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Best Types Of Wears According To Your Skin Complexion

Have you seen honey, gold and brown sugar, dipped in chocolate? Well just as black, fair skin complexion has its own advantage and the fashion world changes for them accordingly. Know your skin type and style wear according to your skin tone and show off the world what you have the best.

by : Paromita. On 02/06/17. 0 Comments.

Are you fair? Do you think dark women have fewer choices in fashion?
Every colour is beautiful and we humans have a keen liking towards every type of hue; we just can’t deny this fact! Indians have different myths and logics regarding complexion which we truly find sometimes hilarious. Isn’t it!? Then come persons like Nandita Das who took the campaign Unfair And Lovely to the international level.

With such inspiring mood, I wish to discuss about our Indian skin complexion and how one can style with their own hue. From vivacious designs and to colours which will suit them, all are a matter of heavy turbulence when one is searching their wardrobe like a hunter (especially in the mornings). So here you go with the detailed description of trendy women dresses according to skin complexion which is quite wide – dusky, fair, olive, tan, dark...

Scroll down to open up the myths:

Dusky Skin

Most of our Indian population is privileged with this skin type and there is no deny that many international stars are dying to get this. (Well, this is a hyperbole!)

Well the complexion is very fine when the matter is about styling and bragging because the wearer doesn’t need to think much more on her appeal. Be it a long salwar suit or contemporary saree, mini dress or lavish gown, everything will suit her persona.

Yes, you need to mind your body shape as well to play the symphony but if you are not that plump, then any kind of ethnic or western garb will suit you.

Go for extreme colour shades such as hot red, Z-black, pure white, sunny yellow and etc. This will brighten up your image as well with personality. You have much wider options in makeup as well because you don’t need to use any extra primer to hide those (if any) blemishes on the skin which usually come in limelight on fairer skin.

Fair Skin

In India, women like Kareena or Tamannaah can be seen in 1/5 ratio. And they have their own pros and cons as well.

Indian fair women have either yellowish or peach tinge which at times gives a confusion appeal. With various colours, the tone of your skin can reflect radiant and fresh or if gone wrong, dull and pale looks.

If you are petite, go for bright coloured skirts with chocolate brown sneakers. And for a tall princess, floral and breezy skirt will do the rest of the magic when worn with ruffled shirt. Be sure to avoid the over-accessorising path; it will exaggerate the entire thing.

Go straight for bright colours like pink, green and peach which will reflect the brighter side of your complexion and ooze out the glossy side. Try berry family such as raspberry shade, strawberry shade with your skin colour to create the sassiest contrast magic. Try the same experiment with your blushes as well.

Dark Skin

Be proud of who you are; you are a born showstopper. Your skin tone has all the biological advantages which fairs don’t possess and the second biggest leap is your facial features which are more powerful through your skin tone. Don’t afraid to be little bit experimentive and try each and every shade before being judgemental over any specific kind.

You do not have to copy dusky stars to start something just listen to your intuitions.

Catch out the shine with off shoulders and cold shoulders because a bite of chocolate is every man’s desire! Well, if you are way too off-side from the western line, then you can go with off shoulder saree blouse designs. Deep blouses, latkans at the back of suits and kaftans are all your genres.

Dark skin tone doesn’t mean you can’t wear darker shades or flaunt your monochrome craze! Definitely, you can.

Don’t go on board with pop or neon or extra bright colours because perhaps they can shatter your natural glossy skin appeal. Other than this, you can always go bold with colours like pastel or coral. Avoid large and bold patterns and instead of them pick out colour block prints.

Tan Brown Skin

This is the thing for which many foreigners visit India.
Indian’s natural brown skin is a thing to covet by many foreigners and this is the thing that is God gifted to you. Flaunt what you have babe! Tan skin is a sun-roasted skin which seems a little browner. This bebolicious skin taste can be groomed in a more sassy way if implied properly.


Do you know which part turns on the heat deep down? Well, your nape comes in the list as well dear! Try our deep boat neck dresses as they tend to showcase the more neck side of yours. You can avoid wearing any neck piece but always go right with the ear numbers. Well, another contemporary thing to try is back side shirt style. The style is really quirky and gives a bold look as well. Many fashion bloggers and fashion enthusiasts pick out this style for their special on-the-go ventures.


Try out bold metallic once in a while to look different than the usual. There are two types of metallic hue – one is the deep matte metallic hue and the other one is glittering metallic number. Click for the former one.

Olive Skin

Personally, I prefer this skin shade though God has played his cards here! Olive skin colour is the most subtle of the dark hues and dark in the light hues but this one is the king of the all. You don’t have to think a lot before wearing. Just grab and slip into the piece!

You can spot this type of pigmentation around the Mediterranean regions. God bless them and me! ;)


Play with your perks by giving Indo-western a quick try. You can also go with ethnic gowns or dresses with pretty tribal prints and graphic patterns. Be it simple or heavily preppy, it will look handsome when accompanied with such a skin. Don’t doubt on your positives, just flaunt your beauty freely.

You can also complement with pure white or bottle green and experiment with contrasting colour blocks. This is for sure that they will never fail you. So, shop hard and give it a harder try. (Well, you don’t have to think hard here!)
That’s all folks!

On a very confident note: It really doesn’t matter which guides say what, but your level of confidence does matter here. Be comfortable in what you are because it is just not a fashion but your home where your body resides the whole day - life. After all, inner satisfaction and coaxing are more important that what others think.

Do write us what you missed here and which complexion can do best in which dress or colour. Very rare, but it can happen that we have missed something. Because this is what you do when you miss the coffee at your table XOXO

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