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Best Tips To Design A Plain Saree At Home – DIY

Is your crafty mind poking you from the inside again and again? Maybe she got bored of wearing plain sarees or opting for heavenly heavy sarees for parties. You may have tried many western dresses’ DIY ideas, then why not opting for designing plain sarees DIYs? Trust me it won’t cost you a fortune nor a havoc time!

by : Paromita. On 10/03/17. 0 Comments.

A saree with élan is like zero to your appeal. Do you have plain sarees? Do you wear them as it is without any quirk? Then it is time to pay attention to the high alerts, whosoever breaks the rules of draping unknowingly every day!

Be it your wedding day, anyone’s birthday bash, beau’s cocktail party, lawn side part or any festive time, plain saree with just so plain looks is a big no-no to the fashion world. Though it is a basic staple created for the most simplicity lovers and women, these types of sarees require an additional grace to notify your presence. For the most fashion conscious women, this becomes really important to know about the simple and basic tips and DIYs to give an amazing transformation to their six-yard beauty. So, are you ready to make all the heads turn back again?
Don’t worry; we value your minutes and hours and thus giving you a quick list of DIYs to design your plain saree at home.

Tie N Dye Sarees

Shades are always loved by many stylish women and thus the idea has just popped into our mind that using ombre is not that bad to give your saree a quirky touch. It was in vogue and has come back again to rule the fashion fiesta.

Just keep in mind that while shading your saree, putting contrasting hues can be your biggest weapon. What else can be better than revamping your plain drape into a designer one? So here we bring you the technique to keep the way easy and quick:

1. Spread the whole drape on the naked floor of your house.
2. Roll it around a cylindrical figurine and then tie it with rubber bands.
3. Put on dye colours on the fabric and leave it to dry completely.

Make sure of;
1. Which colour do you wish to have on your complexion?
2. Too much of dye will end the contrast. So make sure you are keeping up the ratio of the colours as well.

Ideas For Heavy And Stylish Borders

Nowadays, one can explore rich designs and patterns for the border styling and you can use pretty pearls, patch slides, laces, mirror works and much more at the border or bodice, wherever you like. Attaching simple laces at the borders is as easy as attaching mirror works. So, you don’t need to pressurise your mind and just read the manual here ;)

1. Pearl Adhere

• Take out false or artificial pearl beads and make sure they are somewhat equal in size, shape and colour to enhance the charming effect of the saree.
• Now decide on which side of the saree you wish to place the pearls. Is it at the border side or simply at the pallu or somewhere else to create the magic?
• Now place them accordingly and then glue them with a fabric friendly adhesive at the respective places. If it is a border work only, then you can attach or glue the pearls on a separate contrasting fabric and then sew it along the border side.
• Leave the complete work to dry first and then wiggle the pearls to make sure they are fixed.

2. Mirror Attached

• Make sure the mirrors are evenly cut out with similar somewhat similar glare. Avoid heavy or decorated mirrors and if you don’t have a liking for these heavy weights then you can try pseudo material mirrors.
• Now decide on which side of the saree you wish to showcase the mirrors or works. Is it at the border side or simply at the pallu or somewhere else?
• After deciding your wish, place those selected mirrors accordingly. You can glue them or can try a lengthy cloth which has pre-fitted mirrors to decorate the borders. If you wish to decorate all over of the saree, then a fabric-friendly glue will be a right weapon. Choose a contrasting piece of cloth if you are going to sew a pre-fitted mirror cloth along the length of the border.
• Leave the complete work to dry first and test it to make assurance.

3. Lace Attachment

You can buy or explore dozens of different types of laces at the marketplace. Discover all kinds of laces before buying – Corded, Chantilly, Guipure, Beaded, Limerick, and Filet. Knowing them is really essential before attaching them to the beauty of the saree.

• Before stitching them (laces), simply press under a low temperature.
• Dry clean your fabric and then start stitching you fave lace design at the borders. Machine sewing will be best for the quick and clean work.

Increase the longevity of the whole dress by avoiding hand wash and opt for dry cleaning more often (after 2-4 wears). Store them in between a layer of blue coloured tissue papers to prevent yellowing of the fabric.

Plain Saree And Designer Blouse

Inspire yourself from the tinsel town beauties who just don their appeal right with their moody picks without giving a second thought what others think of them!
As music to song; blouse is to saree and there is nothing wrong in the saying - “a blouse can make or break a saree”. So here comes the talisman of making your drape outstanding completely by choosing a designer blouse with a plain saree.

