of the season just because of the fact that you can do a lot of things with this enchanting drape. Like in summers, pick a gorgeous cotton saree and drape it in a conventional style to feely airy and comfortable. Pair these Indian staples with quarter sleeves or strap sleeves blouse and trendy jewellery to hold a gaze at any moment. Available in variety of prints and designs, these cool traditional garments are undoubtedly the best women wears for Indian summers.

Baggy Kurtis

Who wants to ditch kurtis in summers??? After all, this is women’s most loved attire during any bloated or lazy day. Go for ill-fitted or baggy kurtis to beat the sweaty season and pair these ethereal women weaves with leggings or other comfortable bottom wears. If you want make the most of the season, catch up with this amazing range of summer outfits in India and bring the best out of your flawless personality. It’s time to show the world the fashionista in you and flaunt your cool and sassy appeal like never before. Bundle up, you gorgeous!!!

Palazzo Suits

Palazzo pant with any kind of upper wear, be it kurti, tunic or designer kameez, is definitely one of the best summer dresses to chill like a water baby. These stylish women wears will never let you down and are completely occasion friendly. Whether the occasion is casual, office dressing or any party, you can slip into fashionable palazzo salwar suits without thinking twice and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Don’t let summers ruin your style statement, make it more awesome by dressing like a badass and grab eyeballs. Check out online palazzo suits at IndiaRush and get your wish instantly.


The sassy women pants have caused sensation in the fashion industry and are huge craze among fashion lovers and tinsel town divas to flaunt their cute girlie look and striking appeal. Make your look top notch by slipping into these cool women pants and bring people on their knees to address your bold style statement. Plus, you can wear it at any point of time. If going to office, pair it with crispy formal shirt and if the occasion is evening party, slip into stylish crop top with it and make heads turn around. Don’t you that that this is one of the best and coolest wears in Indian summer keeping the ongoing fashion trends in mind???


Maxi Dresses

The long floor length dress with baggy structure and airy feel is one of the sassiest and fashionable outfits for summers. Maxi dresses surely come in women’ s fave list as no other attire can match the comfort and charming appeal of these exquisite garments. Moreover, you can get dressed in these modern women wears at every occasion, be it house party or beach fun. Go for soothing or fun prints to match the blazing vibes of the season and get the desired appeal. Make sure to pair attractive tribal coin or oxidised jewellery with these chic outfits and kiss your style like never before.

Denim Shorts

If you are in no mood to spend time in selecting an outfit to go with the soggy summers, just take out your fave shorts and slip into it to make a statement. Denim shorts or hot pants are forever love of any woman as they are the most comfortable and slinky women wears. Plus, you don’t need to work on other embellishments or add-ons as the outfit is enough to revamp your complete personality. Get ready to flaunt your gorgeous toned legs (Obviously they are!?) by slipping into extra short shorts and be the queen of sass in seconds. You go, girl!!!

Crop Tops

Young girls have replaced their western wardrobe with a spray of these sultry women tops. Crop tops are just an advanced version of forever women tops with bit more sassy appeal and bold looks. Make sure to pair them with the right bottom wear and accessories to bring the best out of you. There are various versions of crop top – plain subtle top, graphic printed crop top, emoji crop top or party-wear lace work crop top. Which one is your style or you want to seen in your darling closet???
Take a pick and get ready to dazzle like sunshine!!!

Off Shoulder Dresses

If you don’t want to keep it plain and go out of the box, just go with stylish off shoulder dresses. The bold appeal of these voguish women wears can make you look like million dollars in a snap and are the best to flare your summer look. Pick hues like alluring mustard, pastel pink, aqua blue or sea green to match the latest fashion trends and the sparkling vibes of the hot weather. You can pair cool white sneakers (White sneakers are love!) with these chic summer dresses and show off your phenomenal style statement at every moment.
Be it western or ethnic dress for summer; don’t forget to be your best without putting your valuable comfort at stake. Are you still thinking???

T-Shirt Dresses

I have to say – this is my personal fave type of summer outfit.
T-shirt dresses are simply the best if one is looking for utmost comfort and voguish look. Who doesn’t love to slip into an extra-sized baggy tee at any point of the day??? Pick the right fabric and length of the dress depending on your personal taste and mood to dazzle like a summer chic. Add stylish accessories and shoes to your ensemble for a clean yet quirky look. The style is for those fashion lovers who are always in hurry and can’t give enough time to look fashionable and trendy. You just need a pretty t-shirt dress and a handful of attractive jewellery to make a statement at any shiny day. Can you do that???

Chunk of Advice – Make sure to wear all above mentioned fabulous outfits in these cool and refreshing fabrics only.

Indian summer is something you can’t love and you can’t even avoid. Whether it is mediocre April or scorching May and June, you can’t cease your everyday workaholic life and chill at home. So, what is better that you change your dressing style to beat the heat and feel cool & refreshing. What plays the most important part in any kind of clothing is the fabric that will cling to your body and make you realize about the intensity of the heat. So, it’s better not to risk with that. Here is the complete guideline to discover the most comfortable yet stylish types of fabrics which are perfect to slay the Indian summers and rock like a chic. Know them well –


The fabric is definitely the best choice for summers due to its amazing absorbing property and high durability. Moreover, cotton clothes are always women’s most favoured and loved staples because of the crisp texture and phenomenal feminine appeal. You can try cotton kurtas, salwar suits or better sarees to look beautiful and dazzling in the weather. Let the summer come & hug you.


Who says handloom doesn’t work in scorching weather??? The fabric provides extreme cooling effect and keeps your body airy and refreshing. Make sure to wear the loose ill-fitted khadi clothes to stay in utmost comfort and refreshing feel. It’s time to be the fashion queen of the hot season and bring the best out of your fabulous personality. What say???


Looks like a netted cloth in appearance; the linen fabric perfectly absorbs the moisture and brings utmost comforting feel to the wearer. Also, the material is extremely light in weight and easy to carry. You will get the massive alluring range of this fabric to meet all your fashion needs and desires. Get ready to cling to this gorgeous fabric to stay stylish and trendy.


If your daily wear is saree or salwar suit, chiffon fabric is the perfect choice for you. Known for its extreme lightweight and easy manageability, the fabric is the perfect choice for working women and homemakers. You don’t have to feel the weight of the material while looking extremely beautiful and stunning. Pair these modern day outfits with trendy oxidised jewellery to make a statement.


If you want a glossy effect but can’t go for silk keeping the heat waves in mind, you can always go with rayon fabric as it has got some amazing shine and also a very good heat conductor which makes it the most ideal choice for sweaty summers. Slip into this beautiful fabric and say ‘bye bye’ to hot, itchy summers by being the coolest chic of the town. Ready!?

Let’s not only beat the heat but kiss the sunrays by dressing like a chic. How??? Girl, you have got a plenty of cool outfits right over here to make it possible.

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