• With bright or neon coloured plain sarees, choose a monochrome blouse with regular collar.
• Monochrome sarees will look amazing when teamed up with multicoloured embroidered blouse.
• Adore sheer or net blouse with asymmetrical sleeves if your saree showcase solid hue all over.

An ill fitted blouse can make your sophisticated saree a big disaster whereas an intricately crafted fitted blouse can beautiful emboss that moment on your heart forever. You can also try velvet blouse to a dull or light shaded saree and can alleviate your mood in a jiffy. Have you tried pom pom blouses, shirt style blouses, sheer blouses, backless blouses yet?

Embellishments All Over

Embellishments are there to amp your glow and to simply make your saree look dazzling. This is the most easy breezy method pitch up your plain saree in a few minutes. You can buy simple patches with zardosi, mirror or kundan work from the market and sew them on the length of the saree. One can also add intensive adhesive (which will be soft on fabric as well) at the back of the tear drop pieces and can attach them on the bodice of the saree.

If you want have a saree with 90% mirror or sparkle effect, then spread your work throughout the saree. Otherwise patchworks only on the pallu or border will also look nice to look appealing in a simple way. These plain sarees with designer work will surely help your strata to ladder up on your profile. Wear this DIY designer saree with catchy style statement earring or you can also go with one side earring style.

Adding Velvet

How about having 85% plain saree and 15% velvet dupatta? Well, sounds interesting? Then we have good news for you dear!
Things to be noted before adopting this idea:
1. Make sure the length of the saree is neither too large nor too broad at the pallu.
2. Can you tuck in the whole saree?

If yes, then you are ready for the DIY plain saree to designer saree scroll.
Pull on a saree from your sister’s closet which is much smaller in length and old enough to dare that steal. Wear the petticoat tight enough and then drape your saree tightly around. If the length of the saree is too large to make out then cut the length accordingly. Whether you are cutting the length or not, get ready to attach velvet soiree at the end. Take a sufficient cloth or dupatta (which has much alike the length of the pallu) and sew it properly at the end of the saree. If you hate the sewing part; you can avoid it by wearing the combo as lehenga saree. Treat the whole saree as a complete traditional skirt and then tuck the duapatta at the back and then drape it like a pallu.

How About Floral Applique

You must have encountered appliqués on vintage sarees or classic western dresses. This time we will play with floral appliqués because this is what defines the beauty of feminity. Applique is basically an ornamental needle work in which pieces of other fabric or designs are sewn over a larger piece of cloth to form a definite or undefined pattern. The craft must need a clean edged floral fabric pieces and a basic knowledge of sewing and that’s all! At the comfort of your couch, you can give a tremendous beautiful look to your boring look saree in an instant with this method.

Find out a garment piece which is not counted as a useful one with floral designs. Make sure the colour of the flowers are contrasting to the basic hue of the saree and then cut them out. Clean out or trim the edges of the cut outs.

1. Contrasting colours like black and red, yellow and red, orange and blue will work here.
2. After picking out a particular floral design of a garment, draw around them with about a 1/8″ – 1/4″ seam allowance.
3. After drawing the seam, cut them out accordingly. Little snips around the edges will be needed to have smooth curves.
4. Now fold in the seamed part carefully and then press the fabric with high temperature. Press the edges at the intervals and then press the edges again. If the appliqué designs are small then you need a small cornered press.
5. After ironing the small pieces; when you feel that the appliqués are on their places, you can start pin up them to your garment or plain saree.
6. Hand sew is considered good while doing with this type ornamentation but with larger pieces you can also opt for machine sewing.

You can try this method at the length of the border but can also try it all over the saree. If you wish to stay simple with saree then experiment the same trick with your basic blouse to look modern and chic.

Transforming Sarees Into Other Ethnic Wears

Now transform your pretty solid sarees into designer kurtis and lehenga skirts or blouse with some simple tips and of course DIYs.

1. Stitch your simple saree to ethnic kurti and finish off the same by attaching designer laces or mirror works at the end. Add additional contrasting piping at the border of the kurtis.
2. Banarasi silk saree will be an awesome material for your traditional lehenga skirt. In this case, also, you can add contrasting piping at the border of the skirt.

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